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In a few weeks we will be giving the hotel a final head-count. Help your reunion committee by paying your reunion registrations today. PLEASE NOTE that on August 21 reunion fees will increase to the higher walk-in rate.   Thank you!  

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Hotel BellMust Cancel? Notify Maile First.
We have had a recent flury of reunion registrations from the 80s and since the Cavalier is sold out, they are booking rooms at the Holiday Inn Sunspree. PLEASE if you find your plans have changed, we'd very much appreciate that you cancel your room soon, but before you do so, first notify Maile before you cancel your reservation with the Cavalier so we can get these folks into the Cavalier, where the party is!
Should you call the Cavalier to reserve a room and find that it is sold out, be sure you get on the wait-list so when a cancellation comes up, you can be in line when a room becomes available. Next, contact the Holiday Inn down the street which is accepting our overflow.
The Cavalier Hotel
4201 Atlantic Avenue
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
(757) 425-8555
RESERVATIONS: (800) 446-8199
For the ISB Network, Inc. 2010 Reunion
Oceanview / Oceanfront
Single...............$140.00 / $150.00
Double..............$140.00 / $150.00
Deluxe King........$140.00 / $150.00
Overflow Hotel
3900 Atlantic Avenue
Virginia Beach, VA
757 428-1711 
IMPORTANT!  If you do not cancel your hotel room before the reunion, you will be charged!  Letting us know by phone or email is not enough, you need to follow through and cancel your reservation yourself.
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The July 10 list is now posted.  This is a combined list of people holding hotel reservations and those who have let us know they are coming. Names highlighted in GREEN mean we have received and recorded your payment. If you've paid and are not on this list, please bear with us and wait a week until the next update is posted.   
We are particularly excited that so many alumni are attending their first reunion as well as the phenominal record-breaking attendance of the Class of 1970 who are turning out 60+ strong for their 40th Class Reunion!  Hats off to Debby Stinemetz Caulfield '70 and her classmates for getting the word out and encouraging everyone to come to the biggest and best reunion ever!
Keep in mind that we will not be on the East Coast again for 6 more years, so get off the fence and come join the party! 
Reunion Registration
Reunion Registrations 
Help us with our planning by registering today.  We need to know who is coming!
Online registration is now available. Or, you can print & complete the forms below and mail with your payment or credit card authorization to: 
ISB Network -  PO Box 7454 -  Alexandria, VA 22307
 703-768-9668 phone /  703-768-9667 fax
As we approach 40 days until the ISB Network Virginia Beach Reunion but find you have yet not paid your Reunion Registration, we would appreciate it if you are planning to attend if you could either pay the Registration Fee now, or simply advise us that you are planning on attending but will pay the Registration Fee later. 

If your plans have changed and you are NOT planning on attending the reunion and have made a room reservation at the Cavalier Hotel, PLEASE let us know (email reply) and PLEASE call the Hotel immediately (800) 446-8199) and cancel your reservation. This will ensure you do not get charged for the room later as well as will free up the room for people who signed up late are currently lodged at the overflow hotel down the street.

We know there is also a 3rd category of people who do have room reservations but are still "on the fence"' as to whether they are going to be able to make it or not. We understand those situations and again, if you'd simply let us know you are still undecided that will be helpful also - again, a email reply being sufficient.

Thanks for your help and HOPEFULLY we WILL see you in VAB in a little over a month!!!..
Director of Call Reps
ISB Network Board of Directors
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Thank you for your patience as we worked to get our new site up and running.  We now need you to update your profile.  If you have not already done so, please go to and enter the email address you used on our old site as your UserName and then click the "Request New Password" link under the Log In Button. 
Be prepared to change your UserName from your email address to your First and Last (Given) name.**
If your email address is not recognized, you should try once again to make sure you did not type it incorrectly. Be sure to respond to the email you'll receive with your new password that will allow you to log in to the new site and update your contact information. 
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If you encounter anything quirky or not functioning as expected, please do let us know.  Also we are standing by to assist you if you need help. 
Feel free to call Maureen @ 206-228-6204 or send an email to

 Coordinate Norfolk Airport to Cavalier Hotel shuttle service

Karen Berkow '68
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Reunion Golf Event
Hello everyone! I have worked out arrange-ments with "Hells Point Golf Club" in Virginia Beach for our group for Friday August 27th starting at 10:00AM. Anyone interested in golf or have emailed me about this, please check back here or email me at with your information. If you need to rent clubs of borrow clubs let me know asap so that I can accommodate your requests.
I have 4 groups reserved for that day. That's 16 players. If there are more I'll need to know ASAP!
Thanks and see y'all at VAB!!!
James Whang '77
List of Players 
Bill Ritter
Bill McIntyre
Setsuko Takeuchi
& Her Husband
George Quitoriano
Joe Haggerty
George Murphy
Bill Nelson (Mary Molten husband)
Marvin Kennaugh
John Benda
Rob Aleksa
Judith Barbarsky
Maureen Doerer O'Sullivan
Michelle Klein McNally
Robert Frick
James Whang
Maureen Lockhart
Sherry Waldack Gardner (official Photographer)