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(May) 2010     
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Thank You from the Publications Committee
Welcome to Baltimore
BCA-USA 2010 Elections
Asked & Answered
Female Soccer Team Line
Night of Glamour Programme
Convention Dreams and Expectation
DC's New Beginning
Hatches, Matches and Dispatches
News from Balis Around the World
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Mungaka Corner

By Ni Gahlia Gwangwa'a 

Mu du yo to.

Tsu Nnanna Bo a ba To'ti

(Idiomatic Expressions and Meanings)

Yi a ka la mu (Previous)

nkud kud, ndzubo.

Literary interpretation: A hard worker does not eat.

That is: One never reaps the fruits of one's labor.

To'ti ni Mugaka: 
Le bo ga: ga-kud kud (fa' fa') ma ni ndzu bo.
Yi a bo Ndio a (Present)
Mu bo du yo to
Literary interpretation:  I am the bee that discovers a hive

That is: Such a bee is often killed when the rest of the bees occupy the new hive (new  abode or new home).

To'ti ni Mugaka: 
   Le bo ga: Du  yi a yo to a, ni go mfu fad bi. Ndip bo to mbi tso wu' le, bo o' i.

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Babysitting services will be available on Friday and Saturday from 8pm - 3am.

Parents in need of babysitting during the convention can contact Ma Emma Daiga by email @ kahma 2002@yahoo.com or phone number: 240 731 5698

Babies from ages 0 to 2 shall be $20 per child
Families with more than two kids shall pay $20 each for the first two kids and $10 each for the other children
for example
2= $20 a night
3 kids shall be $50 a night
4 kids shal $60 a night
5 kids shall be $70 a night

To ease identification, kids should bear the same last names or have proof that they come from the same household.

BCA-USA Gift Shop

As we count down to the convention, we are delighted to bring you a great selection of specially designed apparels for the convention.

Check out the BCA Giflt shop online today. Place your orders today. Get what that you like, in the colour you prefer and a the size that suits you. It is simple: select your t-shirt, choose a colour and size that suits you and then proceed to check out. For most t-shirts, our sizes range from small to 2X and 3X.

All items are produced when you place your order. Orders are shipped all over the USA and the world.  All major credit cards are accepted. Not satisfied with your order? There is also an excellent customer service to handle all returns/exchanges.

Visit our store today and place your order. To get your items before the weekend, we recommend premium shipping to an address in Baltimore or Washington DC.

 If you have questions about items on the shop, drop us an email at: gifts@bca-usa.org

Enjoy shopping and see you in Baltimore,

The Gift Shop store managers

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Last Minute Convention Checklist

- Confirm convention package
- Confirm flights and car rentals
- Confirm hotel reservations
- Arrange babysitting
- Get BCA convention t-shirt

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Fun Facts About Baltimore

By Ma Diane Daiga

The city of Baltimore was named after Lord Baltimore in the Irish House of Lords, the founding proprietor of the Maryland Colony. Lord Baltimore himself took his title from a place in Bornacoola parish, in Ireland. Baltimore is an anglicized form of the Irish Baile an T Mhir, meaning "Town of the Big House".

Baltimore is an independent city and the largest city and cultural center of the state of Maryland. The city is located in central Maryland along the tidal portion of the Patapsco River, which sits on an arm of the Chesapeake Bay. Baltimore is sometimes referred to as Baltimore City in order to distinguish it from surrounding Baltimore County. It was founded in 1729 with a population of approx. 638,000, and has a very busy seaport. Baltimore's Inner Harbor was once the second leading port of entry for immigrants in to the United States and a major manufacturing center. The harbor is now home to Harborplace, a shopping, entertainment, and tourist center, and the National Aquarium in Baltimore. After a decline in manufacturing, Baltimore shifted to a service-oriented economy. Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Hospital are now the city's largest employers.

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Bali Nyonga On Wikipedia
Lets write our own story.

