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Ideas and Resources for Nonfiction Authors October 2011
Stephanie Chandler Greetings!

Publishing season is open! The end of the year is a busy time in the publishing world as authors work to get their books out in time for the holidays, or plan to launch after the first of the year. We have a number of inspiring projects going on and we're having a blast!

I'm also working on my next book with a targeted January launch. I'm in the final phase with my manuscript, putting on the finishing touches and double checking the details. At the same time, I'm building my marketing plan. I keep a spreadsheet on my desktop where I add tasks almost every day. This is helping me keep track of all of my crazy ideas so I know I'll be prepared when launch time arrives. Call me crazy, but I love this part!

What are you working on? If you want to launch your book in January, now is the time to get into production. We'd love to help! Give us a call or send an email. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy some of the articles included below.

Wishing you abundant joy and success,

Stephanie Chandler
Author, Speaker, CEO
Authority Publishing

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NEW! Author Marketing Telecourse

It has been a couple of years since I've offered an online course, so it's long Accelerated Author Marketing Course over-due! Here are the details for my three-week course starting on November 1st. I hope you can join us!

Session 1: Establish Yourself as an Authority and Get Media Attention

  • Identify your niche audience and where they spend their time
  • Develop a personal brand strategy as an authority in your field
  • Leverage your writing skills to gain exposure online and in print
  • Discover the easiest and most effective way to reach the media (and it has nothing to do with sending a press release)
  • Craft a media pitch that doesn't end up in a black hole
  • Learn how to target online media: internet radio, podcasts, blogs and more

Session 2: Turn Your Website into a Traffic Generating Machine

  • Drive traffic to your website with powerful search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that you can easily implement yourself
  • Improve your overall website strategy to make it a destination for readers
  • Develop a blog (or improve the one you have) with key solutions that make it easy to manage and generate results
  • Learn secrets for proactively getting additional blog exposure
  • Capture e-mail addresses from site visitors with incentives
  • Create an e-mail marketing strategy that keeps people coming back for more

Session 3: Simplified Social Media for Nonfiction Authors

  • Learn the differences between Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and how to know which networks are right for you
  • Discover simple strategies for managing Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to build your audience
  • Find out how to manage your time so that social media doesn't feel like a chore
  • Discover out-of-the-box strategies you haven't heard anywhere else
I know the economy is challenging for everyone so I kept the price low and included bonuses worth more than the class fee alone!


Get all the details and register here!



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Articles from the AP Blog for Non-fiction AuthorsArticles for Authors

Why Book Signing Events are a Waste of Time for Authors

New authors often ask me about book signing events. They want to know how to get them set up and what to do. My advice? Don't waste your time.

While it may sound exciting to sit at a table in Barnes and Noble and enjoy a line of customers eager to purchase your book, that's not how it usually goes down. Continue reading...


How to Find Book Reviewers for Nonfiction Books

Most book reviews in major publications focus on fiction so it's harder to find sources willing to review nonfiction. However, here's a little trick that has worked for me:

Create a Google Alert with the keywords "book review" <genre>

So yours might be "book review" memoir or "book review" health.

Note that "book review" is in quotes to ensure the exact phrase is found.

You will begin receiving alerts with links to book reviews on news sites and blogs. Then, view the review links, verify that the site is credible and generates some decent traffic, and make note of the reporter. Continue reading...


How to Establish Your Author Presence BEFORE Your Book is Published

If you're preparing to publish your first book, following are some essential tasks to get your book marketing started off right!


Pump Up Your Web Presence

Positioning yourself as an author means that you should build a professional presence online. If you have a rickety old website or a home-grown blog, it's time for an upgrade. Develop a professional site that features you as the authority in your field.

Note that for some it's not easy to "put yourself out there." But you should know that it's not about boasting or being an egomaniac, it's about stepping into your light as an author and taking ownership of your work. Be proud! Get a professional photo taken and take your work seriously so that others will also take it seriously. Continue reading...


How Authors Can Break in to Professional Speaking

Though it may be among people's top fears-next to the fear of flying and ahead of the fear of death-public speaking has many advantages. As the featured speaking at an event, conference or meeting, you are perceived as the ultimate authority in the room. Speakers have a tremendous amount of influence with an audience, which removes a great barrier from purchasing your books, products, and services. The best news of all? As an author, it will be far easier for you to land speaking gigs because your book establishes your authority and opens those doors! Continue reading...


How to Autograph Books: Book Signing Tips for New Authors

Recently a new author asked me how she should handle autographing her books. It took me back to when I had published my first book, remembering how awkward it felt to sign copies. I also thought about my first business-a bookstore-where we flipped through used books in search of autographs (the equivalent of a literary jackpot!). Some were short and sweet with just a name, while others had more personal inscriptions. Continue reading...


Reason #214 Why I'm Done with Traditional Publishing

Over the weekend I received a royalty statement for one of my books and it was pitiful! Thousands of copies sold, yet somehow with the bulk discounts, the obscenely low rate paid for ebooks, and miscellaneous nonsense I earned an average of $.60 per book.

Outrageous! Continue reading...


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I've been running the Sacramento Speakers Network since 2006. We meet on the first Wednesday each month to discuss the business of speaking. Come find out why we're the largest business group on Meetup.com in the Sacramento area!


I recently launched a second Meetup group for those in the Sacramento area. The Nonfiction Authors Network covers writing, producing, and promoting nonfiction books.  

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