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Soft or muffled voices, words mumbled or spoken quickly, people speaking at the same time, background noises. Things that occur over and over again in everyday conversation - many timesAudio Recording3 when we aren't even aware of it. Yet in everyday face-to-face conversations and meetings, the essence of what is being said can often be understood by the accompanying body language or written materials. Understanding can come in spite of challenges from voice projection, speech articulation, or background noises because of contextual clues.

     With audio recordings, however, the opposite is true. The more difficulty with voice projection and articulation the speakers have, the faster someone talks, the more often people speak at the same time, the noisier the environment, the farther away someone is from the microphone - the less understandable the audio is since there are no contextual clues.

      To help ensure a successful dictation and transcription project and to achieve optimal audio recordings, TTE's CEO Terry Thompson offers the following six tips:  

  1. Pick a quiet area to record your meeting or conversation and minimize background noise. 
  2. Give all speakers individual microphones or use a Polycom unit with large group recordings. Individual recordings can be done with transitional phone handsets. For optimal recording, speakerphones should not be used, since they only clearly pick up the voices closest to the microphone.  
  3. Speak clearly and slowly.
  4. Have only one speaker at a time. If several people are on the line at the same time, do not talk over each other.
  5. If you are using a cell phone, you will get the best results speaking in a quiet room and not using the speaker function of your phone. Driving in a car while being recorded is not recommended; it is not only hazardous, but does not pick up well.
  6. Send with your transcription request any industry specific terminology that might be used. 

Are you a busy Detective short on time and long on reports?  

Send the audio file to us and we'll do the typing!


Are you a Crime Scene Investigator tired of shuffling pen and paper at a crime scene?  

Go digital with your cell phone and TTE's SleuthScribe.


TTE has expanded its IdeaScribe service to bring you SleuthScribe. Designed specifically with the needs of law enforcement officials in mind, SleuthScribe helps make your job easier - without sacrificing accuracy. Call or e-mail us now to begin taking advantage of this service.

The demand from the legal industry for remote transcription is growing and TTE is responding! TTE has hired additional transcription specialists with certified court reporting experience. Has your court system gone to remote transcription? Are you an attorney in solo practice or part of a law firm that is looking for remote transcription services? Contact TTE to network a referral or put together a quote.  

Cisco Systems Logo
TTE welcomes one of its newest clients, Cisco Systems, Inc. Cisco is a global Information Technology company specializing in networking technologies to help businesses, organizations, and people communicate, connect, and collaborate more effectively. 


Recently, many in the legal community have asked us for advice on using transcription serviceslegal scales for a law practice. Transcription can be effectively used in several areas to increase your efficiency and productivity at work, including:
  • witness lists
  • depositions
  • pleadings and case notes
  • conference calls
  • webcasts
For details on each of these transcription possibilities, check out our May 9, 2011, blog post titled "How to Use Transcription in a Law Practice" on the TTE website.




"I always get a fast response when I send files for transcription. This service saves my company many hours in productivity. Without TTE, it would be difficult for us to complete our projects and meet our deadlines."

 - Merry Woten







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