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Ba Sa' Ko e?

 A Monthly Newsletter from BCA-USA
 SOASILEBA (July) 2009      
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Benefits of Being a BCA - USA Member

BCA USA is committed to fostering fraternal relations among all people of Bali Chamba heritage as well as friends of Bali throughout the United States of America, propagating the identity and cultural norms of the Bali people, and improving the quality of life of Bali people through selected development projects.

When you pay your membership dues, you help BCA-USA to succeed in its mission. Your support enables the association to engage in development projects back home such as the Fishnet Project and the Beisen Water Project.  In addition, as a member you enjoy some perks at the annual BCA convention.

General Assembly
Pay $5 Validation Fee Vs
$25 Validation Fee for non-members

General Assembly
Members can vote Vs
non -members who Cannot Vote

Cultural Evening
Free Vs
$15 for non-members

BCA-USA Newsletter
Free Vs None

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Mungaka Proverbs

By Ni Gahlia Gwangwa'a 
Answer to last month's proverb: 
Mon nga˝ yu' ntu' ma ni nda' ku mvi bo.
Le bo  ˝ga: Ntu'ti mad mbo˝kad tsu nga wu ko˝ bi mo' bon   ndzo wu se ko˝ yu ngan bum a. Ndzem bo sen wu ma mandzi, lu' ma nno˝ (ma la') ti kam bo, mbi' 
   nga bo˝tum ma ni nda' mvi bu' tum bo.
 This Months's Proverb
N'dzon-ndab ni sob u, wu ti kwe bo.  

Find out the meaning in the next edition of Ba Sa' ko e? 

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BCA-USA Life Insurance

As of September 1 2009 our group life insurance policy underwriter will remain The Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company.  Due to some of the difficulties and challenges encountered with the previous coverage amount, and payment from members we have made the following changes to this year's policy.

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Bali Nyonga On Wikipedia
Lets write our own story.

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Click the Wiki logo above to add to or edit what we have so far about Bali Chamba in general and Bali Nyonga in particular.

Send questions, concerns and comments to wikipedia@bca-usa.org 

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Dates for your Diary

Life Insurance Enrollment open:    09/01/2009

Town Hall Meeting:
09 /13/2009

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Special Promotion
The BCA-USA Gift shop has new designs in stock. Check out the latest designs and order cool souvernirs for you, your kids or your friends. If your chapter has an event coming up, why not place a bulk order from the BCA-USA Gift shop? There is a 15% discount for bulk purchases from the store (e.g T-shirts). Bulk Discount orders will be shipped to one address only and will take 1-3 weeks to be produced and shipped. So plan ahead. Contact the Gift Shop at
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Note from the Secretary General
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Dear Members,
With the beginning of a new year in BCA-USA, the National Executive Committee (NEC) has set out aggressively to work trying to make sure we realize all the projects we have initiated. All NEC members came together on the last day of the convention in Dallas, to assess the previous year and plan for the forthcoming year. Click here to continue reading...
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Survey gives a huge Thumbs Up for Dallas 2009

By the Process Improvement Committee

A post-convention survey has given a resounding thumbs up to this year's convention in Dallas. An overwhelming 98% of respondents rated the convention as good or excellent in the survey undertaken by the Process Improvement Committee (PIC) as part of its responsibility to determine best approaches to improving BCA's annual conventions. Among respondents, hosting all convention events in the same location, the seamless time management at events and the availability of enough food, was considered a hugely positive move. About 70 BCA members responded to the post-convention survey. 

PIC co-chair Ma Mary Nangah said the level of participation in the survey  was a major improvement on the previous two surveys conducted by her committee, adding that the numbers could be higher. "PIC strongly encourages BCA-USA members to participate in these surveys because it is a significant avenue of expressing opinions and sharing great suggestions to NEC. Providing feedback will ensure that we collectively work towards improving our great organization," said Ma Mary Nangah who is hoping her committee can increase the number of members who respond to the next survey.

Sunday's Cultural Evening was the top rated event with over 52% of respondents describing it as excellent. The overwhelmingly positive assessment of the convention notwithstanding, respondents identified issues which could further enhance the convention experience for members.

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Beisen Water Project Updates

FishNet Project
So far, 24 of the original 30 candidates have started training in their  various trade areas.
The remaining 6 are scheduled to start in the week of August 10.
Distribution of the 24 who started training so far
          (a)  Young Fidelis Traditional Dress Centre- 5 out of 5 candidates.
          (b)  Free-mans tailoring service : 10 out of 10.

          (c)  Zack's welding workshop - 5 out of 5.

          (d)  Handicraft centre - 4 out of 10.

The Beisen Water Community

 As of last week (ending July 24th 2009), construction was completed.

