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February 2012
2012 Annual Meeting
January Board Meeting Highlights
Accreditation Actions

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Program Directors:

The YAM is for You!


Your Accreditation Mentor (YAM) is an on-line service for all program directors, but especially to newly appointed program directors, to guide their understanding of the accreditation process and to advise them on good practices. It consists of narrative pages, video vignettes, reference readings, and links to various resources. Turn to the YAM for information on the accreditation process to help assure your program meets or exceeds standards and therefore serves your students well. 

President's Corner


Hugh Bonner, PhD, FASAHP


CAAHEP is a leader in the development of outcome measures for our graduates. Measures such as student retention and graduation rates, student satisfaction surveys, certification and/or state licensure rates; and employer satisfaction of our graduates is done by our Committees on Accreditation. Other specialized accreditors view our outcome standards as a model to emulate.


While we are proud of our accomplishments, we must continue to set our mark even higher. At last month's Annual Meeting of CHEA in Washington, Under Secretary of Education, Martha J. Kanter, noted that future accreditors may need to examine the total educational experience across all educational institutions that students attend prior to graduation. Peter T. Ewell (U.S. Accreditation and the Future of Quality Assurance (2008), Washington, DC: CHEA) notes that more than 66% of baccalaureate students attend more than one institution, and more than 20% of students attend three or more post-secondary schools. That population will grow even larger in the future due to demographic changes in higher education.


We see this issue looming on the horizon, and CAAHEP has an opportunity to lead the specialized accreditors in meeting this challenge. Benchmarks are needed in the areas of common knowledge expected of college and university graduates that are essential for the health professionals we prepare to meet the public need. Rather than following a federal mandate for "general education standards," CAAHEP should work with our CoAs to develop key benchmarks to measure these common outcomes across a variety of institutions that prepare our students.


Committee Name Change  

The Committee on Accreditation for Education in Electroneurodiagnostic Technology (CoA-END) has changed its name to the Committee on Accreditation for Education in Neurodiagnostic Technology (CoA-NDT) to be consistent with the new occupational name change of the profession.  Check out the new CoA-NDT website.
2012 Annual Meeting:  "Flying Through Challenging Skies"


The 2012 CAAHEP Annual Meeting, "Flying Through Challenging Skies," is slated for April 29 and 30, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency LaJolla in San Diego, California. The program topics include: 

  • "Flawless Healthcare: Debrief to Win" from Afterburner, Inc., a company of retired military fighter pilots who provide leadership training for organization. Find out how applicable and valuable the 'zero-tolerance-for-error' world of military aviation is to the world of health care. 
  • Washington Update by Joseph Vibert, Executive Director of the Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors.
  • Spotlight on Professions, highlighting Advanced Cardiovascular Technology, Cytotechnology, and Medical Illustration.
  • Spotlight on several Sponsoring Organizations.
  • A panel discussion on Creating a Collaborative Relationship While Remaining at "Arms' Length" with Certification Bodies. 
  • The Importance of Autonomy in the Accreditation Process, with Elise Scanlon, JD, Principal, Scanlon Law Group.
  • The CHEA Recognition Process: What was Involved in Achieving Recognition and Why is it Important? by Kathleen Megivern, JD, CAE, CAAHEP Executive Director.

During the CAAHEP Annual Meeting, the Commissioners will vote on issues critical to the governance of CAAHEP, so it is very important that every Commissioner attend.  The meeting's complete agenda is posted on the CAAHEP website, along with registration information. To qualify for the discounted registration rate, your registration form must be received by April 20, 2012.


Please contact Kathleen Megivern if you have any questions regarding the annual meeting.


January Board Meeting Highlights


The CAAHEP Board of Directors met in Orlando, Florida, January 19, 2012. Listed below are the highlights of the meeting: 

