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Should co
mpanies provide transcripts along with their webcast? Many professionals say yes. They are finding that providing a transcript along with the webcast improves customer satisfaction and increases results.

TechnologyTechnology infuses almost every part of our life. It is also the focus of Aqueity, a Chicago-area Information Technology (IT) firm. TTE recently had a chance to talk to Vice President of Operations Mark Weiss about system protection, data protection, and building network infrastructure.

System Protection

     Protected administrator accounts play a big part in protecting computer systems. "One of the best things anyone can do is use a user account on the computer that is not a local administrator," says Weiss. The system administrator account should be a non-personal, standalone account. Save personal information for people's individual accounts that only have standard user access. For example, instead of putting someone's first and/or last name as the user name on an administrative account use something generic like "administrator." 

     This approach also applies to IT staff putting themselves in the domain administration group, according to Weiss. While it may seem easier and more convenient to have an IT staff member's personal user account double as an administrator account, it also decreases the system's protection. If someone's personal user account is also in the domain administration group, anytime they are personally logged in the administrator areas are also accessible and the system is vulnerable. "So, we typically will recommend that even the IT administrators do not use their personal accounts as administrative accounts," says Weiss.

     One reminder Weiss gives is to keep current on anti-virus and spyware programs. "A lot of things change," says Weiss. "It's not that you need to buy the latest versions every year, but you definitely need to keep your subscriptions up-to-date."

     Regarding unsolicited e-mail, Weiss recommends investing in technology that automatically filters unsolicited e-mail. "It not only reduces the time employees spend deleting messages from their inboxes, but also reduces the burden on the e-mail server," he says.

Data Protection

     Back-up and disaster recovery plans are crucial, Weiss feels. One of the keys to a successful back-up system is that it covers the appropriate retention time needed for your business. Factors that would influence retention time are: 

  • compliance mandates
  • how much down time the company can tolerate in the event of hardware failure or a server crashing
  • how far back the company wants to be able to retrieve data 

     In addition to having back-up and recovery plans in place, Weiss recommends storing your data in multiple locations. Copy data to a second external hard drive or work with an IT partner to maintain an off-site backup. "If you have your data in two spots you're better off, and three is even better," Weiss says. If you do choose to work with an off-site IT partner to protect your critical business data, do some research and take precautions. Ask if the company encrypts files, complete a background check on the company, and draw up non-disclosure agreements.

     Two other aspects of data protection are firewalls and internal system accessibility. "Make sure data and systems are not accessible to everybody and are only accessible to those that need access," says Weiss.


Building A Network Infrastructure 

    Three factors Weiss recommends considering when building a network infrastructure are:

  • expected company growth
  • system performance demands
  • network technology application

     When deciding on servers for your network, Weiss suggests relating that decision not just to what you want the servers to be able to do, but also to the company's business objectives.


Mark Weiss has been with Aqueity for five years. In his role as Vice President of Operations, Weiss consults with Aqueity's customers, assists with Aqueity's advanced technical support needs, and oversees IT Support Services for Aqueity.  


TTE's newest client, Datepac, LLC, is a date packing and marketing company. The company specializes in Medjool dates. Welcome Datepac!


TTE is happy to announce its recertification as a WBENC business!


TTE CEO Terry Thompson's time has been filled with company projects, travel, and community involvement over the last few months. In August, Thompson traveled to a rally in Washington, D.C. In October, Thompson attended a Vistage retreat in Geneva, Illinois.

     Thompson continues to volunteer with local community organizations in the political arena, as well as at her church. At church she teaches classes and now serves on the church board.


We began using TTE Transcripts in 2009 based on a referral. The entire process of on-boarding them as a new vendor was seamless. They listened to our particular client needs and were flexible in adapting to our internal processes. We have assigned our largest client's transcription to TTE Transcripts only. The pricing was very competitive in the US market and I have found that the service delivery  is well above average. I would highly recommend TTE to any company looking ot accomplish the results that I have found.

Bob Lycett
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TTE Transcripts has been a very valuable member of our team in providing prompt and accurate transcriptions for our customers. In our business we require a 24 hour turn time and TTE Transcripts has always provided our transcriptions in that time period with exceptional and accuracy professionalism.                                                                                Dana Olsen
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