Ba Tita Jani
Beisen Water2
Today, Friday July 31st 2009, a water sample from the location was collected and taken to the SNEC laboratories in Bamenda for testing.

This was done in the presence of the BANDECA president general. Testing will cost CFAF 150,000.

If testing returns with no issues, then the last installment of the contractor fees of CFAF 441,000 will be paid out.
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BCA logoHealth News
 Courtesy of: Dr. Chris Fokumlah, D.C
Stay up to date with current health debates and research which affects you and your family. Dr. Chris Fokumlah brings us some health related news and tips in his weekly health updates.
Click here to read this months updates

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Learn Mungaka
By Ni Gahlia Gwangwa'a 
Ba Sa' Ko e?
Mo' mun nyin ka ma kuli tun ma fa to' ti tsu nnana yi ba ka fu˝ ma dzi n'wani Ba Sa' ko e?  Mu la kusu ma fa to' ti mbo bin.
(No one made an effort to interpret the proverb posted in Ba Sa' Ko e?. I will go ahead and explain it to you)
Around the Country: Chapter Updates and News
Next meeting
Host: Ba Fogam Eric
Date:  August 1st, 2009 .
Location: Savannah, GA
Hotel Name: Red Roof Inn, located in Pooler GA 31322
Phone Number: 912-748-4050Code: Destiny, OR ask for Sonia (Asst Mgr)
Negotiated Rate: $44.00 for a double bed.
Period: Friday July 31, 2009 - Saturday August 1, 2009, check out on Sunday at noon. Twenty rooms have been reserved.

Contact: Ni Babila Tata, President
             Phone: (678)849-1174
Washington Ndahtod 
Next Meeting:
Date:      August 8th 2009  
Location:  4311 kinmount Dr, Lanham MD 20706     
             - Sibedwo Alfred
             - Fongoh Cletus
             - Monkam Andin Praxedes
             - Fofung Kate
             - Manyi Feh Muma
Contact:  Ni Charles Nteh, President
              Ni Charles Tamon (240)-602-3849
Ndahtod Atlanta 
Next meeting
Host: Ni Joseph Fongod
Date: August 1st, 2009
Location: Savannah, GA
Address: 11900 Whitebluff Road.
    Apartment 408
    Savannah,Ga 31419

Contact: Ni George Fongod, President
Phone: (404)520-4515
San Jose 
Next meeting
Date: August 7th, 2009
Host: Ma Evan Fogam and Ma Anne Mbongueh Tita
Location: 344 Los Pinos Way San Jose, CA 95123
Brief Agenda or planned Activity: August 15th BBQ Planning
Ma Wakuna Lima Gwanfogbe's Babyshower
When: Saturday, September 19, 7:00PM
Location:  Mount Eden Presbyterian Church Hall
26236 Adrian Avenue
Hayward, CA 94545 US

Wakuna is registered at:
Babies R Us and Target
Under: Wakuna Lima
Contact: Ba Mfonfu Paul, President
             Phone: (408)309-9686  
BCA- Dallas
Next meeting
Date: August 8th, 2009
Host:Ma Anita Tanyi
Dallas News:
At its last meeting the Dallas chapter discussed and planned, fun trip to 'Sea World' for the Kids. Members were reminded to bring their contributions towards the Dallas Orphan project in Bali Kumbat during the August meeting.
Contact: Ma Lesline Folabit
             Email: Ma Lesline (lnabs@yahoo.com) 
Greater Kansas City
Next Meeting:
Date: August 8th 2009
Host: Ni Cletus Titalangha
Contact: Ni Sama Formusoh, President
Phone: (913)522-2334 
Greater Kansas City News
The Kansas City Chapter are planning a fund raising garage sale on August 22.

Ni Stephen and Ma Julien Doh welcomed a baby girl into their family on July 30th. Baby Kenna, mum and dad are all doing fine.
Next  meeting       
Host:  Ma Rita Nji
Date:  August 15th, 2009.
Location: 6212 Norvo Rd. Gwynn Oak MD 21207

Baltimore News
The Baltimore branch is planning to have an open cook-out in September to celebrate their one year anniversary. The date, place, and time will be provided in the August issue of the Newsletter. We will appreciate the support and attendance of all who are able to join us for the celebration.  
Contact: Ni Valentine Tita, President.
Phone: (443) 985-1781
Oklahoma City
Next Meeting  
Host: Ni Sama Jangha
Date: 15 August 2009
Location: Springfield Apt Complex. 2242 Houston Ave, Apt #2, Norman 73071
Contact: Ma Dora Fomunung, President
Phone:  (405)314-0243

