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Recording and Transcribing a Skype Call
TTE Retains Procurement Consulting Firm
Transcription and Translation Ideas
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Skype, the popular and preeminent VoIP communications service, offers you a great solution to communicate with one or more individuals globally. What they do not offer directly is a way to record your important conversations and have them transcribed. So, how do you record and transcribe Skypeconversations?

Read the TTE blog post titled "How to Record and Transcribe Your Skype Conversations" to learn more.
Firm Founder Shares Business Approach and Offers Tips on Certification

TTE Transcripts Worldwide, Ltd., a WBENC Certified women's business enterprise (WBE), recently retained Newcomb Consulting, LLC (NC). NC offers a broad range of incorporation, business development, and procurement services; its focus with TTE will be on procuring additional Fortune 500 and government contracts.

     NC Founder and Managing Team Member Gayle Newcomb describes three key aspects to her company's approach with clients: disciplined yet flexible; collaborative and responsive; and personal, customized dedication.  

     While Newcomb has developed a module she has found to be successful in getting her clients work, flexibility is built into that module. For example, she may shift from a broad focus to a more narrow focus after starting a client project. Or, she may change focus or direction with her contacts to open up doors for her clients. "Sometimes I just need to get a company through the door, and then the company's expertise and work speak for itself," she says.

     The collaborative and responsive aspect reflects NC's goals in its approach with their clients, according to Newcomb. NC consultants meet face-to-face, as well as on the phone with clients. Newcomb wants to understand the client's needs, as well as keep them informed. "I want to make sure that I'm in line with what the owner of the company wants to do," she says. "The second thing is, I really make sure that the owner understands step-by-step what I'm doing." For NC, personal, customized dedication to its clients is a priority. 


One of the areas NC specializes in is certification, including: minority business enterprises; women business enterprises; veteran business enterprises; and disadvantaged business enterprises. Newcomb recommends certification for all applicable businesses. "You can always bid on work without being certified, but it puts you in another level of business if you are certified," she says.   


To those preparing for the certification process, she gives the following tips:

  • Think beyond paperwork to process - look at the big picture
  • Know why you want to be certified
  • Evaluate where you want to be certified (i.e. what level of government; what type of certification)
  • Consider hiring someone to guide you through the process 

When working with a certification consultant or company, Newcomb suggests the following:

  • Collect items the consultant requests as quickly as possible - "Even though the application paperwork can seem overwhelming and hard, it is actually the easiest part of the process," says Newcomb. "The hard part is waiting for the certification. It can take up to six months to a year sometimes."
  • Make sure the company's accounting records and history are up-to-date and accurate
  • Make sure your taxes are current
  • Keep incorporation papers, your corporate binder, resumes, and client invoices, easily accessible and up-to-date  


Gayle Newcomb

Gayle Newcomb started Newcomb Consulting, LLC in 2007. She has a B.S. in Physics from Xavier University of Louisiana, as well as a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College at Baton Rouge. She has been a Peace Corps Volunteer and worked for the Department of Health and Human Services. Currently a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Newcomb is the Chicago Chapter Membership Chair. She is also founder and President of the MAPS Organization. 



CPA exam documents, depositions, interrogation training manuals, keynote speeches, podcasts, and story interviews. These are just a few of the exciting projects TTE has worked on over the last few months for new clients, including:TTE regularly works across a broad range of industries on a wide variety of projects. We appreciate all of our clients! What can we transcribe or translate for you?

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TTE continues to be involved in the community through charitable donations.
Two recent donations were to the Wounded Warrior Project and the American Red Cross
Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami fundraising efforts. TTE also regularly contributes to Children's Memorial Hospital and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  


"I have been quite impressed with the transcriptions that TTE has been doing for us these past years. In fact, I'm now finding that you are either learning our "space lingo" or looking up terms on your own. Passages where I expect to find phonetic spellings are spelled correctly. My compliments."
                                        - NASA JPL Executive 


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