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Today is the last day of my three year term as department chair. What an adventure it has been!   


I'm proud to say that the Department of Politics and International Affairs has made great strides forward over the past three years.   


A select list of accomplishments includes the following:


* Revised our undergraduate degree programs

* Adopted Global Learning Initiatives

* Increased enrollment and numbers of graduates 

* Modified the PhD comprehensive exam process

* Inaugurated a yearly graduate student conference

* Expanded our digital footprint 


These accomplishments have only been made possible with support from the faculty, staff and students who make the Department of Politics and International Affairs one of the strongest departments on campus. Thank you all for working to improve the department, even in the face of declining resources.


Now join me in welcoming Dr. Geeta Chowdhry as the next department chair. I'm very enthusiastic about Geeta taking over. I have no doubt she will continue moving the department forward with new initiatives.

As for me, I'll be on sabbatical during academic year 2011-2012. I anticipate being based in Spain this Fall and Argentina in Spring 2012. I'll then return to the department the following Fall.

See you in a year!

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