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Reston Interfaith Newsletter - 

December  2011





Rapidly Responding to Prevent Homelessness


Mrs. Smith is a grandmother raising three young grandchildren, one of whom is disabled. A couple of months ago she lost her job at a daycare center and quickly fell behind on her rent. After missing a few payments, her landlord began the eviction process. Mrs. Smith had no family or friends to call for help and could not vacate her apartment when the 5-day pay or quit notice was issued. The landlord got a court judgment to forcibly evict the Smith family within days.


In a state of crisis, Mrs. Smith contacted the Embry Rucker Community Shelter on Tuesday. She was connected to Reston Interfaith's housing locator who is employed to address this type of life challenge and to quickly find stable housing locations. This staff member helps clients explore different ways to enter transitional or permanent affordable housing. Our housing locator worked with Mrs. Smith to review her options. Owing back rent and with a judgment against her, there was little chance another landlord would consider leasing to Mrs. Smith. The good news was she started a new job and would be able to pay her rent.


With few viable choices available, Reston Interfaith staff contacted Mrs. Smith's current landlord to negotiate an extension to the eviction. The reluctant landlord agreed to allow Mrs. Smith to stay if he received the past due rent. The housing locator collaborated with our community case manager and was able to approve paying a portion of the back rent using the available Housing Opportunity Support Team (HOST) funding. Mrs. Smith also agreed to monthly case management to create immediate and long term financial and housing goals. 


The housing locator then coordinated with the landlord to use this funding to pay part of the back rent while Mrs. Smith would make up the difference owed through a small monthly increase in her rent. The landlord agreed to the new terms and staff quickly produced a promissory note for the landlord.


All this was accomplished by close of business on the same day Mrs. Smith called Reston Interfaith. Reston Interfaith met Mrs. Smith's challenges head on, with crisis intervention programs and dynamic preventive measures to help a neighbor regain a sense of security. Mrs. Smith and her three grandchildren remain stable in their home and staff diverted another family from being added to the family wait list for Fairfax County family shelters, which averages 100 families. 

Volunteer Opportunities


Please consider donating the most precious gift - your time. The benefits of volunteering are endless.


Reston Interfaith appreciates the support, care and attention our volunteers provide each and every day to our clients.  


Click here to learn more about our current volunteer opportunities.


Thanksgiving Drive 


Thank you to all the donors and volunteers who supported our 2011 Thanksgiving Food Drive. Reston Interfaith collected over 1,700 boxes of food this year. This means that over 700 families in need in our area were able to enjoy a healthy and complete Thanksgiving meal.  
Please know that your support is making a tangible difference to the families we serve. Receiving boxes of non-perishable food and gift cards for a holiday meal allows our neighbors in need to stretch precious resources to pay bills and remain in their homes. 


Shelter & Community Center Needs


bagged meal small







As the temperatures start to drop the shelter needs some specific items to support our clients and local unsheltered adults. Please consider donating the following items:


-  New and gently used blankets

- New sweatpants and sweatshirts

- Underwear for adults 

- Size 5 diapers

- New insulated socks

- $5 Target gift cards 



Help The Homeless Walk Participants - Reminder to Pick Up Walk T-Shirts 

Thank you everyone who supported the Walk program. Please remember to stop by Reston Interfaith's office to pick up your walk t-shirt.


The office is located at:

11150 Sunset Hills Road, Suite 210, Reston, VA 20190


Hours of Operation:

Mon. - Fri. 9am - 5pm


For more information, contact Kitta Crawley or call 571-323-9570. 


Upcoming Events 

and FreindRaisers


The Bike Lane's Holiday Bike Fundraiser 100% of the donations goes to purchase bikes for our clients. Click here to learn more.



Thurs., Dec. 1, from 4-9pm. Click here to learn more. 


Voce Chamber Singers

- It's Christmas Time In the City. Dec. 9, 10 & 11.  Click here to view times and location.


Carriage Rides - Reston Town Center, Sat. Dec. 17 from 3-8pm.  Click here to learn more.


HNRC logoReston Interfaith Now Operates the Herndon Neighborhood
Resource Center     


The Herndon Neighborhood Resource Center (HNRC) is a collaborative effort between Fairfax County, Reston Interfaith, and Connections for Hope to operate and develop an outreach center. The center links community members to other resources in Northern Fairfax County and provides neighborhood support functions. The premise for the center is that community-based service delivery is the most effective way to reach recipients, especially minority and limited-English speaking populations, and enhances the level of trust, understanding, communication, and leadership in the community. The HNRC currently provides services and programming in a variety of areas, including social services, education, health and well-being, arts and culture, and provides meeting space for community organizations and groups. 


For more information contact Marianne O'RileyCommunity Organizer and Services Coordinator for Herndon Neighborhood Resource Center or call 703-435-6830. 


Help Reston Interfaith Build Stable Homes and Strong Families with a Year End Donation


The number of individuals and families coming to us for assistance is increasing significantly day by day. In FY2011 there was a 12% increase in the number of people needing assistance with groceries. The face of homelessness is changing; more and more frequently it is not a single male begging for change, it is a family of five and both parents are unemployed or under-employed and there is no safety net to help during these trying times. 


With drastic budget cuts from key resources, community support for Reston Interfaith will mean the difference between homelessness and a home of one's own, between waiting lists and immediate help, between helplessness and self-sufficiency. Invest in our community by making a contribution to Reston Interfaith today. Click here to print a form or make your gift onlineIf you have questions, please contact Cathy Hoskinson at 571-323-9566. 


Report to the Community 2010-2011
The Reston Interfaith 2010-2011 Report to the Community highlights many of our accomplishments and the new challenges we face. Over the past year we have strategically responded to address our current challenging times, provide stable housing options and wrap-around social services, which help build strong families. Click here to read the 2010-2011 Report to the Community.


Donate Your Used Vehicle
When you donate your used vehicle to Reston Interfaith, it is given directly to one of our clients. The process to donate is simple and our clients benefit tremendously. Reston Interfaith has just a few requirements:
- The vehicle is clean and in good working condition with current VA safety and emissions inspections.


- The vehicle needs less than $200 in repairs.
- The donor must provide all paperwork for the vehicle, including the title signed over to Reston Interfaith.  
For more information, contact Abby Kimble or call 571-323-9585.


Applause Applause 


To Freddie Mac for providing staff and resources to support the Stonegate Fall Festival and Cedar Ridge Fall Festival.


To Deltek for painting the Herndon Neighborhood Resource Center and taking the kids from Laurel Learning Center to the petting zoo.


To Accenture for providing computer training for staff and Thanksgiving Drive volunteers.


From the Embry Rucker Community Shelter:


To Freddie Mac for providing meals, painting, and updating the landscaping.


To Ursula Jackson and FOCUS members for hosting a Halloween Party.


To Potomac High School Students for helping with a variety of  shelter projects.


To Eli Lily for landscaping and fall cleaning.


To Reston Wells Fargo Bank for their generous donation.


To Deltek for making lunch and bagged meals for shelter clients.


To Edna Howard for a Mary Kay night of beauty for moms.


To Psi Phi Fraternity and Earl Smith for providing and serving dessert.


To Caroline Cook for drop off catering--casseroles/main course.  


To Horsepower Charities and the Underwear Ride for donating much needed underwear.


To the ADAMS Center for catering dinner.


To Heritage Fellowship Church for providing Thanksgiving dinner.


To Arlinda Hanna and family for catering lunch.


To Alpha Phi Alpha and Frank Saylor for catering lunch. 


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