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Ba Sa' Ko e?

 A Monthly Newsletter from BCA-USA
 SOSAGBUNBA (Ausgust) 2009      
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From the Secretariat
MPC Project Update
Health Committee Updates
Teacher Sponsorship Program
Monthly Member Spotlight
Monthly Health Updates
Chapter Updates and News
Bali Communities Worldwide
Hatches, Matches and Dispatches
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BCA-USA Life Insurance

As of September 1 2009 our group life insurance policy underwriter will remain The Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company.  Due to some of the difficulties and challenges encountered with the previous coverage amount, and payment from members we have made the following changes to this year's policy.

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Lets write our own story.

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Click the Wiki logo above to add to or edit what we have so far about Bali Chamba in general and Bali Nyonga in particular.

Send questions, concerns and comments to wikipedia@bca-usa.org 

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Dates for your Diary

Life Insurance Enrollment open:    09/01/2009

Town Hall Meeting:
09 /13/2009

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Benefits of Being a BCA - USA Member

BCA USA is committed to fostering fraternal relations among all people of Bali Chamba heritage as well as friends of Bali throughout the United States of America, propagating the identity and cultural norms of the Bali people, and improving the quality of life of Bali people through selected development projects.

When you pay your membership dues, you help BCA-USA to succeed in its mission. Your support enables the association to engage in development projects back home such as the Fishnet Project and the Beisen Water Project.  In addition, as a member you enjoy some perks at the annual BCA convention.

General Assembly
Pay $5 Validation Fee Vs
$25 Validation Fee for non-members

General Assembly
Members can vote Vs
non -members who Cannot Vote

Cultural Evening
Free Vs
$15 for non-members

BCA-USA Newsletter
Free Vs None

Special Promotion
The BCA-USA Gift shop has new designs in stock. Check out the latest designs and order cool souvernirs for you, your kids or your friends. If your chapter has an event coming up, why not place a bulk order from the BCA-USA Gift shop? There is a 15% discount for bulk purchases from the store (e.g T-shirts). Bulk Discount orders will be shipped to one address only and will take 1-3 weeks to be produced and shipped. So plan ahead. Contact the Gift Shop at
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From the Secretariat

  Ba Nkom Lima
Dear BCA-USA members, friends and supporters,

Accept greetings on behalf of the executive team. This is our third issue of the electronic monthly newsletter. Special thanks to the publications committee for all their tireless efforts and commitment to providing us with monthly updates of our association.
On what makes news this month, first things first, let's talk healthcare. On September 1st 2009, the health committee will officially launch its new insurance program. Also, this month marks the open enrollment period for our group life insurance policy.
The BCA-USA educations committee is pleased to announce its latest project, one that will put more teachers in classrooms. The total cost of this project will be split 50/50 between the Education committee and BCA-USA.
Additionally, to all BCA-USA members who have difficulties recieving emails from our forum, please contact the Secretary General (secretarygeneral@bca-usa.org).
Coming up soon is BCA-USA's quarterly townhall conference call scheduled for September 13th 2009. Details on how to participate will be available soon. All members are strongly encouraged to attend. The committees scheduled to make presentations during the conference call are: The Multipurpose Center Project Committee, The Projects Committee and the Life Insurance Committee.
The organizing team from Washington DC have secured a hall against next year's very much anticipated convention.

The Fundraising Committee will be launching a winter clothes drive. Details on that
will be published soon.

We cannot put enough emphasis on the importance of communication and information to this association
. BCA-USA is a big organization and still growing. We urge all our members to utilize all the forums created and available to us to improve communication. Last but not least,
  Thank you all.
  Lora Fogam
  Public Relations officer, BCA-USA

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Committee Updates

Multi-Purpose Center Project
By Ba Nkom Gwankudvalla Lima, Chair of the MPC Committee

Ba Nkom Lima
The last written project report to the general membership was issued by the MPC committee on March 16, 2009 via email.  It was followed by further updates during the the convention in Dallas, May 2009. This update builds upon the last communiqué.
Click here to continue Reading about the MPC

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Mutual Health Organization For Bali
By Dr. DeGaulle Cabinda, Chair of Health Committee
Dr De Gaule
The Health committee would like to proceed with its plan that was presented at the Convention in Dallas.
Having settled on the Mutual Health Organization (MHO) as the most pragamatic way for delivery of healthcare to the people of Bali Nyonga and considering that it was made very clear to the Committee chair that the sustainability of the MHO will depend on the level of enrolment of the people. It is our goal to support this program by helping in boosting membership.

