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A picture may be worth a thousand words,  
but these faces are priceless.
I Back Jack Foundation dollars at work.

Dear Friends,

In the cancer world, many use numbers and statistics to articulate mission, vision and accomplishments. As good stewards of your generous support, the I Back Jack Foundation strives every day to find ways to communicate how we are putting dollars to work. But instead of a thousand words or ambiguous numbers, we want to show you faces. 


The kids above are more than numbers - they are Tristin, Dominick, Jack and Danny, just a few of the children who started the Hu3f8 trial since it began in August 2011. Along with their doctors, Dr. Nai-Kong Cheung and Dr. Ellen Basu, these kids are forging new paths, realizing new opportunities, and meeting new expectations.


With your continued support of the I Back Jack Foundation, imagine what we will accomplish in 2012. 
Sarah Bartosz, President
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Jack and Friend putting green
Taking aim at hope and inspiration.  
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Funding New and Innovative Treatments
A Fun and "Fruitful" Success
Jack and Friends Receive Hu3f8

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Backing Research:
Funding New and Innovative Treatments 


January 30, 2012 was an extraordinary day. Jack spent more than half of the month in New York at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City (MSKCC), the leading institution for neuroblastoma treatment and research. His time in NY was largely a waiting game to get the "ok" to begin the new Hu3f8 clinical trial, a waiting game all too familiar to families with children battling cancer. But Jack was looking forward to January 30th, knowing it would be a special day! 


Following another long day the hospital, Jack happily presented a $100,000 check on behalf of the I Back Jack Foundation to MSKCC for neuroblastoma initiatives. This money will help fund two new clinical trials, Turbo 3f8 and BITE Therapy, and will continue the Foundation's mission of helping kids with cancer survive and thrive! We are building hope; we are beating cancer. 

Dr. Nai-Kong Cheung of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center receiving support from the I Back Jack Foundation.

The I Back Jack Foundation's accomplishments would not be possible without our dedicated supporters. Your optimism and encouragement provide a source of strength in times when it is most needed. You inspire us to keep fighting, to keep pushing forward and to keep a positive belief that together we are making a difference. Thank you for backing Jack and backing all children with cancer!

Inspiring Hope:  A Fun and "Fruitful" Success!

Bananagrams Event postcard front 2011
The I Back Jack Foundation is on its way to being "officially" amazing! More than 750 attendees gathered at The World's Largest Game of Bananagrams event on November 12.  With 530 game participants accounted for, this group more than doubled the current record and hopes to earn a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records while creating record-sized hope for pediatric cancer warriors. 

By teaming up with the MACC Fund and with the help of our generous donors and sponsors, the event raised an more than $75,000! All proceeds raised from The World's Largest Game of Bananagrams will help fund a new trial at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin focused on the late effects children suffer from cancer treatments. 

The day was filled with fun for the entire family and the event was a tremendous success bringing "bunches" of people together for a great cause! Thanks to our record breaking success, the I Back Jack Foundation isn't just helping children survive, we are helping children thrive. 
Beating Cancer:
Turning Dreams into Realities: Jack and Friends Receive Hu3f8
Once upon a time in a New York hospital, doctors and parents met to discuss a newly developed pediatric cancer treatment called Hu3f8. The doctors explained the science to a small group of eager parents desperate to save their kids. 

Sarah and John Bartosz were among those parents at that very meeting in 2007. Following the discussion, they banded together with the other families with fierce determination to make the dream of Hu3f8 into a reality. 
Four-and-a-half years of hard work and hope, Hu3f8 is indeed a reality. In August 2011, the first patients began receiving this treatment and in January 2012, Jack was enrolled on the trial and became one of the faces of hope.
"To think that Hu3f8 is now available and may help our own child is a dream come true," Sarah said. "We have so many friends with children no longer living to witness this benefit from the hard work of their parents and loved ones. We know how lucky we are that Jack has been given this chance."

While Hu3f8 may not be the magic bullet for Jack, we know this therapy is advancing science and advancing hope. 
Jack says it best, though. "People, you just gotta believe!"
Following Jack's first cycle of Hu3f8, scans completed on February 10 revealed an actual improvement allowing him to continue this breakthrough therapy! Jack IS right - we've just gotta believe!  
Even more inspiring is the fact that Hu3f8 is already being targeted as a therapy for sarcoma and melanoma patients in the very near future, which makes the number of people that can be helped infinite. How's that for reason to believe!
Curious to know what the Hu3f8 therapy aims to 'teach' the body to do? Watch the video below and pray the patients receiving this "cellular training" are will experience this very effect in their own bodies today and every day forward. 
Cancer cells get smacked down by a T cell.
Cancer cells get smacked down by a T cell.
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