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A Monthly Newsletter from BCA-USA SODUNA (February) 2010)

In This Issue
New BCA Chapter Structure
Leadership Summit in Atlanta
2010 Convention in Baltimore
Call for Award Nominations
Townhall Meeting Updates
Mutual Health Organization
Poem by Dr. Jerry K. Domatob
Mungaka Corner
Hatches Matches and Dispatches
Chapter News and Updates

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2010 BCA-USA Leadership Summit Resolutions

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Convention Packages and Hotel Reservation
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2008 - 2009
BCA-USA End of Year Report

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The BCA-USA Gift Shop

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Summit Pictures
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Days of the week in Mungaka
Ntan ( Ntan Bani )

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From the Presidency

A Brief Background

Some call them Ndahkums, others call them Chapters and to some the word "Groups" provides a consistent way out to refer to our current BCA-USA structure. These are what we all want so badly to call chapters of BCA-USA.  Why all the different descriptions??  Several reasons but two key ones being the fact that most of them were created without any mandate from the NEC or the association and in several cases, the members of the groups are not even registered members of BCA-USA. To Continue reading please click here: BCA-USA New Chapter Structure

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                                            From the Secretariat

February 6, 2010 saw the convergence of the leadership of BCA-USA at Norcross Georgia for the annual Leadership Summit. This time around it was a time for stock-taking in BCA-USA. Delegations came in from all ends of the United States to a welcome reception at Ni Peter Fomunung's home on Friday February 5. It was a brief event as everyone was looking forward to the meeting the next day; however, the excitement and fanfare in meeting delegates and some members of Atlanta chapter was meaningful enough to keep members late into the night.

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Click here to see the adopted summit resolutionsLeadership Summit Resolutions

Click here to see pictures from the Summit: Leadership Summit Pictures
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From the Convention Planning Committee

Over the past few years, BCA-USA has experienced tremendous growth not just in its membership, but also in the number of people attending its annual conventions. With this growth has come the added responsibility and urgent need for the association to find new and more efficient ways to organize its conventions. The general consensus from the general assembly and from a subsequent post convention survey carried out by our Process Improvement Committee, was that all future conventions be catered.This ensures that 1)members of any host chapter, will now be able to fully participate in all convention activities instead of spending the entire weekend cooking and transporting items to and from the convention venues; 2) the cost of organizing future conventions for the association will be significantly reduced; and 3) BCA-USA will now be able to organize conventions in many other cities that we've never been to, besides the regular 5 that we seem to be restricted to, currently. In other words, future conventions won't have to only be hosted by a city with 20 or more members as is currently the case.

The Membership Committee in conjunction with the DC Convention Planning Committee is pleased to formally present to you, the discount packages for the 2010 BCA-USA Convention in Washington DC Metro.

To purchase a convention package and reserve a hotel, please visit:

For questions on the convention packages, please visit: Convention Packages FAQ

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 From the Awards Committee

Dear BCA-USA Members:
The BCA-USA Awards Committee is soliciting nominations for Awards to be presented at the May 2010 convention that will take place in Washington DC. These Awards will be given to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to BCA USA in different areas.

Please  Click here  to access the nomination criteria

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 From the Secretariat

In an effort to keep members updated on different aspects of BCA USA, the executives met with members in a town hall meeting held Sunday February 21st at 7pm Eastern. The conference call, kicked-off with a general update on happenings within the association and Bali as a whole. Then the Health Committee did a presentation, mainly elaborating on the Mutual health Organization program and receiving tough questions from members.

Click here to view the full article Town Hall Meeting
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From Ni De-Gaulle Cabinda

On the recent town hall meeting hosted last Sunday February 21st 2010, the chairman of the Health Committee Ni De-Gaulle Cabinda gave a presentation of the Mutual Health Organization Program in Bali. He received and answered many tough questions from BCA USA Members.

Click here to view the questions you asked:  HMO Questions & Answers

Click here to read more about the program: Mutual Health Organization
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BCA-USA Family avidly greets Atlanta Chapter
By Dr. Jerry Komia Domatob

Despite life's mounting pressures

That sporadically diminishes treasures

Wisdom and courtesy demand

Folks pause, and salute grand sponsors


Thus BCA-USA family

Avidly greet Atlanta chapter

Like enthusiastic fans

For zeal, zest and zing  

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By Ni Gahlia Gwangwa'a

Tsu Nnanna Boa ba To'ti (Idiomatic Expressions and Meanings)

Yi a ka la mu a (Previous): Yu ñna bo mbo ka ntun, wu ni ndzu mbo kusu' e?

Literary interpretation: When your mother is living, do you beg for food before eating? 

To'ti ni Muñgaka: Le bo ñga : Mon ni ntod bo ndib yi nna ntun a, i bo ñku yu nu mi.

A child is proud when the mother is alive. At her passing (death) the child becomes desolate or solitary.


Yi a ka la mu a (Previous): Mo-ntsi ni ku ndon yi nguñ bo ni ko'.

Literary interpretationAn orphan always begs for food by coughing

To'ti ni (tsu) Muñgaka: Le bo ñga: Bon bo  ni ndzu, wu lin mo-ntsi bo ni yi ko'

That is: When children are eating in a group, you can identify an orphan from his/her cough
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Congratulations to Ni Clarence and Ma Helen Ndangam who welcomed a baby boy into their family. Baby Clarence (CJ) Samkia Ndangam was born on Feb 19th 2010


Our condolence to our Secretary General, Ni Charles Tamon whose grandmother Kabang Monica Dohmatob, also known as Nah Manyi of Boh Gwankwangbe passed away after a brief illness.

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Around the Country: Chapter Updates and News

BCA - Atlanta
Next Meeting:    March 27th 2010
Host:                 TBD
Contact:             Ni Babila Tata, President 
                         Phone: 678.849.1174
BCA - The Carolinas

Next meeting:    March 13th 2010
Host:                Ni Collins Fomunung
Address:           6622 Wicked Oak Ln, Charlotte, NC28216
Contact:            Ni Joseph Njinimbam, President
                        Phone: 864.297.4779
Greater Kansas City
Next Meeting:     March 13th 2010 
Host:                 Ni Sama Formusoh
Contact:             Ni Sama Formusoh, President
                         Tel: 913.522.2334

Nkumu - Bani Oklahoma (Former  BCA Oklahoma)
Next Meeting:    March 13th ,2010
Host:                 Ni Stanley and Ma Danielle Gwaabe
Address:           11100 Roxboro Ave # 715, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73162.
Time:                 8 PM prompt
Contact:            Ni Simpson Gwanyama, President
                          Tel: 405.476.1120

Nda - Kong'ni Oklahoma

Next Meeting:    March 20th ,2010
Host:                 Ma Josephine Fogam
Address:           5400 NW 23rd Suite 200, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73127
Time:                 4  PM prompt
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