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Click the Wiki logo above to add to or edit what we have so far about Bali Chamba in general and Bali Nyonga in particular.

Send questions, concerns and comments to wikipedia@bca-usa.org 

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Dance Group2

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Note from the President
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23rd Annual Convention
Theme: Preserving our Culture for Posterity
Dear Members,

The countdown to our Annual Convention is underway. On behalf of the national executive, I warmly invite you to join us on Memorial Day Weekend from Thursday May 27th, 2010 to Monday May 31st, 2010 for our 23rd Annual Convention This year the convention will be hosted by our brothers and sisters in the Baltimore-Washington DC Metro area - home to one of the largest assemblage of Bali Ndahkums outside Cameroon.

The theme of this year's convention is "Preserving Our Culture for Posterity". With our culture facing new challenges, this convention will present an opportunity for us to reflect on renewing interest in culture and preserving our rich heritage for the next generation just like our parents did for us via literary works, art, music and folk tales.
This year's convention participants can look forward to a different reflections of the convention beginning on Friday May 28th 2010 with planned activities to recognize and honor all those in our midst who have written books and research papers about Bali Chamba. The Guest Speaker for our annual Night of Glamour fundraising dinner will be our very own Dr. Gahlia Gwangwa'a from Alexandria, Virginia.
Our General assembly scheduled for Saturday May 29th, 2010 will feature two other great minds in our community. The Keynote speaker will be Dr. Jude Fokwang of Toronto, Canada - author of Mediating Legitimacy: Chieftaincy and Democratization in Two African Chiefdoms. Dr Fokwang is an anthropologist who has carried out extensive research about different cultures not just in Cameroon but Africa as well. The general assembly will also feature as guest speaker, Dr Gwan-Nulla Daniel (MD) a thoracic surgeon based in Missouri. We are very excited and grateful to them for accepting to be a part of the convention.

Last year we took a step in the right direction by wrapping up the general assembly deliberations at 3:45PM. This year it is my hope that we will maintain the same discipline with our time management. This being an election year, we anticipate finishing our deliberations at 4:00PM. The convention presents a rare opportunity for families and groups of friends separated by distance and time all over the world, to re-unite. We would like to encourage families to take advantage of the time slot immediately following the general assembly and before the Saturday night Gala, to schedule their family reunions and other group get-togethers. 

Make plans now to join us for an exciting convention on Memorial Weekend.

See you in Baltimore.

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From the Publications Committee

With this edition of Ba Sa Ko e? the current Publications Committee bids farewell to our readers. On behalf of the Publications Committee we want to say Thank You to all our readers. Thank you for your support, comments and suggestions concenring Ba Sa Ko e? We started publishing the e-newsletter in June of 2009 with the objective of providing frequent updates to BCA's membership about the association, its members and our community in general.  After close to a year of publishing the electronic newsletter, we have successfully built and maintained a good readership among BCA members. Although, reaching 100% of the BCA membership has remained an elusive target for us, we are honoured to have made a significant contribution to this association's communication strategy. This is our last edition  as a committee as we will be handing over to the next publications committee. We wanted to take the time to say Thank You to all our readers. Our committee is grateful for the opportunity to have served you. We appreciate your time and support, and hope you have enjoyed all our publications. We thank you and hope you will continue to support the next Publication Committee.

Committee members:
Ni Emmanuel Babila, Ni Gahlia Gwangwa'a, Ni Kenneth Gwanmesia, Ma Kate Fofung, Ba Jerry Domatob, Ma Lilian Ndangam Fokwang, Ma Eva Ndangam and Ni Victor Gomia (Chair)

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Welcome to Baltimore
By Ma Diane Daiga
Local Hosting Committee

The drumbeats from Dallas still echo in our ears. It seems like only yesterday. But I promise you, the city of Baltimore and the patriotic Bali people of the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area await you with great preparation and elevated anticipation. The month of May as you already know evokes a deep sense of nostalgia in the hearts of every Bali person both at home and abroad as our annual conventions here in the USA have now become synonymous to the Lela festivities away from home.

