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New POS Curriculum Approved!
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A new Political Science curriculum has  been approved and will be in place starting Fall 2010. The curriculum changes affect the BS and BA degree programs in Political Science, the Political Science minor, and the joint Political Science/Communication degree program. The changes are the product of 14 months of research, discussion and deliberation by Politics and International Affairs Faculty. Dr. Glenn Phelps, the leader behind the curriculum reform effort, describes the changes as moving the programs from a knowledge-based to a skills-based orientation. In brief, the number of core degree requirements has been reduced and POS 201 (Introduction to Politics) is now required of all majors and minors. Also, greater flexibility has been built into how students complete their degree requirements.

Core Requirements: POS 201, 301W, 303, 421C or 409C
Electives: 27 POS units, excluding POS 220

Core Requirement: POS 201
Other Requirements: Choose 2 classes from POS 110, 120,
     224, 250, 254
Electives: 4 upper division POS courses

Communications: 30 credits
POS: 30 credits, including POS 110, 120, 201, and 21 additional POS credits, excluding POS 220.

Current NAU students have the option of opting into the new curriculum or remaining with the old curriculum as outlined in previous degree catalogs. Starting Fall 2010, new NAU students will enter the program under the revised curriculum.
Open House Features New Curriculum
Open House Flyer
The Department of Politics and International Affairs will roll out the new Political Science undergraduate curriculum at an upcoming OPEN HOUSE. The Open House will be held Wednesday, March 24, 2:30-4:00 pm, in SBS 107. At the Open House, faculty will introduce the new curriculum to students. Faculty will also preview their Fall 2010 courses, and there will be information about internships, upcoming programs, and other opportunities. A variety of prizes will be raffled off throughout the program including an iPod, USB sticks, and books. We look forward to bringing students and faculty together for an afternoon of food, fun and prizes.
Alumni Profile: Matt DeLong
Bill Torrance, Alumnus
Matt DeLong (BS, Political Science) graduated from NAU in 2008. Since leaving NAU, Matt has been building a high-profile career in journalism. He was was hired by The Washington Independent, an online nonprofit news organization, in June 2008. His primary assignment was covering national news and politics, including John McCain's presidential bid. Based in Arizona, Matt spent about eight weeks traveling around the country, as well as to Colombia and Mexico, with the McCain campaign before Election Day. In December 2008, Matt moved to Washington to become TWI's managing editor. More recently, Matt was hired by The Washington Post as a politics web producer in March 2010, where he is responsible for keeping the newspaper's politics website up-to-date and thinking up innovative ways for presenting information. We're very proud of Matt's accomplishments!

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