Oklahoma City News
Ni Divine Tita Jani lost his father Ba Tita Jani on July 29th 2009 in Bali Nyonga. There will be a wake keeping at Ni Divine's home in Oklahoma City on Saturday August 8th 2009 starting at 7PM. The address is: 433 N W 120th, Oklahoma City, OK, 73114.
Washington Ndah Nchunyin
Next Meeting
Date:         August 29th 2009
Host:         Ni Gabby Njinimbot
Location:      15623 Birchrun Ter Laurel MD,20707
Contact: Ni Gabby Njinimbot, President
             Phone: (240) 602-5229
             Email:  gabbysr65@yahoo.com 
New England

Next Meeting
Date:  August 08th
Host: The Fokums    
Address: The Fokums

BCA- Houston
Next Meeting
Date: August 15th
Host: Ni Vicky and Ni Jack Yangni
Contact: Ma Valuma Tangeh, President

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News from Bali Communities Worldwide

The Bali Nyonga Development and Cultural Association (BANDECA) recently released its annual report. Over the past year and a half, BCA -USA has enjoyed a close working relationship with BANDECA which has been very significant in enabling BCA-USA to coordinate its projects in Bali Nyonga. Please click here to read the report as well as a speech written by BCA-USA president and read the BANDECA Annual General Meeting in April 2009.
Click here to continue reading the BANDECA annual report

Bali Nyonga Cultural and Development Association (BANCUDA) Belgium organized a hugely successful fundraising gala in June. Brothers and sisters from Germany and other parts of Europe travelled to Antwerp, Belgium to support the event. To view pictures from the fundraiser, please click on the following links.

BANCUDA Fundraising pictures 1

BANCUDA Fundraising pictures 2

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Hatches, Matches and Dispatches

Birth Announcements

Ni Gabby and Ma Quinta Njinimbot ( Washington, DC)
samira Ni Gabby and Ma Quinta Njinimbot  welcomed  Baby Samira Kahwalla Njinimbot who made her grand entrance to the world on Sunday July 12th @2:09pm coming in at 8.7 LBS. Baby, mum and Dad and big sister Bisona are doing fine.
Click here for photos


Mr Valentine Tita and wife (Baltimore, MD)
The President of the Baltimore Branch, Mr Valentine Tita and wife recently had a bouncing baby boy. His name is Jason Muvalla Tita. We would like for every body to join us in prayers to welcome the baby.


Ni Stephen & Ma Julien Doh (Kansas City)

ma Kenna

Ni Stephen and Ma Julien Doh of Kansas City welcomed a baby girl to their household on July 30. Baby Kenna arrived at 1.52 am weighing 8.5lbs. Mamoun and Kenna are both doing fine and dad is recovering! 

Click here for more photos...


Wedding Bans 

 Simon and Mery
A couple of months ago, Ni Simon Nukuna asked for her hand in marriage and Ma Mercy Fokumlah said "yes." Since then they have been working on how to officially make it celebrate their lovely union. So they came up with this plan to have their wedding on September 5th, 2009 in Oklahoma City! Mark your calendars and save this date for them!  Please join them in celebrating this happiness!
Clich here for more information

In Memoriam

  • Ba Tita JaniBa William Tita Jani -  father of Ni Divine Babila Tita Jani of Oklahoma City, passed away Bali Nyonga, Cameroon on July 29th, 2009 after a brief illness. There will be a wake keeping at Ni Divine's home in Oklahoma City on Saturday August 8th 2009 starting at 7PM. The address is: 433 N W 120th, Oklahoma City, OK, 73114.
  •                  Tribute to Ba Titajani by Dr Jerry Komia Domatob.


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Poetry Corner

Ba Tita Willie Jani's Exit: Builder, Organizer & Leader
By Dr. Jerry Komia Domatob

Ba Tita  Jani's goodness distinguished
A unique star power, he never relinquished
Supporters and opponents unanimously agreed
His noble gestures empowered & freed

BY Dr. Gahlia Gwangwa'a
He was fondly called Ni Dan
On his path, for every one his hand
Stretched to always, with a smile say, "We can
With our expertise for you stand"

By Dr. Jerry K Dohmatob
Dr. Dan Muna: Doctor's Doctor Departs
Popular and Prestigious People's Professional

Salute To a dear brother: A daring and caring idol (For Ni Tom Nchotu)
By Dr. Jerry K Dohmatob 

Some brothers touch humans in unique ways
Through little things they accomplish
With overt love and kindness
Like angels from Most High

Omar Bongo: Gabon 's enlightened despot departs
By Dr. Jerry K Dohmatob

He played the game as con champions
Winning most contests
Dribbling friends and foes
Outlasting peers, as longest-serving despot

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Just Visiting

Who is visiting us from home or elsewhere? A great chance to get in touch and network with visiting friends and family. Send us your news.
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See the results of the 2009 GCE by following the links below.
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The Next Edition 
The next issue of the newsletter will be published on August 30th. Please send all annoucements, news and event listings to the Publications Committee by August 25th.
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