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Dear EAL Professionals,

Can you believe it’s already December?

We’ve been busy here on T.E.N., trying to reach and encourage EAL professionals from all over the Province to join the network.  More of you are choosing to become a part of our growing online community.  As of December 9, 2011, we had 93 members!

The Survey
73 members of Manitoba EAL community have voiced their opinions in our Survey. According to the early survey results, the top three areas of your interest are:

  1. EAL online resources and tools
  2. Assessment/testing /evaluation
  3. Teaching EAL in a multilevel class

Therefore, the theme of this month is Online Tools and Resources. (And of course the theme for the ALT conference on February 23, 2012 is about assessment!)

Important: There is still time to respond to the survey and add your voice!! Click here

What are online tools?
Online tools or Web 2.0 tools are sites that allow users to interact and collaborate with each other in a social media dialogue as creators of user-generated content in a virtual community. Examples of Web 2.0 include social networking sites, blogs, wikis, social bookmarking and video sharing sites.
Online tools and resources can make it easier for teachers to plan lessons or instruct students using interactive/online activities, and for students to collaborate with teachers and other students to practice their language skills and become more autonomous in their language learning.

Testing out the waters of Web 2.0
T.E.N. could be the perfect way to test out the waters of Web 2.0. It introduces you to some of the most popular and engaging tools like social networking, discussion board, chat, blogging, video sharing and user profile. So give it a try!
Moreover, two members of T.E.N., Karen Berg and Valeria Palladino from NorQuest College in Calgary are coming to Brandon in January 2012 with a PD session on integrating Web 2.0 tools into EAL classroom. (Fingers crossed, they will also do a video presentation at the ALT conference on February 23, 2012). Read more about  Pro-D Pro-T PD Session here.

Nik's Learning Technology Blog
Another member of T.E.N., Nik Peachey, has a great blog for EAL professionals.  In his blog post “10 Teacher Development Task for Web 2.0 Tools,” he shares 10 tasks he created to help teachers develop their ability to use technology and to evaluate and create materials using web based tools.

Beyond the Classroom Walls: Tips for Incorporating Technology in Language Education
Each of us has a different comfort level when it comes to integrating technology into our classrooms. “Whether or not to use technology to supplement classroom practice is often a personal choice for language instructors. The key is to make effective and carefully thought out choices that are most likely to better learning outcomes” (Dobson, 2011).  Read more In Joe Dobson’s article featured in the Fall 2011 issue of the BCTEAL Newsletter.

Where do I find useful online resources for my EAL classes?
Well, you can Google it… But do you really have time to sift all these websites hoping to find the one you really need? Hardly. Try the links from the side bar for resources to use with your learners. Most of them have been successfully used by English Online eFacilitators and learners. So check it out and add your favourites on T.E.N. For more online resources visit T.E.N.


Seasonal greetings from Teacher Exchange Network!

Links to other great EAL Resources:

English Online’s SDL wiki
English Online self-directed Wiki contains lots of ideas, links and tasks for language practice. Join EO Wiki and add or create your own learning materials.

Iwona’s bookmarks for EAL
English Online’s Lead of Learner Services and an active member of T.E.N., Iwona Gniadek, shares her favourite  EAL websites.

Library Girl’s EAL Links

Great EAL online resources from WSD to use with your adult EAL learners to support their self-directedness and help you plan your lessons.

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