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TTE is thrilled to announce that its IdeaScribe app has been approved by Apple and is now available in the App Store. With IdeaScribe's transformation from an automated phone line service for client dictation-to-transcription only projects to a multi-faceted iOS software application, IdeaScribe now delivers mobile audio capture and transcription upload at the touch of a button on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. The $2.99 app purchase price includes a $30.00 credit towards TTE's transcription services. IdeaScribe App

     "I love the versatility, flexibility, and mobility of the IdeaScribe app," says TTE CEO Terry Thompson. "Being able to record in a variety of settings and then upload that audio file for transcription wirelessly, and at your convenience, saves time and increases productivity."

     With IdeaScribe you never have to lose a great idea, resource, or contact - whenever it comes to you. No longer do you need to fumble for pen and paper, lug around heavy file folders, or rely on your memory for interviews, meetings, dictation and more. IdeaScribe records and TTE's expert typists do the work of transcribing, making your life easier. Click on the links below to learn more and to purchase the IdeaScribe app.  


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Sam Benson spent several months in intensive care at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Grateful for all that Children's Memorial Hospital did for their family, today Benson and his parents are giving back. For the last few years, Benson has returned to Children's Memorial Hospital with his dad, Chuck Benson, for an annual visit and holiday gifting.
    When TTE CEO Terry Thompson read about the Benson's toy collecting efforts on Facebook, the story touched her heart. Thompson had gone to high school with Chuck Benson. She's also long held a passion for reaching out to kids, and has been a regular donator to Children's Memorial Hospital for many years. So when Thompson had the opportunity to give even more, she didn't hesitate. Last year Thompson donated through Facebook on behalf of TTE to the Benson's toy collection efforts. "I just thought it was great that a teenager would do something like this," says Thompson. You can read more about the Benson family in this Daily Herald story:

"Arlington Hts. teen takes gifts to hospitalized children." 

TTE welcomes our newest clients! It is a privilege working with you. Thank you for your business.

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TTE CEO Terry Thompson visited clients in the Midwest this summer. Meetings focused on several topics, with a highlight being TTE's newest product, the IdeaScribe® app. A visit with one client, Mercury Radio Arts, included a GBTV studio tour and show taping. Thompson also attended a FreedomWorks conference, attended a Restoring Love event, and participated in a Mercury One service project at a nursing home.
     On a personal travel note, Thompson enjoyed the opportunity to gather with four generations of family in South Carolina earlier this summer. "The time with family was a gift," she says. While she was there she took part in one of her favorite exercise activities - oceanside. "I ran a 5K on the beach three times while we were there," she says. "It was beautiful."


The rules have been changing on closed captioning. Now, more and more companies, entities, and organizations are being required to include closed captioning with their products, services, and programming. If you are finding yourself searching for a way to do that without a complete overhaul of your organization's systems or extensive training of personnel, TTE can help. Our skilled closed captioning specialists are a cost-effective and efficient way for you to get the job done. And as with all of our services, TTE maintains the highest level of professionalism and accuracy. Contact us. We'd love to talk with you about any of your closed captioning needs.


TTE provides exceptional transcription services for us week in and week out. The quality of their work is exemplary, and every job is handled with the utmost timeliness and professionalism. Terry Thompson and her staff are always an absolute joy to work with, and I highly recommend TTE.   

Keith Jensen 
Account Manager Specialist 

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