The Road Masters of Ergon

Issue No. 4-Special Edition March, 2010
Road Master news
People, People, People... 
Myles Mckemie 

Dear Road Masters Participants,
   I'm happy to extend a great big Austin Welcome to all of the Road Masters and our staff. The 2010 Road Masters is just around the corner, less than two weeks away. Beth and her staff have all of you well taken care of, at least those that are Y'en good graces with her. I'm not sure about those Y'en not. 
  The weather forecast at this time is very good. As all of you know we've been very blessed with great weather over the years and I think that's a testament to how good all of you sit with the Lord. We here at Camp McKemie have suffered from a harsh winter for us. Camp McKemie has suffered some winter damage but is recovering nicely. After one of the worst draughts and harshest winters in my memory, we have been blessed with abundant rain fall and the camp should be ready for Masters viewing and sporting activities.
  Tiger and myself will both be returning to our games Masters week, so Barry and I will have our game faces on. Someone has to give that Cyborg and Paul some competition. To give all some incentive to play hard I will mention what the Champions are serving for the Past Champions Dinner Wednesday night. Cyborg & Paul will serve our Past Champions and our sponsors steak & lobster, can you imagine. I have also heard about cobblers and home made Kelly fried pies. I can personally testify to what heart cloggers these pies are. They alone should be incentive enough to make you play your best rounds of your lives. 
   Baxter has some sort of entertainment set for us on 17. I know it's he and his Maids Merrian and has something to do with Enchanted Sherwood Water Falls. I'm just not sure you want to get caught with your balls in there. 
   So, the party is now set with the largest field in history which will include one of our Past Champions that has been absent for many years, Tommy Cox. Tommy will be our first sight handicapped player but I wouldn't let that give you too much confidence because the year he and Wilson won he putted one handed and only played every other hole because of his back. I understand his back is much better. Tommy and Lion Oil have been a loyal sponsor since the Road Masters inception in 1996. Welcome back Tommy!
   One last thing before we get started playing golf and having puppies. Well maybe two last things because I do want to share my perfect puppy recipe with you. OK, here goes!
1)    2 FINGERS KETEL ONE over ice (that's your index and pinkie finger)
2)    TOP OFF WITH FRESH PUPPY JUICE (leaving one finger room at top)
Now the last thing. A very special thanks to our Sponsors as this tournament would not be possible without them. I hope all of you personally thank them as you see them. I plan on introducing them all at the Masters viewing Thursday afternoon.
            Travel Safe & God Bless
Road Masters 2010 
 Schedule of Events
    Each of you I believe have heard from Beth or one of the Road Master Committee Members by this time. Things have not changed much from last year, but to give you an idea of the schedule you will be keeping we thought some early warning would be appropriate. From outside the Waco, Austin, San Antonio area you should plan on arriving Wednesday evening. There will be limited practice rounds available Wednesday on a first-come first-serve basis. Please contact David Stroud through Ergon's Austin Office, 512-469-9292.
  One new and exciting addition this year that you can enjoy all year long is the Road Masters web site. Our friend, Joe Smith, has done such a fine job with this and I hope all of you visit the site all year long. There is abundant information on the site. Videos of past Road Masters, Sponsor interviews, Beth's Corner, Ask Cyborg, Future Champion information and much more can be found at this site. Kevin King has prepared a great location for this year's Future Champion Gala at The Grille at Rough Hallow located on the properties of Lakeway.
    Check in and warm up at Falconhead Golf Club will be at 7:00 am the 8th of April. The Road Masters will begin Thursday the 8th of April 2010 with an 8:00 am Shotgun Start. Your starting course position will be given to you prior to or at check-in. Upon completion of the first day's play there will be a player's reception with Augusta National and Masters viewing at Camp McKemie -- 2:00pm till 6:00pm.
    Final round play will start Friday the 9th with a call to the carts at 7:30 am. Hole assignments will be determined by your position after the first day's play. The Leaders will start on #1. Friday's hole assignments will be posted at the player's reception Thursday. Masters viewing and Championship Reception at Falconhead Golf Club will follow final round play.
    On Thursday there will be transportation available between Falconhead, Lakeway, and Camp McKemie for your convenience and safety. I encourage any of you who wish to use this wonderful and helpful service provided by our sponsors.  We have a wonderful 3 days planned for you filled with camaraderie, teamwork, and Road Hand Networking.
    I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all of you to Austin and the 2010 Road Masters. I hope you enjoy the Tournament as well as the team environment and Road Masters festivities.
In This Special Issue
2010 Schedule
Beth's Corner
Future Champs Dinner hosted by Kevin King
Beth's Corner
What are the do's and don't at the road masters? Well, do show up! And don't gripe about your handicap!

Want to know more? Go visit my page on the Ergon Road Masters website.
Future Champs Dinner
If you didn't already know from the previous Road Master News, Kevin King of TXI will be hosting the future champs dinner (his last time he says) with the event to be held at the beautiful Grille at Rough Hollow in Lakeway. This will be a Dutch event with Kevin promising special guest appearances. Click here for more details on this great upcoming event or visit the Road Masterwebsite for more information. See you Future Champs there!
Road Master Sponsors
The Road Masters of Ergon wishes to thank all of our sponsors who have supported this great event through the years. Please click here to see sponsors and sponsor highlight videos. Please take time to explore these outstanding companies and how they serve our communities, states and country through their involvement in the road industry. This page is dedicated to the companies who support this great event!