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Ba Sa' Ko e?
A Monthly Newsletter from BCA-USA SAWASOA (MARCH) 2010
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Ndah Nchuyin renews leadership term
Ba Nkom Lima
Mungaka Corner

By Ni Gahlia Gwangwa'a

Tsu Nnanna Boa ba To'ti (Idiomatic Expressions and Meanings)


Yi a ka la mu (Previous)

Yu ˝na bo mbo ka ntu, wu ni ndzu mbo kusu' e?

  Literary interpretation: When your mother is living, do you beg for food before eating.

To'ti ni Mu˝gaka: Le bo ˝ga : Mon ni ntod bo ndib yi nna ntun a, i bo ˝ku yunu mi.


A child is proud when the mother is alive. At her passing (death) the child     becomes desolate or solitary.


Yi a bo ndio a (Present)

Đnkud kud, ndzu bo.

   Literary interpretation: A hard worker does not eat.


  That is:One never reaps the fruits of one's labor.


 To'ti ni Mu˝gaka:  Le bo ˝ga: ˝ga˝-kud kud (fa' fa') ma ni ndzu bo.


Ba Nkom Lima
Exercising Caution When Communicating Online

By Ba Nkom Gwanbidpua Tangeh aka Bali Mind Realty

One of the perquisites of living in a democratic society is that Bali Minds have the right to free speech, which means that they can say pretty much what they please in any form of media, oral or written. But in reality, freedom of speech is restricted by the letter of the law or how we choose to interpret it. While we all know that making inflammatory or hate-inciting speeches is totally foolish because it could result in legal action being taken against us, we're generally unaware of the repercussions that anything we write online can have, even if they're seemingly harmless.
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Asked & Answered
From the Publications Committee

The Publications Committee is launching a new section in the BCA monthly e-newsletter called "Asked & Answered".  As the name suggests, it is a section where we publish answers to questions asked by members. Have you got questions for BCA-USA leadership? Is there any issue you need clarification about? Want an update from a particular committee? Not sure who to direct your question to? Send us your questions and we will endeavour to get you the answers. You don't have to wait till the next virtual town hall. Each month, the publications committee will take questions from individual members or through local chapters. Answers will be published in the monthly newsletter.

This section is another means through which BCA is strengthening communication with is membership whilst ensuring transparency and accountability within all structures of association. Your questions are what will sustain this particular section. So send them in as soon as possible.

Send your questions to

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Project Updates: Bali Multipurpose Center
Construction of BMC to begin Soon

From the Multipurpose Center Committee

The Multipurpose Center Committee is delighted to announce that a contract has been signed for the construction of the Bali Multipurpose Centre (BMC). Construction work is due to commence on April 1, 2010; it is projected that the first and second phases will be completed by September 2010

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Convention 2010: Quiz Competition (Mungaka Corner)
From the Publications Committee & Culture Committee

The Publications Committee in conjunction with the Culture Committee is organizing a contest on aspects of Bali Nyonga culture. This contest will serve as interludes during the convention in May and will be based on some basics on the culture of Bali. Participating chapters will compete for the FIRST and SECOND prizes. These prizes will be presented to the respective chapter presidents during the convention. In preparation for this special competition, participants are advised to read Ni Gahlia's "Mungaka Corner" in all the editions of Ba sa' ko e?

Get your thinking hats on. See you in Baltimore.

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Convention 2010: Get Your Convention Gear!
From the BCA-USA Gift Shop

With the convention barely weeks away, the BCA-USA official Gift Shop has all your convention gear and souvenir covered. The recently re-designed store is the easiest way to get customized products.
Choose a product, select your size, select what colour you prefer, pick the quantity you want and then check out. It is as easy as that. Your item will be shipped to your address. Last year, the most popular selling merchandise on the shop were the 100% brushed cotton caps. These come in brown and white. This year, we have included a wider range fashionable T-shirts and cool souvenir items which all feature this year's unique convention logo.

