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Congratulations Graduates!
Students Graduating
Fifty undergraduate students are graduating with degrees from the Department of Politics and International Affairs this semester. In addition, we have two doctoral students (John Sagala and Dan Suhr) and four Masters students graduating this semester. We're proud of each and every one of our students. We wish everyone well as they leave NAU and pursue new opportunities. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

From the faculty and staff to all of our graduates: CONGRATULATIONS!
Department Accomplishments: 2009-2010

The department had a very busy year and we accomplished much in 2009-2010. Here is a short list of our achievements this year:
  • Awarded 73 undergraduate degrees, 2 graduate certificates, 9 masters degrees, and 5 doctoral degrees.
  • Experienced a 20 percent increase in undergraduate majors.
  • Hired a tenure track faculty member in Native American politics.
  • Revised curriculum for the B.A. and B.S. degrees in Political Science.
  • Sponsored a large number of educational programs including bringing Drs. Jared Sexton and Juan Cole to campus. 600 students attended Dr. Cole's presentation on Middle East politics.
  • Graduate students organized a successful interdisciplinary conference with more than 100 attendees. Half of the presentations were made graduate students from Arizona State University and University of Arizona.
  • Implemented new Ph.D. comprehensive exam procedures.
  • Built a totally new department website.
  • Initiated a Facebook group that now has 342 Fans.
  • Supported major revisions in MPA degree policies.
Thanks to you, the department continues to grow and thrive, even in a challenging economic environment! We look forward to more great accomplishments in Academic Year 2010-2011.
Faculty Plans for Summer...and Beyond
Tim Ernster
Faculty are off-contract during the summer months. Many faculty members teach summer school, some pursue research and writing opportunities, while others do both. Two faculty members will be starting their 2010-2011 sabbaticals this summer. Sheila Nair will be in Malaysia for the year and Zachary Smith will be teaching in the Semester At Sea Program during the fall semester. We look forward to interesting updates from both. Kelly Campbell will be on maternity leave in the fall. Her baby is due early June.
    Some faculty members will be traveling this summer. David Schlosberg is heading to the UK to serve as a faculty member in an Environmental Politics program at the University of Keele. He will also be delivering a paper at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland). Jacqueline Vaughn is also heading to Europe. She will walking a section of the Camino de Santiago in Spain. After Europe, Jacqueline will be heading to Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, and Portland, Oregon.
     Finally, three faculty members who have been away for some time will be returning to Flagstaff for the fall semester. Geeta Chowdhry and Steve Wright have been on sabbatical this past year. Geeta spent much of the year in India and Steve conducted research in Africa and Europe. Carol Thompson has been in Zimbabwe on a research leave this semester. We look forward to everyone's safe return.
Summer School: Register Now
Summer Schedule 2010
Summer school is an excellent opportunity for students to make progress on degree programs. The Department of Politics and International Affairs is offering 24 summer school classes. Most summer classes are web classes and allow students to earn credits while working or interning. We are offering one course in a face-to-face format for students living in Flagstaff this summer. Most summer classes are offered in a 5 week format. Summer Session I and the 10 week Summer Session begin Tuesday, June 1. Summer Session II begins Tuesday, July 6. Click below to see a complete list of Politics and International Affairs summer classes.

Upcoming Events
SBS Graduation
Saturday, May 8

Summer Session I Begins
Tuesday, June 1

Summer Session II Begins
Tuesday, July 6

Fall Semester Begins
Monday, August 30
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