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Things You Should Know 

Daily Agenda / Event Schedule 
Attending but still haven't paid your reunion registration?
Please do so today!
The link to the reunion agenda is included below to give you a good idea of what to expect when at our Reunion - it is subject to a few changes and additions - the final schedule will be in your Reunion Registration Packet along with your name badge and each time changes are made a new copy will get posted to our website and on many places on Facebook. 
Please review it now so you know when the Thai dinner is being held as well as the Friday Welcome Reception, Saturday House Games, Poolside BBQ, Saturday night Dinner/Dance & Sunday Farewell Continental Breakfast. 
Still on the fence about attending the reunion?  Worried about not having a room at the Cavalier Hotel? 
Well as sad as we are that some folks have recently cancelled because their circumstances have changed, the best news is that we have several rooms now available for you!  Call the Cavalier to reserve your room today!
The Cavalier Hotel
4201 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
(757) 425-8555
RESERVATIONS: (800) 446-8199
For the ISB Network, Inc. 2010 Reunion
What to Wear?
Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion
What to Wear?
A few have asked about dress requirements - we appear to have about 25% of our attendees coming for the first time - Welcome! 
We are a casual group, however, shoes and shirts are required for all indoor functions.  Saturday night is always a big dilemna, for the guys slacks/dockers and a collered shirt is more than enough, we have seen shorts with sports coats and sports coats and slacks and suits and ties - the extra effort sure makes you look great - your choice. 
For the gals we have had prom dresses that still fit - you go girl! to resort casual, cocktail dress and dressy pants suits along with everything in between. 
In the end the choice is yours - be comfortable - it will be a long night for most.  
Call for Volunteers 
Put yourself on the frontlines!
With just over a month to go to the VA Beach Reunion, we are putting out a call for volunteers to help make "High Thai'd in VAB" a great success!

Get a friend or family member to join you so you can visit as you help. Those taking the last shifts of the day can trade off with others helping to get ready for the evening activities. Helping your BOD members with these on-site tasks makes sure that the work load is shared and even the BOD members can join in the fun.

Please reply to this post or e-mail our Secretary, Cricket Lanza [email protected] with the areas that you would like to help with and the times that you can help. Then watch your mail box for additional messages and the completed schedule.

Thanks in advance for your willingness to help out -- any past volunteer will tell you that these activities are a great way to say hello to your friends and meet new ones!

Order Your Copy of the Mr Reeves Project
Order your copy today

The ISB Student Science Society alumni are proud to announce that their book project dedicated to Mr. Phil Reeves (SSS Advisor) will be available at the VAB reunion.  

The Butrous Foundation is publishing the first volume Young Scientist Journeys in time for the reunion with Volumes II & III to be published in 2011.

Volume I features chapters by Mr. Phil Reeves, 16 ISB alumni mentored by Mr. Reeves, 2 members of the Butrous Foundation (Dr. Ghazwan Butrous and Christina Astin) plus a special guest young scientist.
These authors are mentoring the next generation of young scientists just as they were mentored by Mr. Reeves and other caring, nuturing scientists.
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Hard to believe that we are only 30 days out and Karen has only heard from half a dozen people!
Maile worked out a deal with the airport shuttle company that works with groups of four people for the lowest price.
We then organized a way to coordinate members' travel intineraries, so groups could connect before they stumbled around the airport looking for a shuttle buddy! (Seemed like a good idea at the time!)
All you have to do is email Karen with your travel info! 
Please send an email to [email protected] and use ORF in the subject line.
Please send information for:
~ both your arrival and departure
~ date and time
~ airline and flight numbers
along with your contact information:
~ Name
~ Class Year
~ Cell phone number
~ email
Karen will collect and sort all this data and post it on this website soon and update it regularly...in that fashion, you each can see who is arriving near the same time and can make arrangements to meet when you get in.
Don't be frustrated trying to find a buddy after you land and suffer a higher price on the shuttle because you didn't plan ahead! Start this party at the airport!  Send Karen your flight information! 
Please and thank you!