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Thanksgiving Greeting
There is always a place set for you at the table in our hearts. Happy Thanksgiving from your ISB Network Board of Directors 

Dear ISBers,

As many of you gather with family and friends for the holiday, we want to remind you that your Board of Directors are already planning for our next reunion to be held August 2-5,  2012 at the Omni Interlocken Hotel in Broomfield, Colorado. 

Just over a month ago, on October 9, President, Maile McCoskrie Lindley '67, Vice President & Webmaster, Maureen Lockhart Salahshoor '75* and Director of Communications, Peggy Alison Snow '67*, flew in to Denver to meet up with close to 40 Colorado alumni for Thai dinner at the TukTuk Thai Bistro.  (Susan Haralson '75 from Florida and Emily Frick '64 from Arizona also took the opportunity to use up some frequent flier miles to join us.) Before dinner a small group of us visited the Omni Interlocken Hotel for a site tour.  It was a beautiful sunny day and we all agreed, it will be the perfect site for our next reunion!  

We are pleased that so many of you have already made your hotel reservations.  If you haven't already done so, please check out the 2012 Reunion Info page on our site. There you will find the reservation number to call and the Group Name under which to make your reservation to get our group rate. 
whos coming

As you talk to your siblings and parents about your plans to attend, why not invite them to join you and make it a family vacation?  There will be so much to see and do in the Broomfield/Denver area that many have already indicated they will be extending their stay to play tourist before or after our official reunion dates.    

So from the ISB family to yours, if you are celebrating the holiday, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  And to those who do not, this is a perfect opportunity to say Sawadee Ka / Krap, and wish you well as the 2010 year comes to an end.  

Click Image to view full sizeA A few of us stayed until the end to take a group photo outside the TukTuk Thai Bistro Restaurant!
ISB Network Book of Memories Project
Hi ISBers!

How many times have we heard or said at a reunion "we could/should write a book?" We have all heard, read, and told so many rich stories over the years...some of them have been in the Newsletter, others have been partially told on the Bulletin Board, others told while sitting around at a reunion or some other ISB gathering, etc. I know that I have heard so many incredible stories come out of the mouths of ISBers, and I've often thought that it's a shame that before we know it those stories will fade out of our memories and possibly be lost forever. All of these stories are so wonderful to hear because they relate back to a time that will never be lived again, by us or anyone else. We've heard stories that range from hanging out with Thai royalty, eloping to Laos, sitting on the staircase of our home late at night and listening to our fathers discuss war strategy, going camping with the Green Berets as a Boy Scout, to everyday experiences such as what it was like to ride a samlor down a crowded, smelly street while we feared for our lives. These stories mean something, and they shouldn't ever be lost to us. However, I'm afraid that's what's happening. So, ISBers...ALL of us...let's do something about that.

We're going to write a book! All of YOU are the authors, and I'll compile our stories and adventures into a book! I'm starting an ISB Network project to gather up as many stories of our experiences as possible and compile them in some meaningful way. I'm envisioning a book that alums could buy, with the proceeds going to the Network or some  other ISB-related cause. No individual would profit from this, and all submissions would be voluntary. I know that if I had a book that recounted these memories of my ISB classmates, I would treat it like a precious treasure-and I'd give it to my spouse and offspring to read and say "here-now you can see where I came from". I can't imagine that you and all the other
ISBers wouldn't clamor to have these memories bound between covers. I know I would. So let's do it!

So start writing. Send me your memories and your experiences in a Word Document. Write about what you know. Pick out a part of your life from when you were there and write about it. I don't care if you're not the best writer in the world. Neither am I. The point is to just get it down on paper and send it to me anyway. Send me memories of everyday life as well as the amazing stuff. It can be little snippets of two lines or several pages. Good times, bad times, funny things, sad things, write about things that happened in your life. Did you get on the "Ambassador's List" or commit some other "transgression" that met with the disapproval of your parents? Big events, little events-you get the picture. You can send me more than one. So get going. I want to see YOUR story and YOUR memories in this book. I don't care when you went to ISB, you have a story to tell. I'd be so happy to receive one from you for inclusion in the book. THIS MEANS YOU.
Hopefully, I'll get many responses so that we can have the book ready for the next reunion in 2012.

Maybe I'm crazy, but I really want to see this happen. I'll bet that you do as well. So start thinking about what you want to write about and send it to me at [email protected].
Hope to hear soon,

Peggy Allison Snow,'67
Director of Communications,
ISB Network BOD

Golf 2012
Which ISB brother/sister alums are interested in Colorado high altitude golf?  Let's get a list of potential golfers so Bill McIntyre ISB 70 (local Broomfield, Colorado alum) can start to plan the event(s).  The following courses are located within 5 mile of the reunion site.  The Heritage at Westmoor (Westminster, CO), Hyland Hills (Westminster, CO), Indian Peaks (Lafayette, CO), and of course, the on-site Omni Interlochen 27 hole course. 
We can have a Friday morning tournament at the Omni, however, for those arriving earlier in the week, we can arrange a Thurday afternoon golf outing off-site or on-site as well.  For those that can find the energy and desire, a Saturday tour event can be arranged.  The US Air Force Academy is a short 1 1/2 hour ride away and Bill McIntyre can get tee times for 8 golfers.  The Academy course is set against the foothills and offers a good test of golf.
Let Bill McIntyre ([email protected]) know if you want to "partake" in the golfing festivities.
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