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October 2007 - Fall Edition
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Tennessee One Call will periodically provide timely information in this newsletter about events happening at the call center, or issues related to the "One-Call Industry".

The Tennessee One-Call Liaison Team is asking member utilities to please fill out a member information sheet which will help identify contact person(s) at the member utility company. The information on these sheets will help the liaisons when making field visits, for mailings, and for contact information.

Tennessee One-Call is happy to announce the release of our Positive Response System. Member Utilities may now login at http://tnprs.korterra web.com to provide a response to the locates that are received from Tennessee One Call System. Members will need to obtain a login ID and password to use the system. This process can also be streamlined by using the KorWeb application provided by Tennessee One Call.

KorWeb is an automated ticket management system used for receiving location requests. It includes an automated method to positively respond to locate tickets. A demo of both the KorWeb application & the Positive Response System is available on our web site at www.tnonecall.com under "Demos".

For member utilities that want to start using the system in the manual, web-entry mode, please contact us at the center for your user logins and password.

Anyone may obtain completion information concerning their locates by going online, http://tnprs.korterra web.com, to view the response to tickets. As the member utilities respond to tickets using the Positive Response System, the status of the tickets will automatically update. If you are just using the Positive Response System to search the status of a ticket(s), no login ID or password is required. This application is also demonstrated on our web site under the Demos link.

For utilities that receive a high volume of tickets and use automated methods of receiving and ticket management, your best bet will be an automated upload to the positive response servers. A document can be sent to you outlining the format that the responses need to follow for correct entry into the positive response system. Please contact the center if you would like a copy of the format document emailed to you.

In accordance with the Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act Section 65-31-108 (b), all member utilities are required to notify Tennessee One Call System that the operator has marked the approximate location of all its underground utilities as required by this section or that the operator has no underground utilities in the proposed area of excavation. In order to meet the needs of our customers and members, this will be done voluntarily through DEC. 31, 2007. Effective Jan. 1, 2008, all members will be mandated to Positively Respond to the Positive Response System. This can be done using the online application, using KorWeb or using your in-house ticket management system. There will be no charge for this service through the end of the year. In addition, those that choose to use KorWeb, will not be charged for the use of the system for the remainder of 2007.

As always, if anyone has any questions, please contact Bill Turner, Executive Director, 615-367-1110 ext. 7122.

For Login and password information, contact Bill Berzins, IT Manager / GIS Coordinator, at 615-367-1110 ext 7126.

Member Svc Mapping
Tennessee One Call has initiated a system whereby member utilities may view their facilities in a web browser. This allows for database verification, and/or updates to member databases, based on what the member presently has on file with Tennessee One Call.

This is a very useful tool. To utilize this system, the member would need to contact the call-center and ask for the IT Manager. Once the member has been given a user name and password, they can only access their own database, view the grid or spatial structures that make up their database, then email the changes to the center for updating. This update then gets applied and the changes are uploaded nightly. The next day, or beginning of the work week, the member may log back on to view the changes.

Phase 3 of this project will allow the member to mark and adjust their databases on-line using a set of drawing tools, and submit the changes to the call- center. The call-center will then analyze the changes to make sure that nothing looks out of place and apply these edits. The edits will then be placed back on-line for the member to finalize. After the changes are approved by the member, they will be implemented in production. This part of the process (Phase 3) is nearing completion. We are about two-thirds complete. More to follow later.

Please contact the center for further information and to start using the Member Services process. This tool will greatly help keep the member informed about what databases they have on file with the call center.
Spanish Flag

We have included a Spanish Version of the Tennessee Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act, which can be accessed from a link on our main page, or you can click on the link below.
WebEx User
Utility Companies or Contractors now have the opportunity to be trained on geo-remote by attending a WebEx training session. Geo-Remote, as most of you know, is the software that allows you to enter your own tickets in real-time, and receive your ticket verification without having to call, fax or email the center with your ticket requests. These training sessions are offered by Tennessee One Call using the WebEx Training Center Software.

If anyone has ever attended a WebEx webinar, they know it can be very informative depending on the content. We have created 6, "on-demand" training modules which are self-paced. Included are tests which evaluate your ticket-entry knowledge and a final live session.

After completing the modules and tests, the user will be invited into a live training session with our trainer, Barbara, who will then answer any questions regarding the self-paced modules, then proceed with much greater detail on the mapping portion of the ticket. This live session should only last about an hour and can be viewed from your own office using a web browser, thus eliminating travel to the Tennessee One Call center for training.

