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Managing in Today's Economy
The Eye and Ergonomics
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TTE Newsletter
March 2009
Managing in Today's Economy

Looking for ideas to help your business manage its resources and stay afloat in the current economy? Inc. Magazine Columnist Norm Brodsky chose exactly that topic in his March 2009 "Street Smarts" column. In the column he titled "Surviving the Recession," Brodsky shared the suggestions he gave to entrepreneur and fine-art photographer Lisa Kristine. Click on the link below to read her story and their ideas.

The Eye and Ergonomics


Excerpted with permission from the February 2009 Back School of Atlanta Newsletter

Editor-in-Chief Robert Niklewicz, PT, DHSc, CIE, CEAS
(Italics Below Added)

In the last issue of the Back School of Atlanta Newsletter, the problems of Visual Display Terminals (VDT's) and Display Colors were introduced as a potential problem for eye fatigue and possible eyestrain. When talking about eyestrain consider what is involved. There are seven ocular muscles moving each eye plus the radial and circular fibers of the lens itself. Eyestrain occurs when your eyes get tired from intense use such as extended periods of exposure to sun, glare, low light environments, driving, reading, or working with a VDT.
      In the short run eyestrain can be annoying, but goes away with rest. In some cases eyestrain is an early sign of an underlying eye condition that may require professional attention. In any event good healthy eye habits are your first line of ergonomic safety through prevention.

A Morning of Trends
Brian Beaulieu
TTE CEO Terry Thompson hosted guest speaker Brian Beaulieu at her February Vistage chapter meeting. Over 30 Vistage members and guests attended this networking event held at the Vistage International Midwest Regional Office in Rosemont, Illinois.
     Beaulieu, an economist and Executive Director at the Institute for Trend Research, spoke on positioning your company to be able to prosper through the economic downturn - a very timely subject for Thompson and the other executives in attendance. Keeping a healthy and accessible cash balance, a theme Thompson has heard a lot lately, was reiterated at this meeting.
     One insight Beaulieu had, according to Thompson, was for companies to find a cost benefit number in order to be able to quantify how their organization, service, or product can save clients money. Two areas expected to be strong over the next few years came as no surprise - education and healthcare. Attendees were encouraged to find ways their company could benefit those industries.
     Trends discussed were the possibility of a long recovery, increased inflation, and higher taxes. Evaluating investment and retirement vehicles in light of those trends was recommended. "The outlook is sobering, but there is opportunity," Thompson says. "I was challenged to think outside of the box."

TTE's CEO Donates To Local Church

This month TTE's CEO Terry Thompson donated to the youth ministry at St. Mary's Catholic Church of Huntley, Illinois for its summer mission trips. Partnering with the organization YouthWorks, the groups will be going to Green Bay, Wisconsin and Buffalo, New York. The youth will be working in soup kitchens, nursing homes, and homeless shelters.

TTE Transcribing Streaming Audio
Streaming Audio
With a client's move from teleconference audio recordings to an in-house recording system, TTE will be transcribing for them from streaming audio. If you have anything on streaming audio or video we could transcribe for you, let us know. We'd be happy to help!
Administrative Work Piling Up?

Have you had to make changes to your administrative staffing in this economic climate? If so, IdeaScribe, your virtual secretary, is here to help. Call TTE today at 847-592-6211.

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Client Testimonial
I publish Mosaic Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine in Alberta, Canada,
and in each issue I feature an interview between myself and some of
the biggest names in the personal growth field today. Due to the busy
schedules of these people, I often only get the interview completed just
days before we go to print. In that very tight timeframe, where efficiency
and accuracy is critical, TTE Transcripts really shines.
First, their customer service is always exceptional. When I send an
e-mail to let them know that I need an upcoming interview transcribed
within a certain timeframe, they always answer back promptly, letting
me know that they'll fit me in, even if it's on short notice. Then reliably,
within a day, I get the whole interview back, transcribed with amazing
and accurate skill. Having been a news reporter, I know the work
involved in this so I appreciate what they do tremendously!
I'm really so grateful to TTE Transcripts for their service. Knowing that
I have them supporting me, behind the scenes, makes my job so
much easier.

Connie Brisson
Publisher & Editor
Mosaic Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine, Ltd.

Sue Rosenfeld, Writer/Editor
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