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Dear EAL Professionals,

We hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather! As the sun generously shares its glow and warmth with everyone, let us shed some light on what reflective teaching is all about.

Theme: Reflective Teaching, Receiving and Providing Feedback

In your teaching practice…

Reflective teaching is all about self-analysis and constructive feedback. As professionals, we always look for the ways to improve our teaching practice and make our classrooms more efficient.  How? Try the following strategies:

Not many of us feel comfortable hearing constructive criticism. But having others observing and sharing their perspective about our lessons can be very beneficial. It is a great way to find out our ‘blind spots’ and things we need to improve in our teaching practice. So look for a feedback, embrace it and act on it!
Providing a right kind of feedback to your learners can make a tremendous difference in their success. Feedback helps learners identify their progress as they develop their language skills, builds their confidence and motivates them.

In your classroom….

  1. Try to give both, corrective/formal and reinforcement/informal feedback
  2. Make sure it is specific, timely and always constructive
  3. Use Web 2.0 tools to vary feedback techniques and follow up activities: emails, online surveys, audio and video files/messages, online chat, etc. 
  4. Encourage learners to reflect on their own learning, self-assess their progress. This will help them identify how they are achieving their learning goals, motivate their learning and foster their autonomy.

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Our next Newsletter will be devoted to ESL online resources your learners can use to practice their language skills during the summer break.


Be reflective!
See you on TEN.

P.S. Big Thanks to Ron Rogge (RRC), Michael Rochon (RRC), Kaleigh Quinn (UW) and Yaw Amoah-Gyampoh (UW) for sharing their ideas and resources on TEN!

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