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Department is First Recipient of Provost Award for Excellence in Global Learning   
Global Learning

Congratulations are in order! The Department of Politics and International Affairs was recognized at the University Award Ceremony on April 20 as recipient of the Provost's first Award for Department Excellence in Global Learning.  

   Fred Solop, department chair, commented on the award, "This award honors the department for being campus leaders in the Global Learning movement. Global learning is part of the core mission of the department and we are very proud of providing a top-notch international affairs education to our students."  

Politics Faculty Honored at Awards Ceremony

Two members of the Politics Department were honored at the recent University award ceremony.
   Sheila Nair wSheila Nairas recognized as a newly inaugurated member of the President's Distinguished Teaching Fellows. The award is given to teaching scholars whose student-related activities represent the highest levels of excellence and who make a significant impact on undergraduate learning through departmental and campus engagement.
   Lori PoloLori Polonini-Staudinger was awarded promotion to Associate Professor with tenure. Associate Professors are recognized for showing substantial evidence of effectiveness in teaching, a sustained pattern of scholarly activity, and sustained service to the profession and the university community
   Congratulations Sheila and Lori!
Zach Smith Elected SHE President

Zach Smith During its April 2011 Board meeting the International Society for Human Ecology appointed Dr. Zachary A. Smith, Northern Arizona University Regents' Professor, as its President for 2011 - 2013. 

   In making the announcement Society Director Richard Borden remarked, "Dr. Smith has made an important and lifelong contribution to environmental and natural resource policy and our understanding of how policy is formed and how it impacts the environment both in the United States and internationally." 

   The Society for Human Ecology is an international interdisciplinary professional society that promotes the use of an ecological perspective in research, education, and application.


Politics Dept Now Has a YouTube Channel
We just launched a department YouTube Channel. Consider becoming a subscriber at <www.YouTube.com/NAUPolitics>. We've posted videos of faculty making presentations, student testimonials, and information about the NAU campus. Here's a link to Dr. Steve Wright presenting his sabbatical research to the department on April 6:
Steve Wright Presentation
Steve Wright Presentation

Faculty and Graduate Student Updates

Heather Farley (PhD student) and Zachary Smith recently signed a contract with Routledge Publishers, United Kingdom, to publish their forthcoming book, Sustainability: If it's everything, is it nothing? 


Drs. Glenn Phelps, Lori Poloni-Staudinger, and Fred Solop, and graduate students Doris Schartmueller, Robert Sammons, Bennett Grubbs attended and presented papers at the Midwest Political Science Association Conference in Chicago, March 31-April 3.


Drs. Geeta Chowdhry, Mark Beeman (Sociology), Ricardo Guthrie (Ethnic Studies), Daisy Purday (Ethnic Studies) and T. Mark Montoya (Ethnic Studies) presented a paper titled "Surviving Arizona: Defending Ethnic Studies in a New Jim Crow Era?" at the National Ethnic Studies Association last week in Claremont, CA, April 7-9.  


Dr. Bob Poirier and Doris Schartmueller (PhD student) presented a paper at the Western Social Science Association meeting in Salt Lake City, UT, April 13-16.


Dr. Paul Lenze (Instructor), and Marcelina Ryneal, Michael Cook, and Huibang Luan (PhD students) presented their research at the  Western Political Science Association meeting in San Antonio, TX, April 21-23.  


Dr. Paul Lavrakas, Visiting Scholar, was recently selected to be President-elect of the American Association of Public Opinion Research (AAPOR).   


Dr. Justin Ervin (PhD, Political Science), and David Forest, Kira Russo, Kira Bauer, and Jessica DeSchazo (graduate student) presented papers at the Society for Human Ecology meeting in Las Vegas, NV, April 20-23. 


Petrika Peters (MA, Political Science) just landed a job as the Western Slope Energy Organizer in CO with Colorado Environmental Coalition. 

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