This time, the largest conglomerates of Ndakums in the USA are coming under one umbrella to host what will go down in history as the highly prestigious 23rd Annual BCA-USA Convention.

If you are still wondering if the convention will be worth your while, please think no further! This convention is intended to surpass your expectations. So what do we have in store for you? Lots of pleasant surprises! Keep in mind, the surprises are embedded in the programs, all to be unraveled upon your arrival. Things like the Kukuwa Dance Workout by Ma Feh Gwanyalla and the Female Soccer Match being coordinated by someone I know only too well - Ma Diane Daiga (smile please), are just some of the spicy snippets awaiting you!

Mfed Ba, there are some things in life that hearing about may suffice. But there are others that you simply must witness in Person! BCA-USA convention fits right into that category! If this will be your first time participating in the convention, it will be our pride to imprint your memorable first impressions. And for those who make it a duty every year, we are certainly obliged to you!
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BCA-USA 2010 Elections: Meet Your Candidates

Julius N. Ndangam
Candidate for President of BCA
I wish to seek re-election as President of BCA-USA during the forthcoming elections. My commitment to this association is best reflected in my actions over the last two years as President and the six years preceding that, as Secretary General. Over the past two years, I have worked with the executive and NEC to expand and re-structure BCA's membership, strengthen its communication with the members, and enhance transparency and accountability in its decision making process. These changes are borne out of my vision that power and change is more effective when it comes from the grassroots.

Continue reading Ni Julius Ndangam's personal statement


Ma Maggie Galega Yongho
Candidate for Office of Financial Controller

I am heartened by your nomination, show of support and belief in my candidacy as your financial controller of BCA USA. To those who have placed their trust in me, and with great hope for our organization, I am immensely thankful. I am inspired by the trust you have bestowed upon me as the candidate best equipped to oversee the finances of our great organization.
BCA USA owes its success to both the hard work and dedication of its leadership and the loyalty and commitment of its diverse membership. The role of the financial controller is akin to that of a gate keeper who watches over the coffers of an organization with honesty, attention to detail and dedication. It requires someone with integrity, who is equally reliable, responsible and respectful.  What I want to do in this capacity will be just that and more. I plan to pursue a fiscally responsible policy on financial affairs with an increased accountability for every dollar spent. As a financial controller, I will forcefully initiate discussions on questionable financial transactions, and report every detail of the financial situation to the membership.

Continue reading Ma Maggie Galega Yongho's personal statement


Ni Blaise N. Azangue
Candidate for Financial Controller

I want to first take a moment to extend my sincere appreciation to every person who nominated me as a candidate for the position of Controller/Financial Secretary. I also want to seize this opportunity to re-introduce myself and to state the reasons I am running for the position of Controller/Financial Secretary for BCA-USA, and why I believe I am the better candidate for the office.

Continue reading Ni Blaise Azangue's personal statement

Ni Samuel S. Dinga
Candidate for Public Relations Officer
It takes willingness and ability to serve others. I have demonstrated in the past four years that I have these two qualities and more.  For two years I served as a member of the Cultural Committee where my committee and I came up with new and exciting events for the cultural night. I participated and played a verity of instruments to assist the different dance groups. In the past two years I was a co-chair person of the Membership Committee. During these two years, my committee has developed creative ways of recruiting new members and retaining existing members. Our record speaks for itself as we have continued to beat our records and continue to create new ones.

Continue reading Ni Samuel Dinga's personal statement

Doh Geka - Banyuga Pefok
Candidate for BCA-USA Treasurer
I am seeking re-election as Treasurer of BCA-USA. In the summer 1987, a number of persons, including Ni Joe Fonjoe, Ma Liga Mutia, Ni Nubea Lima, Ma Andin Mutia, Banyuga and a few others met on several occasions to discuss the possibility of starting an organization for the Bali people here in the US. Coincidentally, others elsewhere were having a similar discussion which eventually culminated in a meeting in Atlanta GA later that year.

