Public School Works
March | 2011
Safety News

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StudentWatch: Spotlight on Student Safety

EmployeeWatch: Spotlight on Safety Compliance

Youth Violence: Guns in Schools

Safety Thought: School Safety Policies



Columbus, OH

April 12–15, 2011

Ohio Schools Council

Westlake, OH

April 27, 2011

Testimonial of the Month

“We finally have a system (both online and telephone) that addresses the communication preferences of today's students. It's easier and quicker for students and administrators.”

Chuck Stewart

Business Manager,
Vandalia Butler City Schools and user of PublicSchoolWORKS’ Student Bullying Reporting System

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Spotlight on Student Safety

When students have concerns regarding their own safety or the safety of others, it is important for them to have multiple outlets with which to call for help. For issues such as weapons and drugs to self-injury, cutting, suicide and more, PublicSchoolWORKS’ (PSW) Student Safety Reporting System offers a 24//7 online and telephone reporting system that enables both students and parents to report issues that might impact the safety of staff and students. In addition, live attendants are available to take information and to initiate contact with various national crisis hotlines if a student needs help with personal emergencies.

This system, which is part of the award-winning StudentWatch Suite, provides built-in communication tools for immediate notification of administrators as soon as concerns are reported. It also tracks and manages all student safety reports, giving administrators the data needed to enhance and improve student safety programs and meet regulatory mandates.



Spotlight on Safety Compliance

Safety is on everyone’s mind when it comes to winter or inclimate weather. That’s why Cedar Crest News Network (CCNN) correspondent, Taylor Sanger, interviewed students, teachers and Corporal George Peach with the State Police about driving in the snow. Sanger found that people from her own school have been in accidents due to snow. In the video found on SchoolTube, Sanger showed just how much safety is an issue when driving in inclimate weather and told viewers to think twice about driving in the snow.

As late winter snow and ice continues to fall, it is the perfect time to retrain on slips, trips and falls. PublicSchoolWORKS’ Slips, Trips & Falls course is one of many safety compliance courses available in the Workplace Safety & Regulatory Compliance catalog. This course goes over safe housekeeping practices, work surfaces and walkways, and ladder safety.



Guns in Schools

After being bullied, abused, taunted and called names for months, 11-year-old Brenton Peraita told his bullies he wished for a gun to get rid of them. Shortly after his comment was made, Peraita was arrested for making criminal threats. Even though Peraita and his family made nearly 50 complaints to school administrators, it took Peraita sticking up for himself to end the teasing. Peraita was not the only one who got into trouble. In addition to arresting Peraita, police issued citations to the three students who had allegedly been bullying him.

Peraita, the victim, decided to use scare tactics on his bullies and was the one who got arrested. What went wrong here? Why was more not done after so many complaints by Peraita’s family? How can schools ensure that the victim is looked out for and not driven to a point of violence? Share your answers to these questions by joining the discussion on Facebook

PublicSchoolWORKS Facebook.



School Safety Policies

Each morning as students enter the cafeteria in Arlington Woods Elementary School, they are greeted by two teachers who begin their workdays keeping order during the schools free breakfast program. As co-members of the school’s discipline team, Nicole Fama and Gwendolyn Hardiman help to ensure discipline problems remain at a minimum. By being present and an outlet for students to talk to, Farma and Hardman are able to collect information on potential fights, bullying and other school discipline issues. They see themselves as “intelligence officers” determined to settle disputes and behavioral issues before they get out-of-hand and interrupt learning during the school day.

To complement their discipline team, Arlington Woods Elementary School could use the Student Behavior Management System by PublicSchoolWORKS. The system provides discipline management tools that provide consistent reporting and discipline across schools. Integrated with the Student Bullying Reporting System for parents and students, this solution improves action and data for school administrators and minimizes the time required to manage discipline issues.

Does your school or district have a similar discipline team? Share your stories with us on Twitter @PSWORKS.