Please call Barbara Hopper at 615-367-1110 ext 7192 for more information.
Tennessee One-Call and KorTerra Announce Partnership to Offer KorWeb Services

Minneapolis, MN -October 15, 2007 -The Tennessee One-Call Center and KorTerra, Inc. are pleased to announce their partnership to provide KorWeb to the members of Tennessee One-Call. KorTerra's One- Call program, KorWeb, provides an innovative and low risk opportunity for One-Call Centers to provide state of the art technology to their members and solve many of the Call Center problems at the same time. This program along with some of the innovative ideas being implemented in Tennessee, will make Tennessee One-Call, second to none in services to members.

"Providing KorWeb to the membership at Tennessee One-Call, will provide members with the latest technology to receive and manage their one-call ticket information" said Bill Turner Executive Director of Tennessee One-Call. "It will also provide an easy way to respond to the Positive Response System (PRS) deployed in Tennessee. The PRS will enable all stakeholders, including excavators, to retrieve the latest information concerning their one-call requests."

Some of the key advantages of offering KorWeb to the Tennessee One-Call members are:
  • Eliminates unreliable and sometimes costly ticket transmissions to their members, including e-mail, fax, modem, and printer
  • Improves communications with excavators and provides an automated system to respond to all tickets
  • Provides members with an automated and easy method to store details of the work performed on each ticket
  • Improves the communications and response times on emergency notifications
  • Provides call center options to better communicate with members and share information
  • Ability to customize each members' system to meet their needs and increase their efficiency
  • Members have access to industry leading ticket management software to accurately and efficiently manage their locate tickets
  • Promotes safety and damage prevention by providing members with access to a robust ticket management tool, which enables them to quickly, accurately and efficiently complete their locate tickets

"One of the concerns in Tennessee was to provide their members with an easy to use Positive Response System," said Chris Stendal, KorTerra President. "KorWeb will do this in such a way as to make it effortless for the members to comply with the new system. KorWeb also provides advanced technology and ticket management capabilities that will benefit all one call members in the state and make excavation safer."

Some of the key technologies available in the KorWeb service include:
  • Integrated mapping technology
  • 100% uptime by hosting software in a tier-1 data center
  • 24x7x365 emergency notification services
  • Positive response management
  • 24x7x365 system monitoring
  • Reliable communications technology
  • Mobile software for the locators in the field
  • Advanced mapping/screening capabilities
  • and many others

KorWeb is the most comprehensive one call ticket management software application and is entirely web- based. Therefore, no software is installed on the client computer; all that is needed is an Internet browser. Tennessee One-Call members can access their one-call tickets via KorWeb anywhere, anytime they can access the Internet. There is no setup, or ongoing maintenance and support fees. Setup is simple and KorTerra takes care of the whole process for the member, so they can receive their locate tickets in KorWeb within 24 hours.

About KorTerra, Inc. Since 1990, KorTerra, Inc. has developed mobile computing and workforce management solutions for the utility industry. They have worked with major utilities, contract locators and municipalities to develop a variety of Utility Workforce Management systems. The software effectively manages on-time response, management reporting, positive response, and keeps track of locating team performance in a real-time, mobile and paperless environment. KorTerra also provides ASP services; capabilities that allow KorTerra to host the software on their servers with customer access to the application via the internet. KorTerra software interfaces every One Call Center and is used by Utilities, Municipalities and Contract Locators across North America. Today, over 20,000,000 tickets are managed by the KorTerra application annually. To learn more about KorTerra and see what their customers are saying about the KorTerra product suite, go to www.korterra.com, or contact via telephone at 952-368-1911.

About Tennessee One-Call.Tennessee One- Call System, Inc., is a non-profit Tennessee corporation established in 1983, whose mission is to act as an advance notification service to operators of underground facilities anywhere within the state. Tennessee One-Call is governed by a Board of Directors and is the only such service in Tennessee. Tennessee One-Call is recognized as the "official" one-call service for the state of Tennessee. Tennessee One-Call is a shareholder in Progressive Partnering, Inc., a group of non-profit one-call centers that came together in 1997 to develop call center software that focused on performance rather than profits and directly addressed the call centers' needs. The result was GeoCall, call center management software which is now used in seven states. For more information go to http://www.tnonecall.com

For additional information contact:

Tennessee One-Call System, Inc.
Bill Turner, Executive Director
2525 Perimeter Pl. Dr. Suite 118
Nashville, TN 37214
Phone: 615-367-1110
Fax: 615-366-5021

KorTerra, Inc.
Chris Stendal, President
8170 Mallory Court
Chanhassen, MN 55317
Phone: 952-368-1911
Fax: 952-368-3818
Email: sales@korterra.com

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