May 2010Vol 1, Issue 1
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High Thai'd in VAB: Reunion 2010Sawadee!
Attending High Thai'd in VAB this summer? 
Well if you are, now is the time to Pay Your Reunion Fees!
Prices go up $15 per type of registration on June 1. 
Just as you would RSVP to a wedding invitation, your reunion committee needs to know how many of you are planning to attend the ISBN Reunion this August. Paying your reunion fees is your RSVP!  (Please note that making your hotel reservation is independent of payment of your reunion fees.)
Please help us by paying your fees today! 
A New Look to Our ISBN E-Mails!
Original ISB Logo HanumanWe were looking for an improved way to communicate with you and, through Constant Contact, we found it!  We hope you like our new look and welcome your feedback.
If you have not already done so, please take a moment to join our mailing list by clicking the button (above right.)
This is particuarly important for you to do so we may email you about reunion news, deadlines for payments, web site updates and other important information, like sending you our quarterly newsletter, "The Thai That Binds!"

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This is also a good time to remind you to visit the ISBN site, log in and update the contact information in your profile so we have your most current information.
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New Look to E-mail!
Reunion Hotel Update
Airport to Hotel Transportation
March Newsletter
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Reunion Update & News From the Cavalier Hotel
Historic Cavalier Hotel
Historic Cavalier on the Hill
The Oceanfront Hotel
is full and the Historic Cavalier on the Hill is this close to being SOLD OUT -- only a couple rooms left!

Vintage Beach PosterInformation on the Holiday Inn SunSpree located just up the beach is in the Reunion article on our home page.  When the Cavalier completely sells out, you can still make a wait list reservation at The Cavalier and then back it up with one at the Holiday Inn -- should you get into The Cavalier don't for get to cancel the back up.  It is a fact of life that things will come up and some planning to attend will need to cancel -- so why not make dual reservations and wait to see what happens?  The Cavalier has lots of room and if you do end up sleeping at the Holiday Inn it is not all that far away.

vab_vintage_posterLooking for a roommate?  Check the Bulletin Board and type in Roommate or Share into the search field of the Bulletin Board to read posts of those looking to share a reservation.

Your plans have changed? Please remember that if you find you must cancel your existing reservation at the Cavalier that alumni are waiting in line to take your reservation. All we need is for you to contact Maile first so she may manage the list.


Transportation From the Airport to the Cavalier
  Carey Transport LogoLatest on Carey Transportation -- see Homepage Article with all of the details -- there are a few options (all at less than the everyday low prices)that are offered to individuals.  
Carey has arranged for a Welcome ISB message on the marquee at the airport and for an official meeting point/table at the bottom of the escalator in baggage claim -- they are striving to please!
All we need to do is add a level of organization and see if we can get groups of travelers together to realize the cost savings
March Newsletter Available
 Newsletter ImageNewsletter Highlights: 
  • Reunion info-- shuttle service, registration, etc.
  • Pay it back! Pay it forward!  See how one ISBer is giving back in Thailand!
  • ISBrs get together all over the country. See who's coming to dinner!
  • FACEBOOK Conversation: Singha umbrella tragically lost! Life at Pat Whitten Bell's '67 house will never be the same
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Facebook LogoMany ISBrs have joined Facebook as another way to keep in touch and share pictures of our times at ISB.  We have followed that trend and also send communication updates to you via Facebook.  A general search for International School Bangkok will return several class year pages, as well as the profiles of people who have listed that they've attended ISB.

The International School Bangkok Alumni Office now has a Facebook presence.  Search for ISB Alum and add them as a friend.
The ISB Network Alumni Association is dedicated to reuniting long lost friends from the International School Bangkok.  Please visit our web site at
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