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June 2008
Company News 
Vistage International, Inc. Membership

     TTE President and CEO Terry Thompson was recently nominated and has accepted the invitation to join Vistage International, Inc. Dedicated to coming alongside successful executives who want to excel professionally and personally, Vistage is a great fit at a perfect time for Thompson as she acts to build on her company's 22 years of strength and success. Thompson says, "I've been working to make TTE one of the leaders in the transcription and translation industry. I want TTE to be known not only to government agencies and businesses in the United States, but also to companies in Europe and Asia. I want to grow TTE four-fold by 2012."
     Vistage has been helping executives improve their leadership skills and take their businesses to the next level of success since 1957. Headquartered in California, Vistage's CEO membership crosses a wide spectrum of industries, companies, and experiences. Thompson says she loves the feedback, information, encouragement, and accountability she gets with the Vistage community and resources; and is looking forward to even greater business success as a result of her membership.
Community Involvement
Beyond Our Borders

     Whether in the United States or overseas, community has the same images. People and their homes, people and their work places, people and their villages or cities. TTE President and CEO Terry Thompson recently experienced that community in Ecuador.
     Sponsored by CARE and the eWomenNetwork group Thompson is a part of, 14 women business owners (including Thompson) and 2 CARE representatives joined together to encourage women entrepreneurs in Ecuadorian villages. Over the course of five days the trip participants talked with the women, brainstormed together, saw their businesses, and experienced their hospitality. Business ventures included embroidery work, masks, sculptures, artwork, and a horse ranch.
     Glad to have been a part of the trip and of giving to others, Thompson says, "The countryside was breathtaking, but it was hard to see the poverty." Of the local villagers, she says, "I was overwhelmed by the generosity of the people - they had nothing by our standards, but whatever they did have they wanted to give to you."
     For more information on CARE's mission to fight global poverty and assist women, visit the CARE Web site. For more information on the eWomenNetwork, go to eWomenNetwork.
Charity Focus
Supporting Cancer Research
     "Advancing research, supporting patients, and creating hope for those affected by pancreatic cancer." The words you'll find throughout the Pancreatic Action Network's (PanCAN) Web site and materials to express their mission. PanCAN accomplishes that mission in several ways, including chapter sponsored fundraisers.
     PurpleStride Chicago 2008, held on Saturday May 3rd and sponsored by the PanCAN Chicago Affiliate, was one of those fundraisers. One of TTE's typists volunteered and participated in the event with her family in honor of her Mom. According to Chicago Affiliate Coordinator Jessica Otis, over 1400 walkers registered for the event and the donations were listed at over $358,000 on the PanCAN Web site after the event.
     For more infomation about PanCAN, go to the PanCAN Web site.
Product Spotlight

     Your most creative ideas come when you're not behind your desk or after staff has left for the day.  Important business details come to mind when you're stuck in traffic or waiting in airports. IdeaScribe, your personal virtual secretary, is there when you need it. Accessible 24/7, IdeaScribe is convenient and easy to use. After dialing into TTE's automated conference line, you dictate your ideas, goals, plans, visions, and instructions for company memos, reports, letters, or files. IdeaScribe does the rest, delivering the completed transcript via e-mail to your requested recipients.
     Ideal for anyone who wants to record important information before it becomes a fleeting thought, you can be confident that IdeaScribe will get your information where it needs to go when it needs to get there. 
     To start using IdeaScribe, call TTE today at 847-592-6211.