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Welcome to It's Just Software, the E-Newsletter of SPAINB Development.  In this issue, we tackle the basic issue of investing in custom software development.

"Wait!" you scream, "I don't have a Software Development department!"

Maybe you should.
What's the Value in Custom Software?

Why should you have a Software Development department?

Because there's value in custom software development.  Value to your bottom line.  Either you can take something you do internally and make it more efficient, or you can sell value added services to your customers.  The latter situation is doubly good - you increase your sales and your customers improve their business as well.  You become a hero.

If your company is large enough to use computers to track anything or process anything, then you may benefit by customizing how your data is stored, processed and distributed.  If you have customers, and you understand their needs, then you have the opportunity to provide them with software solutions that satisfy those needs.

Most companies don't realize that you don't need an expensive in-house software development department to produce custom software.  You don't need to pay for office space, computers, healthcare benefits, or a dart board and billiards table to get experienced software developers on your team.  A good qualified software contractor can work with you to meet your needs.  The same way small businesses use accountants, lawyers and caterers without having a full time finance, legal, or food service departments.

Why is Custom Software Development different from getting a website?
SPAINB Development can design custom Windows applications for you.  We work with databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, or we can work with information stored in Access databases or Excel files.  We can design applications that run on your desktop or on your Pocket PC.  We design applications that are feature rich, easy to use, and easy to maintain.

At SPAINB Development,
Our Software Is Your Software!

Bill Spain
SPAINB Development