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Dear EAL Professionals,

“Summertime and the living is easy…” Yes, we all have great expectations of this long deserved summer break. So, to ease a bit your burden of figuring out what summer assignments to give to your learners, we decided to devote this newsletter solely to free EAL online resources that your learners can use to practice the language while on the break. In the end, we want them to become self-directed in their language learning and to remember that learning does not stop when the classes are over.
You may want to check the links and choose which of them would best suit your learners’ needs.

Important: TEN will organize online workshops/webinars starting the end of August 2012. Last chance to voice your opinion! Please, click here.

Speaking and Pronunciation

English Online
English Online is offering two 4-week summer courses. They are speaking-focused and include once a week Skype session, self-study tasks; certificate of participation is provided upon completion. Level: CLB 5-8. For more info click here.

English Central   Read the Brochure
Many videos to watch and speak along; great pronunciation and vocabulary training. Unique speech recognition system analyses pronunciation challenges and recommends specific practice. Level: All
Learn English with Pictures and Audio
408 English words with pictures and audio for vocabulary and pronunciation practice. Level:CLB: 1-3

Movie clips and trailers with listening comprehension questions; pronunciation/listening practice tests; grammar exercises with self-check answers; vocabulary quizzes on different topics. Level: CLB 3+

ESOL Courses FREE English Lessons Online
Listening, reading and vocabulary practice. Levels: 2+

from British Council
Lots of video and audio podcasts accompanied by listening comprehension activities. Level:  CLB 3+


365 ESL Short Stories
Free stories for intermediate ESL learners. Each story is followed by vocabulary and grammar practice, a cloze, a crossword, and a dictation. Level: CLB 4+

Adult Learning Activities
Great collection of news articles and videos on different topics. Each article is followed by vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing practice. Level: CLB 5+

TV411 Tune in to Learning
Adult Literacy Media Alliance. This website contains learning materials to help adults gain and practice their basic reading, vocabulary, writing and even math skills.


OWL Exercises  Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)
This website has plenty of writing practice for EAL students including grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure and style, and paraphrasing exercises. Level: CLB 5+

Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students
Interactive self-study quizzes. Level: 3+

5 Minute English
Short grammar explanations with follow -up quizzes. There are also reading, vocabulary, listening, pronunciation and idiom sections. Level: CLB 4+

For more resources, visit our Autonomous Learner and Links for Summer pages.


Have a wonderful summer!
See you all in August!

Video Lessons and YouTube Resources

The World of English. Learning English with Misterduncun (UK)
English Learning channel with 73 fun video lessons and over 77000 subscribers. Level: All

English with Jennifer. A site for language learners
Video lessons for Beginners. All other videos are grouped into playlists by topic (vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, etc.). Level: CLB 1-3

Learning English Video Project from English
7 short videos about how people learn English around the world, supplemented with classroom and self-study materials. Level: CLB 4+.

Free English video lessons that cover English grammar, pronunciation, listening, vocabulary and more, taught by real teachers. Level: All

English for All
Five stories, each contains 4 episodes. Level: CLB 3-5. Each episode contains short fun videos with text about daily life and work situations accompanied by vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension and grammar exercises. At the end of each episode there is a test. Level: CLB 3-5.

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