I have been quite active in BCA-USA since I attended my first convention in Northern California in 1990. I have held a number of positions in the association over the years, including Chairperson of the Awards committee, Chairperson of the Membership Committee, Financial Secretary and Treasurer.

Continue reading Doh Geka's personal statement

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Asked & Answered
We bring you responses to your questions about BCA.

Question: Why is BCA USA financial information confidential? Why is it that I have never seen a report on donations made towards the MPC? Question submitted by Anonymous member in Eastern chapter

Answer: BCA USA  publishes its financial report soon as after the fiscal year ends. The financial report is usually mailed out to the BCA e-group, and a copy is published on the monthly Newsletter Ba Sa Ko e. This report has never been confidential. If you are not subscribed to the BCA e-group please contact the BCA secretary general to get subscribed. Also, if you are not receiving the monthly Ba Sa Ko'e? newsletter, please send an email to publications@bca-usa.org
Regarding donations made towards the Multipurpose Center, the Fundraising Committee is currently in the process of putting together a detailed report to show all donations received towards the MPC. If you have previously made a donation, you will be receiving an email from them soon. If you don't hear from them, please send an email to fundraising@bca-usa.org


Question: Why do we keep going to the same cities to host the convention? Why can't we go to different cities?  Question submitted by anonymous member  in The Carolinas

Answer: The venue for the convention is usually decided two years in advance at the convention. It is nominated by the chapter and voted on by the general assembly. In recent years, the growth of BCA USA has been overwhelming on smaller chapters as they have been unable to host such a huge crowd. However, efforts are currently underway to look into catering the entire convention. If that can be done, we hope that in the future we can be able to go to newer cities and have a good convention without any concern that the chapter may be unable to host the crowd.

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Convention 2010
Female Soccer Team Line Up Announced!

By Ma Diane Daiga and Ma Dora Fomunung

One of this year's most anticipated sporting event at the convention is the female soccer. The soccer encounter pitching the DC Metrolettes against the Out of Town Conquerers is scheduled for Sunday May 30th. Since its inclusion in this year's convention line up, the friendly but competitive game has gained more momentum with over 35 participants registered so far. Ma Diane Daiga leads the DC Metrolettes while Ma Dora Fomunung is the team coordinator and coach of the Out of Town Conquerers.

View a complete team line up here. 
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BCA's Night of Glamour 2010

Night of Glamour - BCA's premier fundraising dinner is scheduled for Friday May 28th this year. Last year the event raised over $21,000 for the Bali Multipurpose Center (BMC) - the highest ever amount of money raised for the project in one event.
 See the 2009 Night of Glamour here.

This year, the fundraising committee has put together another entertaining programme for the evening.

6pm: Red Carpet
6.45pm: Welcome of Guests and Introduction of Officials     (Ba Nji  Fonjoe and Ma Bri Voma)
6.55pm: Opening Prayer   (Rev Dan Pefok)
7.00pm: Dinner
8pm: Welcome to Baltimore-Washington (Ni Julius/Ni Charles/Ni Gabby/Ni Vally)
8.20pm: Musical by Wuluma Fofung
8.30pm: Musical by Langmia and Nina Fonjoe
8: 35pm: Introduction of Keynote Speaker (Ma Lilian)
8.40pm: Key Note Speaker (Dr. Gahlia Gwangwa'a)
8.55pm: Musical interlude - Live Band
9pm: MPC Presentation  Ba Nkom Lima
9.15pm: Hip Hop by Ndam &Co
9:30pm: Fundraising
10:00pm:Music request from live band
10:30 pm: Second part of Fundraising
11.00pm: Comedy interlude
11:15pm: Music by Odilia Njinjoh
11.20pm: Dance by Njinjoh and Nchamukong kids
11.25pm: Music by Elizabeth Njabet
11:30pm:Dance floor opens
1:30am:Closing remarks  (Ma Bri or Ba Nji)
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Convention Dreams and Expections

