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Fire on the Mountain!
Schultz Fire
June 2010 will be remembered for three major fires in the Flagstaff area: the Eagle Rock Fire (near Williams), the Hardy Fire (near Little America), and the Schultz Fire. The Schultz Fire has been the most devastating. At the time of this writing, 14,500 acres are burning and the fire is only 25 percent contained. Several members of the Department of Politics and International Affairs have been directly affected by the fire. Dr. Harriet Young and Candi Armijo (PhD student) were evacuated from their homes. Dr. Zach Smith has not been evacuated, but lives close enough to see everything.
     Graduate student and instructor Mackenzie Nuņo has been at the center of the effort to manage the fire. Mackenzie was recently hired as the Public Information Officer for the Arizona Department of Transportation. As the face of ADOT, she is serving as liaison between ADOT and the lead agency on the fires. She attends daily briefings from the Incident Command Center where they detail the previous 24 hours, as well as present the latest infrared aerial mapping of the fires. She also participates in briefings at the Emergency Operations Center where she helps manage the flow of information to the public and media. Mackenzie has been working with crews to monitor the impact of the fires on Interstates 40 and 89. We all appreciate the excellent job Mackenzie and other local officMackenzie Nunoials have done in keeping the public informed and protected. Questions about the fire can be addressed to Mackenzie at <mnuno@azdot.gov>.

(Photo of fire by Sam Minkler, Associate Professor of Photography)
Dr. Thompson Conducts Research in Africa

African VillagersCarol Thompson has been working since January in the policy analysis unit of Community Technology Development Trust (Commutech), a non-governmental organization working throughout Southern Africa. Commutech assists local farmers in forming community seed banks, propagating indigenous seeds, and selling them to commercial seed companies. Emphasizing biodiversity of food, each farmer grows as many as 18 different crops to mitigate against climate change. One village recently treated Carol and other guests to a meal of 15 different dishes, cooked from sorghums, millets, cow peas, bambara nuts and more. After learning from the smallholder farmers, Thompson writes policy analyses linking their knowledge and experience to global environmental issues. She is analyzing the impact of climate change, land grabs for agrofuels, genetic contamination by genetically-modified (GMOs) imports, as well as privatization of African seeds.  Smallholder farmers overcome these threats to their foBill Torrance, Alumnusod sovereignty through effective organizing of their indigenous knowledge for food production. The unity government of Zimbabwe just passed a law protecting community rights over their genetic resources, a deterrent to biopiracy.
Profile: Dr. Dan Suhr
Dan SuhrDr. Dan Suhr defended his dissertation, "Globalization and the Community: A Case Study of NAFTA's Impact on Nogales, Sonora, Mexico," this spring. His research focused on trade, investment, and development policy. Prior to acceptance in NAU's Department of Politics and International Affairs PhD program, Dan's career centered on activities in corporate finance and international mergers and acquisitions. Today, Dan is drawing upon his NAU training to support research and grant activities in the emerging technology arena. Dan recently spoke of the value of his degree, "Holding a PhD provides me the credentials and credibility to strengthen my clients' grant applications. While the degree itself expands my opportunities, the true value of the degree came from the work, the process, and having an academic environment supporting my endeavors."
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Summer school is an excellent opportunity for students to make progress on degree programs. The Department of Politics and International Affairs is offering 24 summer school classes. Most summer classes are web classes although one Summer Session II course will be offered in a classroom format. Students can also earn independent study and internship credits. Summer Session II begins Tuesday, July 6. Click below to see a complete list of Politics and International Affairs summer classes.

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