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August 2010

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"The most rewarding things you do in life are often the ones that look like they cannot be done."  ~ Arnold Palmer

annie and grandma
Spoken by a true golf hero, the words above ring true for all who believe in the spirit and power of humankind.  No matter how great the task, no matter how daunting the odds, the road will always be easier when we pair up and band together.

With statistics stacked up against them, our youngest heroes need you to join them in backing research, building hope, beating cancer, and, believing above all else that together it can be done.

With hope,
Sarah Bartosz, Jack's Mom
Founder, I Back Jack Foundation

 Pair Up With Jack
A cure for pediatric cancer begins with all of us.  Your support of the I Back Jack Foundation will help scientists and oncologists accelerate and deepen their investigation into new therapies, drugs, and less toxic strategies in an all out effort to save lives.

Reserve your opportunity to 'Pair Up With Jack'
for the 2nd Annual I Back Jack Foundation's
Back to School Golf Event!

It's not science holding us back.  It's funding.
Help us tee up hope.  Do it fore the kids.

Jack Pip backs
Pair Up With Jack
and join us for
the 2nd Annual
Back to School
Golf Event
September 13, 2010 at Chenequa Country Club in
Hartland, WI
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The I Back Jack Foundation is grateful to our 2010 Back to School Golf Event sponsors who are so generously giving in support of Jack and his friends.  It isn't too late to join us as an Eagle, Birdie, Par or Hole Sponsor.  Please contact Sarah Bartosz -- sarah@ibackjack.org or 414.378.4420 --  for all the information and opportunities available! 

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Bound by Hope
The I Back Jack Foundation is a proud contributor to the Band of Parents Neuroblastoma Intiatives Fund at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.  Initially founded in 2007 by a group of 11 families, including John and Sarah Bartosz, the Band of Parents has grown to hundreds of members and exists to raise funds to expedite the development of new and improved therapies and raise awareness of neuroblastoma, a most devastating form of pediatric cancer.  The Neuroblastoma Intiatives Fund is a no-overhead fund created by the Band of Parents and supported by individuals and other charities like the I Back Jack Foundation.

Helping to find a cure for neuroblastoma provides hope.  To date, the Neuroblastoma Initiatives Fund has received over $2 million and funded the successful development of a new immunotherapy treatment due to be given to the first patients in clinic by December 2010.  Additional funds raised will be used to leverage scientifically proven targets and therapies to development treatments that will be available for patients as quickly as scientifically possible.
For more information on the Band of Parents, please visit:         BOP logo                                 www.bandofparents.org