By Ba Jerry K. Domatob

As convention approaches
Dreams and expectations rise
Like blooming rose flower
That tower and power
Sometimes it's just hope
 Deceiving like dope
That there might be something
Where there is nothing
Often it's faith and confidence
Which demolish diffidence
Raising aspiration
Like new inspiration

Click here to continue reading...
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BCA-USA's Washington D.C's 2011 New Beginning

By Ba Jerry K. Domatob

In concert with tradition
BCA-USA, since foundation
Like global leaders, often convenes, in Washington, D.C.
For cheerful deliberation and celebration
But 2011 marked a new beginning
As members luxuriously gathered
Rather than squat in floors and basements
Participants graced, star-studded hotels
This stood in diametrical opposition
To Atlanta's modest start, almost a quarter century ago
When mainly struggling students, converged
To commiserate, concert and concretize BCA-USA
Like organic associations
Imbued with men and women of mission
BCA-USA carved a splendid vision
Members strategically, executed as tacticians

Click here to continue reading...

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Hatches, Matches and Dispatches


Ma Nahjella Awah and Ni Anthony Ngafor of Houston welcomed a baby Anthony Jr into their family in April. Congratulations to Ma Nah and Ni Anthony. Best wishes to the entire family.


Congratulations the following graduates:

Ma Lora Fogam who graduates on Wednesday 26th May from
Mercy University, New York with a BSc Majoring in Biology.

Ni Vanessa Kayeba Fomunung, who graduated from Columbus State Universty, Georgia, with a BSc in Health Sciences

Ni Kenneth Sabum Fomunung, graduated from University of Houston, Texas, with a BA in Communications minor in Psychology

Ma Bridget Kaspa wife of our BCA USA Vice President who graduates from Pharmacy School on Thursday May 27th.

Ma Nguendap Gwanyalla Fokum who graduated from University of Massachussetts Amhest with a BSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Ni Lebga Gwanvalla who graduated from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth with a BA in Crime & Justice Studies minor in French.

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News from the Bali Diaspora Around the World
BCA Germany Annual Convention

 BCA Germany Convention

Date: July 30- 31 2010
Location: Essen
President: Ni Feh Francis + 49 (0) 173 191 7869
Vice President: Ma Patience Fokumlah + 49 (0)1520 788 5035
Publicity Secretary: Ma Andin Therese + 49 (0) 162 569 2186

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Around the Country: Chapter Updates and Events



Next Meeting - June 26th 2010
Host: Ma Kuna Nukuna-Njowir
Address: TBD



Next Meeting
Hosts: Ni Dinga & Ma Noella Nfon
Venue: 5841 Masoni Place, Gilroy 95020
Contact: 408 239 3644
Date: June 5 2010
Northern California News
BCA Northern California has a new executive.

President: Ma Evans Fogam
Secretary: Ma Boh Fielding Geh
PR: Ma Pam Fielding Sona
Treasurer: Ni Dinga Nfon
Financial Secretary: Ni Ben Gwandiku
Adviser: Ba Nkom Edwin Njinimbam
Cultural Adviser: Ma Hilda Njinimbam
2011 Convention Committee Chair: Ma Patience Fielding 



Next Meeting - June 19th 2010
Host: Ma Mado and Ni Julius Ndangam
Address: 2113 SE 7th Str, Lees Summit, MO 64063


Next Meeting: June 19th 2010
Host: TBD


Next meeting: June 12th
Host: Ma Segmia Tata


 Next meeting: Saturday, June 12th 2010
 Host:    Ni Sama and Ma Nicoline  Jangha
 Venue: 2132 Houston Ave # D
            Norman,OK 73071
Time: 8 PM  prompt.
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The Next Edition
The next issue of the newsletter will be published on June 29th. Please send all annoucements, news and event listings to the Publications Committee by June 25th.
Email: publications@bca-usa.org
Thank you for supporting BCA-USA.
Publications Committee