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Property Committee Report
Carol Wenner, Vice President and Property Chair


Hurricane Irene Flood Report

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Hard Courts:

The courts were up and running on Saturday, September 3rd. As in the past we removed mud and debris from the courts. The club purchased a gas operated power washer and brought the area back to playing condition. Thanks to Dennis for working many long days in restoring the courts.



Our new swivel fences worked very well. No fencing was lost. Some of the new fencing slipped off of the pivoting axle. New longer axles will correct the problem. We are considering extending the pivot fencing to the court 8 areas.


Har Tru Courts:

As per our contract prior to the flood, four courts were to be up and running within ten days. Matt Jacobs of Sports Builders has scarified, removed dead har tru, and leveled courts 2, 3, 4 & 5. Unfortunately, we presently have no electricity to run the pumps to water the courts. We hope to shortly rectify this situation. Work will begin on courts 1, 6 & 7 Tuesday, September 6th.


Courts 8 thru 14 are in need of major repairs and will not be available this season.



With the advanced notification of the hurricane we were able to be pro active. We removed all of our appliances, the heating unit, the water tank, kitchen cabinets, and counter tops.  Additionally all pictures and plaques and a myriad of other items have been put in storage.


A special thanks to Dennis, Zdenka, and Chris Rohner


We anticipate the clubhouse to be ready for our Annual Meeting on October 16th.


At the present time bathroom and shower facilities are not available. On September 6th a portable toilet will be delivered and placed in the parking area by the hard courts.


by Jack Higgins, Nominating Committee Chair

During our annual meeting in October 16, we will be electing a President, Vice President, Treasurer and six members for our Board of Directors.  The candidates are:


President: Carol Wenner


Carol has been a member of the club since 1999 and has served as Vice-President for the last two years and the Property Committee Chairman for the past three years. Carol's leadership and initiative during the last two flood events allowed the club to return to operation quickly and with minimal impact. Previously, she served as the chair of the Landscaping and Beautification Committee.  Carol has served on the Board since 2006.


Vice-President: Wing Joseph SooHoo


Semi-retired consultant & satellite communications engineer. Education: BS/MS Electrical Engineering, PhD Electro-Physics.

  • Idle Hour Member since 1999,
  • Idle Hour Board Member since 2010,
  • Member of Development Committee formed after flood of September 2010,
  • Member of Property Committee with joint responsibilities for clubhouse reconstruction, fence design and reconstruction, court refurbishment and drainage ditch remediation.  

Treasurer: Robert  (Bob) Caughey


 Bob was previously the manager of the Granite Run Tennis Club for several years.  He  has 7 years of experience as the Treasurer of the Concord Crossing Homeowners Association.  He has been an Idle Hour member since 2000.


Director: Karl Buehler


Karl has been an Idle hour member since 2010.


Director: Joy Effron


Joy is the co-owner of a professional organizing firm.  Previously, she was the President of a non-profit that raised money for Children's Hospital.  She has held positions in the Philadelphia Public School system and in manufacturing and retail firms. Joy has been a member of Idle Hour since 2010.


Director: Larry Knox


Larry is currently the chair of the Membership Committee where he has introduced several initiatives to boost efficiency. Larry has been an Idle Hour member since 2003.


Director: Paul Painten


Paul is currently the chair of the Tennis Committee.  He successfully managed the Centennial Celebration activities.


Director: Dom Sciubba


Dom is currently the chair of the Rules and Pro Committees.


Director: Chris Rohner

Chris is the President of Phoenix Construction and Management Company and has been instrumental in remediating the clubhouse after the last two floods.  Chris has been a member of Idle Hour since 2003.

Proposed By-Law Changes
by Emilio Cortez, By-Laws Chair


The eight By-law changes listed below are recommended by the Board for consideration and approval at the Annual Meeting in October.  As a point of clarification, the Board is recommending that the Rules Committee (currently a standing committee) be combined with the By-laws Committee (an ad hoc committee)  to form a new standing committee,The Rules /Regulations/By-laws Committee.  It will be empowered with the following duties: (a) to clarify as needed the club's rules, regulations and by-laws and to follow the required procedures in our by-laws concerning disciplinary action, the right of appeal, and the enforcement of the club's rules, regulations, and by-laws and (b) to develop and present on behalf of the Board of Directors and the membership any proposed amendments to the club's By-laws in accordance with the procedures and practices as described in Article XI, "Amendment of the club's By-laws."


1.  In the event of the resignation of an immediate past president, the most recent Past President shall be asked to fill said vacancy. If said Past President is unable to fill the vacancy, then the next most recent past president shall be asked to fill the vacancy, and so forth. If no past president is available to fill the position, then the Board of Directors shall appoint a former board member. (Article IV, Section 4)


2.The Board of Directors shall vote by electronic means (e-mail) or ballot upon the admission of the applicant no later than its next meeting.(Article VII, Section 1)


3.The purpose of this club is to promote tennis, sportsmanship, fair play, and social responsibility (Article II, Purpose)


4. The [RESERVE] fund cannot be expended for any purpose unless approved by a two-thirds vote of the membership at an Annual or Special Meeting. (Article IX, Section 5)


5.All candidates for office and appointed committee chairs must be active senior members in good standing for two or more years. (Article III, Section 2)


