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TTE Transcripts Worldwide, Ltd. Announces Specialty Services

U.S.-based company TTE Transcripts Worldwide, Ltd. unveils its newest specialty - medical and case management transcription services.

Medical Transcription
Huntley, Illinois (PRWEB) June 2, 2010 -- TTE Transcripts Worldwide, Ltd. responds to an overburdened healthcare system and unveils its newest specialty service this month - medical and case management transcription. Healthcare professionals' caseloads are rising. The public is demanding lower medical costs. Outsourcing to skilled vendors is one way many companies, organizations, and individuals across the nation are addressing those trends.

Expanding to include specialization in healthcare areas made sense for TTE. The company has 24 years experience working with clients across a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical and human resources. While TTE has an active sales staff, much of the company's growth has come from referrals. It was those referrals that prompted the company's expansion into the area of medical and case management transcription services. "As the requests from doctors and case managers for transcriptions increased, it was a logical step for the company," says TTE CEO Terry Thompson of the company's newest specialty.


Package DeliveryHave you ever wondered how to transfer your audio files to us? People often ask us that very question. They also ask if we accept uploads or e-mail attachments. The good news is: we can accept both, plus we have additional options for you.

Email Attachments: If you have a small audio file, say around 5MB, you can attach it to an email and send it to our operations department at transcriptionrequest@ttetranscripts.com. Be sure to include your contact information, a descriptive title for your audio, and the turnaround time you are seeking. Your email and the attached audio file will be sent to our entire operations staff to ensure that your request receives timely attention.

Read about additional delivery options at TTE's Web site in the April 6, 2010 blog entry.


John Page, a Chief Executive Group Chair and Speaker with Vistage International, recently spoke at TTE CEO Terry Thompson's monthly Vistage meeting. A seasoned CEO, Page has over 30 years of senior-level management experience. TTE talked with Page this month about his expertise in business growth and alternative dispute resolution, as well as his involvement on numerous boards.

A financially healthy company frequently has an edge over the competition - no matter what the economy. Our current economy is no exception. "If you have the means, this might be the best time to expand your marketing, gain market share, or make brand acquisitions," says Page. Distressed companies or companies with older leadership are two places to keep an eye on for potential deals. "Companies with aging leadership may not want to invest another 10 years to rebuild their business and could be looking to get out," says Page.
     Some key elements he recommends having in place to be able to take advantage of potential opportunities are:
  • a well managed and financially sound company
  • cash and/or available resources
  • great salespeople
  • talented employees
  • compensation levels that reward expansion and deliverability
    You've decided to move forward on growth and expansion. Your company is solid. You have the resources in place. Two strategies Page suggests for growth and expansion are:
  • Think creatively. "Sometimes being counter-intuitive is a great way of expanding," says Page. For instance, instead of slashing marketing budgets and expansion plans, do the opposite - build and focus them. Page says of one well-known cereal company, "When the Great Depression hit, this company was very counter-intuitive. They spent while others were conserving, and they had the cash reserves. They built their brand. They took advantage of inexpensive advertising to grow market share."
  • Connect and partner with other companies. "Create strategic alliances that enable you to go to a particular customer or client and sell larger orders because you are working with a strategic partner that may be able to fill a much broader category of goods or services," says Page.
Mediation and alternative dispute resolution can be less costly and help keep customers, according to Page. He has been involved in the industry for over 14 years as a mediator and company CEO. "Your focus as a CEO should be on business," Page says. "It shouldn't be on fighting with customers." To create a win-win situation, he recommends looking for a mediator that will:
  •  work to find a middle ground
  • come up with a solution acceptable to all parties involved - "Both sides should walk away not feeling like they have lost everything. They may not have gotten everything they wanted, but they found it was a solution they could live with," says Page. "They walk away from the table shaking hands, not fists."

Page combines his business experience and passion for helping people not only through Vistage International, but also through serving on community and organization boards. Many of those boards are focused on children and healthcare issues. "Kids inspire me. They are so honest and resilient," Page says. "It's amazing to see a kid going through something I would never want to go through and still find a way to smile." Here are some ways to find out about boards and their needs:
  • Look online. An Internet search using key words like "board of directors" will direct you to several organizations and companies with an online board presence and/or board applications.
  • Use the Internet. There are online directories and registries that allow you to post your profile. Some may even provide the additional service of matching candidates with board opportunities. However, as with anything online - research and check out the site and its claims.
  • "Volunteer in an area you are passionate about," says Page.
  • Reach out to people, like Page, who are open to networking and facilitating connections.

John Page has over 30 years senior-level management experience and has been aJohn Page
 Vistage Chair and Speaker since 2007. He also serves on company and organization boards, teaches at a Chicago area college, and is the Host and Executive Producer of a weekly radio program with ReachMD on XM Radio. The radio program features guests from the Healthcare Technology and IT industries. Page's latest venture is a partnership in the company CEO IntroNet. You can contact Page at jpage@CEOIntroNet.com.


TTE recently completed a French-Canadian PowerPoint voiceover and translation project. TTE secured the necessary voiceover talent and created a flash presentation for the client. Give us a call if we can help with a PowerPoint voiceover and translation project for your company. Contact us by phone at 847-592-6211 or e-mail our Sales and Marketing Manager, Sven Markert at sven.markert@ttetranscripts.com.

TTE extends a heartfelt welcome to our newest client, Thomson Reuters.

CEO Terry Thompson has joined a community book club, and the group is currently reading The Five Thousand Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen.


We began using TTE Transcripts in 2009 based on a referral. The entire process of on-boarding them as a new vendor was seamless. They listened to our particular client needs and were flexible in adapting to our internal processes. We have assigned our largest client's transcription to TTE Transcripts only. The pricing was very competitive in the U.S. market and I have found that the service delivery is well above average. I would highly recommend TTE to any company looking to accomplish the results that I have found.
Bob Lycett
 Director of Event Production


TTE Transcripts has been a very valuable member of our team in providing prompt and accurate transcriptions for our customers.  In our business we require a 24 hour turn time and TTE Transcripts has always provided our transcriptions in that time period with exceptional accuracy and professionalism.
Dana Olsen
Conference Specialist

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