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July | 2011
Safety News

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EmployeeSafe: Spotlight on Safety

EmployeeWatch: Spotlight on School Theft

Youth Violence: School Bullying Correlates to Partner Violence

Safety Thought: Prevent You School from Closing


2011 District Administration Readers’ Choice Top 100

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Testimonial of the Month

“We now have a system that allows our employees to communicate concerns before they escalate.”

Laurie Klopfer

Nurse at Greene County Career Center and user of PublicSchoolWORKS’ Staff Safety Reporting System

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School Bullying Correlates to Partner Violence

Have you ever heard someone say, “They are just being kids?” Has anyone ever told you, “I am sure they will grow out of it?” According to two online studies published in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine and the Archives of General Psychiatry, boys who bully their peers as children are more likely to commit intimate partner violence (IPV) as adults. In a sample of 1,491 men from ages 18 to 35, the study found that men who are violent have increased gray matter volume in their mesolimbic reward systems.

Rather than ignoring bullying, use PSW’s Student Bullying Reporting System. It provides around-the-clock online and telephone reporting systems with built-in communication tools that immediately notify school administrators when an issue is reported. How often do your students or parents report bullying? Do you have a way to track bullying issues in order to address them before the situation gets out of hand? How do you prepare parents and students to deal with bullying? Share your answers to these questions by joining the discussion on our Facebook page.

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Prevent Your School from Closing

What would you do if there were cracks in your schools’ chairs and broken desks? Who would you contact if the bathrooms at your school had no soap in the dispensers or toilet paper in the stalls? As a result of the Guam Department of Education’s (DOE) failure to address various health violations, the Department of Public Health and Social Services closed Simon Sanchez High School. The closure resulted from numerous violations including baseboards in disrepair, cracked floor tiles, empty toilet paper dispensers and leaking ceilings. The Guam DOE Superintendent Nerissa Bretania Underwood said the first inspection had a specific list of violations and at least several of them were addressed.

How could this have been prevented? What is your school doing to make sure that staff and students are safe? When you fix safety issues, how do you report back to the appropriate agency? Share your stories with us on Twitter @PSWORKS.