6. The Secretary shall conduct correspondence that is requested by officers and directors and keep the records and the seal of the club. (Article III, Section 5)


7. The following committees shall be appointed annually, each having a minimum of three members:

Finance Committee
Pro Committee
Social Committee
Nominating Committee
Rules/Regulations/By-Laws Committee
Property Committee
Membership Committee
Website Committee
Tennis Committee
Insurance Committee
Landscaping / Beautification Committee
(Article V, Section 1)


8. There shall be four classes of club membership: Senior, Junior, Honorary and Standby.No additional classes of membership shall be authorized except by affirmative vote of two-thirds of the membership present at an Annual meeting. (Article VII, Section 7)

Golden Age of Tennis Group Shot June 2011
In This Issue
Property Committee Report
Club Elections
By-Law Changes
President's Message
Club Tournament Results
Annual Meeting Scheduled
Centennial Dinner/Dance


For the second time in 11 months, our club suffered a flood event.  Amazingly, our Property team leveraged their previous experience by emptying the clubhouse of virtually everything that wasn't nailed down (including several kitchen fixtures, a furnace and water heater that were) and stored them offsite.  Dennis spent virtually all his waking hours over several days getting the club prepped for the flood, excavating the drainage ditches and watching the weather deteriorate. The hardcourts were opened within a week and the first soft courts are expected to be available within two weeks.  This is the gold standard for proactive responsiveness ladies and gentlemen.  Kudos to Carol Wenner and Joe SooHoo for making it happen. In addition, Joe's innovative hinged fence sections worked as advertised allowing the floodwaters and debris to pass through the courts with no significant structural damage.  On the horizon is an experimental  process for protecting the court surface from damaging floodwaters.  On a brighter note,  I'm enthusiastic about the gala celebration of our Centennial season...the Dinner/Dance at the Springfield Country Club on Friday, September 16.  In concluding our 100th season as a club, my hope is that each of you experienced one (or more) of the many successful events this year....the Golden Age of Tennis event, Centennial Breakfast at Wimbledon, the mixed doubles socials, the Memorial Day and July 4th BBQs,  to name but a few. 
While the nostalgic events were fun to plan and execute, innovation and imagination continue to drive us.  Web-based communication and services are flourishing and solutions to existing challenges continue to evolve. Alll committees now have a formal set of responsibilities and processes for their duties.  This not only helps them do their jobs better, but helps a member contributor understand where their own strengths can best fit in with what we do and how we do it. Yet another process improvement lies with member participation at our Annual Meeting.  It is here where the membership elects its leadership team and decides our future course.  Historically, about 10% of the membership turnout for this event that traditionally occurs on the 3rd Sunday in October. With the advent of web-based survey tools, the club is testing an electronic ballot that will allow those that can't attend the meeting a chance to make their voices heard. Lastly, from a membership perspective, we've had another successful season. We welcomed 80 new members for the second straight year, yet another indication of the value and quality of the Idle Hour Experience.  As always, we welcome your suggestions and ideas and "thank you" for all that you do.
With best regards,
Bob Celani
Club Tournament Results


Congratulations to the winners of our Club Championships. This year we had an increase in the number of participants in all of our tournaments. Thank you all for making this Centennial year a competitive and fun- filled year of great tennis. We are looking forward to an even larger tournament draw next year.
Thanks to Dennis and Zdenka for their diligence and hard work in organizing these tournaments. The winners  may pick up their gift certificates at the Annual Meeting in October.

Mixed Doubles
Winners: Linda Mullin and Bill Rice
Finalists: Bob Celani and Mindy Graziola


Men's 60 Doubles

Winners: Louis Patitucci and Don Phillips

Finalists: Jerry Lerner and Tony Soong


Men's 45 Singles

Winner: Gary Solomon

Finalist: Ken Wall


Women's Singles

Winner: Audrey Reinsel-Hughes

Finalist: Maura Sardella


Men's 60 Singles

Winner: Mike Torrence

Finalist: Dan Sears


Men's B Singles

Winner: Bob Ferrigno

Finalist: Jack Rullo


Men's A Doubles (incomplete)

Finalists: Gary Solomon and Ken Wall

Finalists: Tom James and Glenn Kasper


Men's A Singles

Winner: Gary Solomon

Finalist: Tom Haviland 

Annual Meeting Scheduled


Sunday, October 16, 2011
at the Idle Hour Clubhouse


Cocktails and d'oeuvres  5:00 P.M.
Call to Order: 5:30 P.M.
Centennial Dinner/Dance


Tickets are still available 
We've already received reservations for well over 200 members and guests for our Centennial Dinner Dance at Springfield Country Club on Friday evening, September 16. It's a once in your lifetime event to celebrate our members and the Club's proud 100 year history. Cost is $50/person with your entree choice of Chicken or Crab.

Your check, payable to IHTC Dinner Dance, should be sent to: Gail Parke, 131 W. Hillcrest Drive, Havertown, PA 19083.

If you have any questions, please call Lynn Armao at 610 357-1004.
Centennial Mixed Doubles 

The winners of the Centennial Mixed Doubles event and two free tickets to the Centennial Dinner/Dance are John Ferrigno and Karen MacPhail.  Congratulations!