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Education Committee Launches Sponsorship program for Primary School Teachers

By Ni Babila Tata, Chair of Education Committee 

                            ABa Nkom Limas we exert our efforts to help provide tools and incentives for pupils to study, we are also faced with a daunting task to help with the crisis of shortage of primary school teachers. The majority of schools in Bali especially those in the distant villages of Bali Nyonga have an average of 4 teachers including the head master with some having only three teachers total.  Click here to read the full article
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Monthly Chapter Member Spotlight
By Awards Committee

Dallas chapter under the leadership of Ma Bridget Voma deserves the spotlight they have been given since the last convention. The convention was very successful as a result of good leadership and team work with her chapter members. She is selfless and objective in executing her role as a leader.
She steps in whenever there is a void to assist her chapter members. She leads by example. She will personally design and print invitations, flyers etc needed by the chapter for its functions. Her people skills have made this chapter a beneficiary of so many well wishes both material and immaterial. Dallas chapter is run as a family and she is leading one big diverse family.
She has repeatedly asked to be replaced for the last few years but she is so effective in her role that, her chapter has denied her the right to be replaced yet. However, as we grow, we like to have more like her. It will be a great honor to see her efforts validated by giving her the spotlight.
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  Weekly Health Updates
By Dr. Chris Fokumlah
BCA logoStay up to date with current health debates and research which affects you and your family. Dr. Chris Fokumlah brings us some health related news and tips in his weekly health updates.Highlights from this month's updates include the importance of diet and physical exercise, as well as a health alert about body lotions and creams.
Click here to read this month's updates

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Around the Country: Chapter Updates and News
Next meeting
Host: Ni Peter & Ma Grace Fommunung AND Ma Biyoga Tita
Date:  September 26th 2009
Contact: Ni Babila Tata, President
             Phone: (678)849-1174
Washington Ndahtod 
Next Meeting:
Date: Friday 4th September 2009      
Location: 4311 Kinmount Dr, Lanham, MD 20706 
Contact:  Ni Charles Nteh, President
              Ni Charles Tamon (240)-602-3849
Ndahtod News:

Members join Ma Maureen Ndansi to mourn the loss of her father in Bali.

San Jose 
Next meeting
Date: Sat. Sep 12, 2006
Host: Ma Patience Fielding
530 Kinkead Way
Albany, CA 94706
 - Post-Mortem of the Aug 15th BBQ - what went well, what went wrong
 - Learning simple Bali phrases

BCA Norcal Organized a successful awareness building/fundraiser event at the John D Morgan park in Campbell CA on August 15th 2009. The turnout was massive.  
Videos and more pictures of the event will be available at the BCA Norcal website soon.

1) Ma Wakuna Lima Gwanfogbe's Babyshower

Location:  Mount Eden Presbyterian Church Hall
26236 Adrian Avenue
Hayward, CA 94545 US
When: Saturday, September 19, 7:00PM
Wakuna is registered at:
Babies R Us and Target
Under: Wakuna Lima
Contact: Ba Mfonfu Paul, President
             Phone: (408)309-9686  
BCA- Dallas
Next meeting
Date: September 12th 2009
Host:Ma Feh
Dallas News:
Baby Kenna's birthday celebration at Ma Feh's on 9/12/2009
Contact: Ma Lesline Folabit
             Email: Ma Lesline (lnabs@yahoo.com) 
Greater Kansas City
Next Meeting:
Date: September 12th 2009
Host: Ma Florence Fomusoh
Contact: Ni Sama Formusoh, President
Phone: (913)522-2334 
Oklahoma City
Next Meeting  
Hosts: Ni Mumbali Godfrey, Ni Musa Fogham and Ni Jacob Fokum 
Date: September 19th 2009
Location: 2425 N.  Moulton Dr, Oklahoma City, 73127

Contact: Ma Dora Fomunung, President
Phone:  (405)314-0243

Oklahoma City News

The Oklahoma Chapter received a check from the National for their second prize during the cultural night activities at the 2009 Dallas Convention. Members were very happy for this recognition and thanked the National. They also pledged to work harder at the next convention.
Washington Ndah Nchunyin
Next Meeting
Date:  September 26th 2009      
Host:   Ni Paul Badoh     
Location: 15623 Birch Run Ter, Laurel, MD 20707
Contact: Ni Gabby Njinimbot, President
             Phone: (240) 602-5229
             Email:  gabbysr65@yahoo.com 
BCA- Houston
Next Meeting:
Date: September 19th 2009
Host:Ni Jack Yangni
Contact: Ma Valuma Tangeh, President

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News from Bali Communities Worldwide
The Bali Cultural Association (BCA) Germany held its annual convention this month in the picturesque city of Berlin. Click here to view some pictures from the highly successful convention.

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Hatches, Matches and Dispatches


Dr. Gomia2Ni Victor Gomia who chairs the BCA-USA Publications committee recently received his PhD from the University of Yaounde. Dr. Gomia's thesis received a mention très honorable for his thesis title: African Radio Theatre, An Alternative to Development Theatre. The Publications Committee is extremely proud of his achievement and wish him all the best in his career.

Picture: Dr. Gomia (second from left) with university dons after the oral defense of his thesis.


Wedding Bans 

 Simon and Mery
The countdown is on. Ni Simon Nukuna and Ma Mercy Fokumlah are tying the knot on September 5th, 2009 in Oklahoma City! Join them in celebrating their love and the beginning of the lives together. Mark your calendars and save this date for them! 
Clich here for more information

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Just Visiting

Who is visiting us from home or elsewhere? A great chance to get in touch and network with visiting friends and family. Send us your news.
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The Next Edition 
The next issue of the newsletter will be published on September 29th. Please send all announcements, news and event listings to the Publications Committee bySeptember 25th.
Email: publications@bca-usa.org
Thank you for supporting BCA-USA.
Publications Committee