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Folk Art Tribute by Dawn Heese

BOM offered at Sew Sweet Quilt Shop

We are big fans of our local celebrity, Dawn Heese and all her patterns and books.   Dawn Heese has started a FREE Block of the Month on her blog at  and we are in LOVE with it.   Her BOM is called Folk Art Tribute.  We are completing her blocks at Sew Sweet Quilt Shop with a variety of fabric from our large range of civil war fabrics.   The finished quilt center will look like this...


Dawn Heese has already given us Blocks 1,2, and 3.  You can see the placement of these blocks in the diagram to the left.   This is a 9 block BOM and we will ship all 9 blocks to you each month for the next 9 months, starting in November 2010.   The diagram above is the 9 block center of the quilt and measures 48"x60".  The blocks are all differnet sizes and shapes.  It will make a really neat quilt and I can't hardly wait to see the end of this BOM program. 

The 10th month will be the borders and we will offer you a border package at Sew Sweet Quilt Shop in the layout that Dawn Hesse recommends with matching fabrics from the 9 blocks.   That will be announced at a later date in the program. 

Here are the 3 blocks that Dawn Heese has announced ...  these are pictures from the Dawn Heese Blog - found HERE.

Block 1

Block 2

 Block  3

Each month you will receive your BOM with all the fabric shown in our block that will be on display each month on our Web Site... found HERE!  You will also receive a print out of the given block with your package each month. 

You have 3 choices for your BOM.

(Option 1) You can choice to pick up your BOM at Sew Sweet Quilt Shop each month on or after the 2nd Saturday for a

monthly FEE of $9.00

(Option 2) You can choice to have your block shipped to you on the 10th of each month for a monthly fee of $10.00


(Option 3) You can pay a one time SPECIAL price of $85.00 TODAY and have your block shipped to you each month for that low one-time charge.  This is a PRICE SPECIAL for YOU paying up front of $85.00 instead of the $90.00 charge. 

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For options 1 and 2... We will need to have a credit card on file for your BOM.  You can choice to have your card charged each month on the 10th for the $10.00 charge and

shipped to you (or) you can choice to pay and pick up your

block each month at Sew Sweet.   

Be aware... if your monthly BOM is not picked up by the last day of the month... we will charge your card on file and charge you the $1.00 extra shipping fee for a total of $10.00 and ship your block to you on the last day of the month.  We understand how busy life can be and that some months it is difficult to get to our store so we want you to be able to keep up with your blocks and have decided to ship all blocks at the end of the month for the extra $1.00 charge.

Any questions and concerns will be answered by calling (660) 548-3056 or Email us at


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