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September | 2011
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EmployeeSafe: Spotlight on Safety Document Management System

StudentWatch: Spotlight on Youth Violence

Spotlight on School Shooting Plot

Safety Thought

EmployeeSafe: Schools Tighten Up On Safety Drills


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Testimonial of the Month

“With many legislative requirements, we must have written plans and other forms. PublicSchoolWORKS is an entire program that ensures that if OSHA or other inspectors audit us, we are covered.”

Chuck Stewart

Business Manager at Vandalia Butler City Schools and user of PublicSchoolWORKS’ Student Behavior Management System

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StudentWatch: Spotlight on Youth Violence

At Memphis Junior Academy in Memphis, Tennessee, 17 year-old student Eduardo Marmolejo stabbed his principal Suzette York to death. According to the police affidavit, Marmolejo had been planning the attack since last May because he “did not like her and she made him angry.” The attack took place in an empty classroom where Marmolejo knew he and York would be alone. The young man accused has admitted to stabbing the victim multiple times and leaving her in a pool of blood at the East Memphis private school. Both the prosecuting attorney and the defense attorneys in the case have asked for mental evaluations of the teenager.

Have you been made aware of a situation that could have escalated to violence with one of your students? If so, what did you do about it? Share your comments on our Facebook page.

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Spotlight on School Shooting Plot

In St. Tammany, Louisiana, three 15-year-olds have been arrested for plotting to kill at least one student and any law enforcement officers who might respond to the scene. Police believe they have arrested all of the individuals involved in the Lakeshore High School plot, but have not released any information regarding the motive. A prayer vigil was held the night before the start of school for concerned parents and students. The school principal has responded by calling parents to ensure additional security has been added at the school, as well as staff and counselors on-site to assist with concerned students.

With PublicSchoolWORKS’ Computer Reporting and Hotline Reporting systems, part of its award-winning StudentWatch Suite, parents and students are provided with 24/7 online and telephone reporting systems enabling them to report issues that might impact the safety of staff, students or property. These concerns include everything from weapons and drugs to self-injury issues like suicide, cutting and more. Has your school or district been a victim of violent threats? What tools did you provide to your students and parents to help them have a voice in the district? Share your stories with us on Twitter@PSWORKS.

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Schools Tighten Up On Safety Drills

In Pennsylvania the first ever police school safety drill has taken place inside of a school. A total of 30 state and local officers entered Pocono Mountain East High School as part of the school safety demonstration. With guns drawn and safety shields up, the officers searched the school as part of their real-life training on how to respond if a gunman were on the loose at the school. One trooper expressed that waiting for something to happen is no longer their philosophy.

With an increased number of threats and attacks on schools, it is imperative that authorities and administrators implement a plan of action for situations posing a threat to school safety. While this school has begun the process of preparing for such situations many others have not.

How are you preparing for potential threats to you school? Have you developed a plan of action with your staff and local law enforcement? Share your comments on our Facebook page.

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