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Issue No. 1, February 2012
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Tennis Divorce Court
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Message from the President


It is hard to imagine that in four months we will be playing tennis again at Idle Hour. Even though most of us play indoors, there are also many members, taking advantage of the afternoon sun, who use our hard courts at this time of the year. Our clubhouse is open from 9:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. for those who want to use the facilities.

After the damages incurred by Hurricane Irene between August 2011-September 2011, the US Tennis Association (USTA), Middle States offered financial support to member organizations for the repair of their facilities. The grant, Building a Tennis Community Facility Recovery Program, was available to all USTA members. We submitted the grant application with pictures of the ruin the flood had caused at Idle Hour, and received a generous check for $1,000.00. As we apply the grant to our repairs, we want to express our appreciation to USTA Middle States for their help.


Carol Wenner

 Carol Fall 2010 Pic

Women's Philadelphia
Cups 4 and 11

We are currently seeking singles players for Philadelphia Cups 4 and 11.


If we don't fill the two (2) singles slots per team, we won't be able to participate in this years' CUP competition.  Matches are played on Mondays from April 23 through June 4. Players should have the entire day set aside in case of rain when play would move inside. For the three (3) or four (4) home matches of the seven (7) total, all team members share the responsibility for refreshments. Carpooling is available for the away matches.


Any questions, call

Abbie Rowley (CUP 4) - 610-328-0103

Ginny Roberts (CUP 11) 610-251-9022 

Dennis Olenik- 484-480-4250


Membership Committee
Good and Bad News



annual dues have not increased in 2012. They are still three-hundred-fifty dollars ($ 350.00) 




invoices have been sent, so please pay ASAP.


If you have any questions about the invoices, please e-mail:

Larry Knox
Membership Chair

Property Committee
20 Nov 2011 Report  
Irene Flood


The Idle Hour Tennis Club Property Committee has extensively upgraded the earlier Flood Disaster Plan, which identifies actions required in the event of an imminent threat of flood at the club property. This plan has identified areas which should be secured before a flood, such as the upper parking lot and the shed. IHTC property was protected in this shed during Hurricane Irene this year. In preparation for future floods, the property committee has hired several contractors to perform clean-up work as soon as flood conditions abate. This will return the courts and facilities to normal conditions as soon as possible.


The Property Committee is reviewing proposed improvements to the courts and the chain link fence structure enclosing them. To test the feasibility of protecting the courts during a flood, covering a limited area with plastic tarpaulins is under consideration. Suggested improvements to the fencing include installation of additional pivot fence sections, replacement of the standard fence fabric, which has stretched beyond its elastic limit, and installation of a low cost fence fabric lift in areas where these are needed.


Court 1 Drainage System
New Drainage System along 
Courts 1-3 and Courts 8-10


The drainage ditch remediation along courts 1 -3 and 8 -10 is nearly complete.  The remediation work was undertaken after repeated consultation with township engineers . Eighteen inch perforated pipe, Geo-Tex fabric, and crushed stone filled the bulk of the ditch. A final layer of fabric, river rock and water access grates were laid on top. It  is anticipated that the work will be  completed by the end of January.


Joe Soohoo

Property Chair



On behalf of the Board we wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year.


Please feel free to contact us at with any concerns, suggestions or interests in becoming involved with our numerous club activities.


Idle Hour Tennis Board of Directors
Court Sense
Guest Contributor, D. E. from Princeton

Tennis Divorce Court

"If married, you will enhance your chances of remaining so by not playing as partners," so sayeth Confucius.

Bad thing about doubles is it requires a partner. Good thing about doubles, it provides someone to share the errors. Now that we are past the quotable, let's get down to the business. The prescriptions for "How to create a marriage made in heaven" include tennis skills, personality, and a list of don'ts.


When picking a partner, choose someone with whom you can talk, thus, neither a parent nor a child. These are personality traits that help in the sharing of responsibility for errors.

Considerate, Tactful, Understanding,

Respectful, Sympathetic 

Willing and able to tell white lies

Calm, Courageous, Appreciative

High Morale, Sense of humor, Adaptable

Cooperative, Self-sacrificing, Intelligent,

Trustworthy, Generous

A leader (when needed)

A follower (when needed)

Good news - many of our friends are compatible. The problem is, are you?


When a partner turns out to be just what you wanted, here are some "don'ts" to avoid divorce.

1. Don't say, "I'm sorry," each time you miss. No apology is owed unless you denied a partner the opportunity to miss the same shot. Spare the drudgery - it's bad enough you ruined the point.

2. Don't remind your partner of the important next point. Most players immediately follow an insult with hitting the ball into the net.

3. When you miss an easy shot, don't say "Good Shot", "Good Serve" to your surprised opponent. Who do you think you are kidding?

4. Never demand an explanation. "Why didn't you lob?" It's just plain silly, because you may be wrong. Your partner may have been right, since a miss does not make his or her choice wrong. If your partner is stupid, why ask?

5. Be selective with yelling, "Yours." Yell when the ball is unreachable, then you can both laugh.

6. Use directions sparingly ("run up", "out", "stay" ). If the direction is not clear and correct, it is simply a nuisance.

7. Don't comment on every play. If compelled to analyze each point - go home and write a term paper or a book.


The worst partnership comes from mismatching tennis strengths and weaknesses. The object of a partnership is 'synergism to enhance performance'. A poor combination only creates frustration.


Example One: A mediocre player with good net skills teamed with a good player with a mediocre serve.  

Result: Receiver returns the ball away from the skilled net player. Eventually the good net player moves back to the base line where he is mediocre.


Example Two: Two players who do not like the net. Result, they both play back --- and get beat!


Example Three: A good add court player agrees to play deuce court.

Result: A good cross-court backhand return now goes out or to the net man.


Consider these areas of concern to avoid divorce - you may have many years of tennis bliss.

Tip of the month for pre-match warm-up


Following the mini tennis, move back to the service line and then to the base line. If you find that your opponent is erratic and you are chasing more balls than you are hitting, suggest starting the match now.

You want to warm up, not warm up your opponent.


Finance Committee
Real Estate Taxes Reduced

In an effort to reduce costs, the Board of Directors decided to retain Mr. Joseph O'Brien of the law firm Kassab, Archbold & O'Brien. Mr. O'Brien specializes in real estate tax assessment appeals, and he graciously waived his customary fee.


Mr. O'Brien skillfully negotiated a compromise on behalf of IHTC with the taxing authority. Without delving into the dynamics of negotiations, appraisals, and mathematical computations, we are anticipating a yearly savings of approximately $5,000.


Looking forward, we should continue to reap the benefits of Mr. O'Brien's compromise for the next ten years or until the taxing authority reassesses our club's value. We are truly indebted to Mr. O'Brien who demonstrated tact, expertise and commitment as Idle Hour's legal counsel. With his office situated locally in Media, Pennsylvania, Mr. O'Brien is readily accessible to prospective clients who need legal representation to file real estate tax assessment appeals.


Emilio Cortez

Finance Committee 


Member in the News
A Dino Dynamo

An article with that title appeared in the 27 December 2011 Inquirer,  Magazine Section featuring club member Don Lessem who is also responsible for the Franklin Institute's exhibit, entitled Giant Mysterious Dinosaurs.  Their poster is below:  

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