  • The Board's Treasurer reported that a Budget Task Force was formed and its goal is to design the next budget around the new strategic plan and goals.
  • The CAAHEP Liaisons to the Committees on Accreditation were present and each provided an update of CoA activities over the past year. It was noted that several liaisons conducted accreditation paper audits and site visit audits, and that all audits found that CAAHEP policies and procedures are being followed.
  • The Board took action on accreditation recommendations.
  • The Bylaws Committee reported on its meeting and shared several proposed Bylaw changes for the Board's review.
  • The Distance Education Task Force reported on the development of a distance education program evaluation tool for the Committees on Accreditation use. The Board reviewed the document and voted on its approval. The Task Force noted that this is a working document and expects that the CoAs may want to make changes.
  • The Annual Meeting Planning Committee reported on progress of the program's agenda.
  • The Standards Committee shared a report of the Standards Committee's activities over the past year, which included the review and Board's approval of 5 sets of Standards in 2011 and the review in progress of an additional 4 sets of Standards.
  • The Officer Elections Task Force reported that they are looking at the process of selection of officers and had reviewed the current practice and Bylaws. The Task Force is defining a process of identifying candidates and how to formally elect them.
  • The Planning and Development Committee met and recommended that the non-Board Liaisons attend the fall Board meetings from now on so that they have input into the strategic plan and organization goals. The Committee also made recommendations to staff of cities to research as potential sites for upcoming meetings.
  • The Performance Oversight Committee met and reviewed liaison reports submitted since August 2011, along with the liaison evaluations. Overall, the CoAs are very satisfied with the liaison program and the liaison assigned to their CoA. The Accreditation Process Assessment results for July, September, and November were also reviewed and a synopsis was reported to the Board.

 If you have questions regarding the Board's activities, please contact Kathleen Megivern.


Accreditation Actions


The following programs received CAAHEP accreditation at the January 19, 2012, Board of Directors Meeting. There are links directly to each accredited program's website.


Cardiovascular Technology


Morristown Medical Center, Morristown, NJ (Invasive) (Diploma)

Morristown Medical Center, Morristown, NJ (Adult Echocardiography) (Diploma)

Morristown Medical Center, Morristown, NJ (Noninvasive Vascular Study) (Diploma)



Sanford Brown College-Dallas, Dallas, TX (Adult Echocardiography) (Associate)

Sanford Brown Institute-Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Adult Echocardiography) (Associate)


Diagnostic Medical Sonography


Hudson Valley Community College, Troy, NY (General) (Certificate)

Hudson Valley Community College, Troy, NY (Cardiac) (Certificate)

JFK Medical Center Muhlenberg Harold B. and Dorothy A. Snyder Schools, Plainsfield, NJ (General) (Certificate)

Sanford Brown College-Middleburg Heights, Middleburg Heights, OH (General) (Diploma)



Weatherford College, Weatherford, TX (General) (Associate)

Weatherford College, Weatherford, TX (Vascular) (Associate)


Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic


Huron Valley Ambulance, Ann Arbor, MI (Certificate)

South Arkansas Community College, El Dorado, AR (Certificate, Associate)

Tacoma Fire Department, Tacoma, WA (Certificate)

Tallahassee Community College, Tallahassee, FL (Certificate, Associate)



Cape Girardeau Career and Technology Center, Cape Girardeau, MO (Certificate)

Casper College, Casper, WY (Certificate)

Central Community College, Grand Island, NE (Diploma, Certificate)

Collin County Community College District, McKinney, TX (Certificate, Associate)

First Coast Technical College, St. Augustine, FL (Certificate)

Grayson County College, Denison, TX (Certificate, Associate)

Paris Junior College, Paris, TX (Certificate)

Pima Community College-Tucson, Tucson, AZ (Certificate, Associate)

Saint Anthony Medical Center, Crown Point, IN (Certificate)

San Antonio College, San Antonio, TX (Certificate)

Southeastern Community College, West Burlington, IA (Certificate, Associate)

Swedish American Hospital, Rockford, IL (Certificate, Associate)



Arkansas Northeastern College, Burdette, AR (Certificate)

Associates in Emergency Care Consortia, Mount Airy, MD (Certificate)

Bevill State Community College, Sumiton, AL (Associate)

Emergency Medical Sciences Training Institute, Sacramento, CA (Certificate)


Medical Assisting


American Career Institute, Braintree, MA (Certificate)



Southwestern Community College- Sylva, Sylva, NC (Associate)


Polysomnographic Technology

GateWay Community College, Phoenix, AZ (Certificate)


Surgical Technology


Keiser University-Port St. Lucie, Port St. Lucie, FL (Associate)

Miller-Motte Technical College-Lynchburg, Lynchburg, VA (Associate)


Voluntary Withdraw

Erwin Technical Center, Tampa, FL (Certificate)