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Graduate Conference
was Huge Success   
Gaps Banner, 2011The Intellectual Intersections, Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference, was held February 4, 2011 on the NAU campus. Everyone attending agreed that this 2nd annual conference was intellectually exciting and thought provoking. The conference featured 16 research panels covering topics as diverse as Asian Politics, Art and Literature, the Environment, and U.S. Public Policy. One hundred students from NAU, Arizona State University, the University of Arizona, and University of New Mexico participated in this professional development opportunity. For many students, this was their first time presenting research within an academJoel Olson, Gaps Conference 2011ic setting.
     Dr. Joel Olson from the Politics & International Affairs department offered a rousing plenary presentation talking about immigration issues in Arizona as well as the role of intellectuals in the classroom. Our duty, he said, is not to change the world, but to create critical thinkers ready to challenge the world in new ways.
     Conference participants came together for a social reception following the research panels. New friendships were formed and lifelong networks established.
     CConference Students, 2011ongratulations to the Graduate Association of Political Science students (GAPS) for organizing a successful, regional, professional conference. Everyone is now looking forward to next year's 3rd annual conference.

      More pictures from the conference can be found here.
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Faculty Profile: Michael Lerma

Mike Lerma Pic
Dr. Michael Lerma (P'urhépecha) is an Assistant Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Northern Arizona University. Michael was born in Oxnard, Ca and grew up in Santa Maria, Ca. His mother Linda, maternal grandfather Fred, and maternal grandmother Mary primarily raised him and his two younger brothers. He attended Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria before going on to obtain his doctorate at the University of Arizona.
     Michael's recent research explores the efficacy of traditional Diné institutions of governance. Michael also regularly contributes to research conducted by Diné Policy Institute (DPI). He teaches courses on International Relations, Tribal Government, Native American Politics, and Research Methods. Michael's scholarly work generally advocates for future Native Nation building via consolidation of Indigenous interests and expansion of Native Nation norms within the international political economy.
Faculty and Grad Student Updates

Carol Thompson is serving as program chair for the African Studies Association 54th Meeting, Washington, DC, November 2011.

Carol Thompson did a presentation on "Food and Conflict in Africa" at Indiana University, Bloomington, February 2, 2011.

Paul Lenze successfully defended his dissertation: "Civil-Military Relations in Islamic 'Democracies': Comparative Dynamics Affecting Military Intervention & Withdrawal in Algeria, Pakistan, & Turkey".

Robert Sammons
(Ph.D. student) recently published three entries in the Encyclopedia of Drug Policy (January 2011): "The 18th Amendment," "The 21st Amendment," and "Mandatory Sentencing Policies For Drug Convictions." The encyclopedia was published by Sage Publications.

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