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To get the best possible audio for transcription, keep these tips in mind when hosting a conference call:
  1. Electronic devices (such as iPhones, Blackberries, cell phones, other hands-free devices, and laptops) located too close to the phone can interfere with line quality by adding static. Place electronic devices a distance away from the phone you are using for the conference call.
  2. If you are conducting a call using a conference room phone, microphone or speakerphone, be aware of the phone's location at all times and speak directly into the phone to ensure the best audio quality. When making an operator-assisted conference call using this equipment, be sure to test the volume and line clarity with the operator prior to starting the call.
  3. Use a phone's mute button to eliminate any background noise like music, coughing, eating, typing, or shuffling papers.


Delegation disasters. We've all had them. The project wasn't done on time, the results weren't what we were looking for, communication efforts exploded in our face. It often seems easier and better to either jump in and re-do it ourselves, or to do it ourselves from the beginning the next time around. But is it really easier or better? Those delegation disasters may be costing your company or organization's financial bottom line, overall culture, and general health more than you realize.  
     Psychologist Donna Genett, an organizational development consultant, author, speaker, and the president of GenCorp Consulting, believes it is possible to effectively delegate and that you don't have to do it all yourself. She has developed a six-step program for effective delegation. TTE recently talked with Genett about delegation and her six-step program. 
     For Genett, successful delegation begins with embracing a new mindset - even before you take the first step in her six-step program. "Delegation is a process not an event," Genett says. "And the more you engage in it as a process from beginning to end, the more likely it is you're going to get a successful result." She also encourages people to be open to dissecting and analyzing their own personal delegation disasters in order to learn from them. And last but not least, acknowledge and recognize your current belief system in regards to delegation. Believing that you have to do it yourself if you want it done right would significantly impact the way you engage with people and delegation, as well as your delegation success.
     Whether you are giving or receiving the delegation, Genett believes anyone can benefit from the six-step program. In brief, here are the steps she has developed:
  • prepare beforehand
  • clearly define the task
  • clearly outline time frames and completion dates
  • define the level of authority the person has to do the task
  • identify checkpoints to review progress and offer guidance
  • hold a debriefing session to discuss the project
     Using an allegorical approach and two characters named James and John, Genett develops each of these six principles in her book If You Want It Done Right, You Don't Have to Do It Yourself! The Power of Effective Delegation. Genett also presents the material in workshops and training sessions. "I love giving people tools that can help them unravel situations and effectively engage people," she says. During workshops and training sessions, Genett incorporates a workbook she developed and delves more deeply into all six steps of the program.
     For example, the first step, prepare beforehand, goes beyond simply planning what your instructions will be and what you will say. "It's really the step of figuring out your current situation and looking at the big picture," says Genett. The first step is about thinking through things like who you would be delegating to, the job itself, and the big picture. It's about assessing variables to understand your job, the jobs of others, and the issues. One of the workbook exercises under step one is completing a job analysis of your major areas of responsibility and the task requirements for each area. While a good exercise for anyone to undertake, this would be an especially useful tool for the small business owner who fulfills a multitude of roles in the same day or maybe even at the same time.
     In her workshops, Genett also allows time for dissecting attendees' delegation disasters. "If people can understand why things are going badly, that opens the door for them to go better, because all they have to do is tweak those pieces that are missing or aren't done well so that they start having better results with delegation," Genett says.
     While the six steps seem simple, and in many ways just plain common sense, human interaction is very rarely simple. Genett has found over the years that when people begin applying these principles for the first time, they often run into challenges. "There's so many nuances to it because it's all about human interaction and human behavior," she says."So, I spend a lot of time coaching people on this. I enjoy working with managers, business owners, and sometimes even employees on this from their personal experience side of the equation."
     The focus of Genett's current material is on giving delegation. However, most of us both give and receive delegation in the course of our responsibilities. Genett gives the following tips for receiving delegation: "Have the skills or desire and ability to learn the skills. Be motivated not only to learn the skills if you need to, but use them diligently. And, be aware of what your strengths and weaknesses are."

     Donna Genett
Donna Genett, Ph.D, is the author If You Want It Done Right, You Don't Have to Do It Yourself!  and Help Your Kids Get It Done Right at Home and School!. The president of GenCorp Consulting, Genett has over 15 years experience in senior management consulting and coaching. In addition to speaking, coaching, and consulting, she is working on another book. This third book in her delegation series will address the employee end of delegation.


TTE continues to develop its online presence. We are currently working with a local Chicago company, BatesMeron Sweet Design, on an industry-specific banner ad. We expect it to be online soon. 
   We are also excited about our first YouTube video project. The video is in the early creation stages right now. It will be viewable on the TTE Web site, as well as YouTube, once it is completed. We'll let you know when it goes live.
    Also, keep your eye on our Web site. TTE will soon be making some updates and adding a Medical Transcription page.


Founded by CEO Terry Thompson, TTE Transcripts started as T. Thompson Enterprises, sole proprietorship, in 1986. Initially a home-based business, Thompson's office has circled the rooms of her house, including her living room and basement. In the early years, employees came to Thompson's home office to work. Occasionally employees who lived close by would work out of their own homes, picking up and dropping off in person the audio cassette tapes they were transcribing. Today, the Web is an integral system component for TTE in all aspects of the business. And audio is no longer in the form of cassette tapes! The company currently has several staff members based in the United States, as well as numerous transcriptionists and translationists based both nationally and internationally.  

TTE's quality transcription and translation is the gold standard in the industry. And, with over 24 years of industry experience, our expertise is the backbone of the exceptional products and services we offer.
    It is also the backbone of our customization process. Projects are unique in their scope and turnaround time, and we want to work with you to give you the best outcome possible. As we consult with you on each of your projects, together we will craft the perfect-fit product and service solution to give you great results. 


We began using TTE Transcripts in 2009 based on a referral. The entire process of on-boarding them as a new vendor was seamless. They listened to our particular client needs and were flexible in adapting to our internal processes. We have assigned our largest client's transcription to TTE Transcripts only. The pricing was very competitive in the US market and I have found that the service delivery is well above average. I would highly recommend TTE to any company looking to accomplish the results that I have found.
Bob Lycett
Director of Event Production

TTE Transcripts has been a very valuable member of our team in providing prompt and accurate transcriptions for our customers.  In our business we require a 24 hour turn time and TTE Transcripts has always provided our transcriptions in that time period with exceptional accuracy and professionalism.
Dana Olson
Conference Specialist

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