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Blogging a 545-Mile Bike Ride

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Nora Linville During AIDS/LifeCycle Fundraiser

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TTE Newsletter
August 2008
From Monologue to Conversation
Tips from a Seasoned Public Relations CEO

     Jonni Hegenderfer, President and Founder of JSH&A Public Relations Agency, says, "Everybody has a customer, whether it's a consumer or another business. And you may also have some other stakeholders - suppliers, business partners, or shareholders. No matter what the size of your business, what I think is really interesting today is that we are experiencing a world shift in how we talk to people and how we communicate and get our message out to all of our stakeholders. It used to be we had a monologue, we just told our story. Today stakeholders want more."
A myriad of print, television, radio, and online resources are at the tip of our fingers anytime and almost anywhere. In a culture that has an abundance of news and experiences, how do you give even more?
     Hegenderfer suggests the three "C's" - make a connection, create community, and engage in conversation. How do you go from a monologue to a conversation? Hegenderfer has some tips:
  • Become the go-to-community for your business
  • Engage in and lead the conversation as much to convey facts as to problem solve, troubleshoot, and improve the product
  • Have lots of access points that relate to what people are talking about
  • Have lots of road signs for people to find you
  • Welcome connection, community, and conversation on your Web site and look at feedback as an opportunity
     Hegenderfer says, "People in general are very forgiving if you recognize their problem and commit to helping solve the problem. We know from all of the crisis public relations we've done over the years that you've got to recognize the problem, find out why the problem happened, and put in a solution. I would much rather have that on my site in my community where I'm an active participant, than have it happen in community throughout the world where I'm not engaged."
                                                               Nora Linville During AIDS/LifeCycle Fundraiser
JSH&A Presdent and Founder Jonni Hegenderfer has decades of extensive communications and marketing experience across a broad spectrum of industries. For a more complete bio of her background, and to learn more about her full-service public relations agency and JSH&A's trademarked LIF Style approach, visit the 
JSH&A Web site.

Company News 
Dallas Conference Attendance

Dallas     TTE President and CEO Terry Thompson traveled to Dallas, Texas in July to attend the eWomenNetwork's 8th Annual International Conference and Business Expo. Keynote speakers included Michael Gerber, best-selling author of The E-Myth, and Marci Shimoff, best-selling author of the book Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul book series. Challenged and energized by the speakers, Thompson took away many points she has already started putting into practice like "work ON your business not merely IN your business" (Gerber) and "live an inspired life of Purpose" (Shimoff). Additional highlights included connecting again with the group she recently traveled with to Ecuador and numerous networking opportunities. To find out more about the conference visit the eWomenNetwork Web site.

Community Involvement
Blogging a 545-Mile Bike Ride

Nora Linville During AIDS/LifeCycle Fundraiser
     Nora Linville, Director of Women's Sales and Marketing for American Airlines, recently met the challenge of blogging during a 545-mile California bike ride with the help of TTE, one of her Corporate Sponsors. Linville participated in the AIDS/LifeCycle fundraiser sponsored by The San Francisco AIDS Foundation June 1-7th. TTE donated dictation and transcription services, partnering with Linville to blog her journey. Using TTE's IdeaScribe Service, Linville dictated her thoughts and experiences which TTE transcribed and then posted to her blog. Linville's home page is still up at To learn more about the AIDS/LifeCycle fundraiser, visit The San Francisco AIDS Foundation Web site.

Product Spotlight

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     Ideal for anyone who wants to record important information before it becomes a fleeting thought, you can be confident that IdeaScribe will get your information where it needs to go when it needs to get there. 
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"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as everything is a miracle." Albert Einstein
Sue Rosenfeld, Writer/Editor