There is a wide selection of tees for ladies ranging from v-neck t-shirts, cap sleeves, to spaghetti tank tops, and the junior ringer tees. We also got a range of products for kids including infants and toddlers. The kids baseball jersey was a huge it last year. It comes in red, blue and black. Other cool items on the store include mugs, mouse pads, gym bags, coasters, and a wall clock. For the super cool, why not get your self a BCA-USA convention tracksuits? Click here to visit the store today and get all your convention merchandise in time for the Memorial Weekend.  Make a real fashion statement in Baltimore. If you have any questions, please contact the Gift Shop store managers at:

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As BCA-USA Grows

Adaptation, Adjustments & New Action Plans?

By Dr. Jerry Komia Domatob

As BCA-USA grows by leaps and bounds

With members flowing unbound
Mandatory adjustments and adaptations frantically yell
Like graphic and vivid stories that tell

First, let's graciously thank Almighty Deity
For grooming BCA-USA like a darling mother
Credit, too, to member's commitment
For BCA-USA's blossoming advancement

Click Here to continue reading As BCA-USA Grows


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San Jose Ndahkum

San Jose and Bay Area News
Ma Evan Fogam has been elected as the new president of the San Jose Ndahkum. 

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Nda Nchuyin Washington DC

The Washington DC Ndah Nchuyin again this last weekend renewed the term of their leadership for yet another two year mandate. Amongst the elected were:

President:  Ni Gabby Njinimbot
Vice President: Ni Michael Njambed
Secretary General: Ma Odilia Njinjoh
Finance Dept: Ma Grace (Dinga) Musi, Ni Kebila Fonkem, Ni Augustine Njinjoh
Social secretary: Ma Elizabeth (Fomunung) Njambed,  assisted by Ni Sama Badoh
Public Relations: Ni Divine Nchamukong, Ni Diaga Njinjoh
Law Enforcement officer:  Ma Rose Leyonga

Click here to see pictures of the swearing in ceremony.

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Nkumu Bani Oklahoma City

Next Meeting:  Saturday April 10th 2010
Host:               Ni Edward and Ma Eveline Fosam
Venue:             5900 Yale Drive, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73126          
Time:               9 P.M Prompt   

Contact: Ni Simpson Gwanyama ( President)
Phone:  405-476-1120


                                   Nda  Kongni Oklahoma City 
Next Meeting:  Saturday April 17th 2010
Host:               Ma  Josephine Fogam
Venue:             5400 NW 23rd Suite 200, Okc, Oklahoma 73127         
Time:               4 P.M Prompt

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BCA Dallas

BCA Dallas News

Following elections in March a new executive was elected to lead the association.

President                           -  Ni Augustine Fombon
Vice President                   -  Ni Edwin Fomunung
Treasurer                           -  Ma Mercy Kuja
Financial Secretary            -  Ma Clara Formusoh
General Secretary              -  Ni Divine Kuja and Ni Peter Formusoh
Publicity Secretary             -  Ma Kah Formusoh

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BCA Houston 

Date of next meeting: April 17th 2010
Host: Picnic at the Bishop Fiorenza Park
Address: 4025 North Eldridge Parkway, Houston, TX 77084
Chapter News:
BCA Houston will be having a Picnic at the Bishop Fiorenza Park on April 17th 2010.

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Next meeting

Host: Ma Jessica and Ni Valery Tangham
Date: April 10th 2010
Address: 3808 Raintree Dr. Greensboro, NC 27407

News from the Carolinas:

Ma Jessica and Ni Valery Tangham will be celebrating the born house of Baby Kenna Tangham on Saturday April 3rd. All members are invited.

The Carolina chapter recently celebrated it's one year anniversary as well as the Birthday of it's First Lady - Ma Julie Njinimbam. See pictures below.

Contact: Ni Joseph Njinimbam, President
            Phone: (864.297.4779)
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Greater Kansas City 

Next Meeting:
Host: Ma Julien and Ni Stephen Doh
Date: April 10th 2010
Time: 7:00PM
Address: 2113 SE 7th Str. Lees Summit, MO 64063

Kansas City News

Contact: Ni Sama Formusoh, President
Phone: (913)522-2334


The Next Edition
The next issue of the newsletter will be published on April 30th. Please send all announcements, news and event listings to the Publications Committee by April 24th.
Thank you for supporting BCA-USA.
Publications Committee 

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P.O Box 1602, Springs Texas 77337