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May 12, 2010
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Special Alert: Gun Issues on Agenda for Special Legislative Session!
Today, Governor Joe Manchin called a special session of the Legislature beginning at noon tomorrow.
Among the issues on the Governor's call is "Legislation relating to dangerous weapons; and addressing certain criminal penalties and fines."
Beginning on Monday, several legislators and staffers began informing me that the Governor would include a revived "Anti-Bloomer bill" on his special session agenda. I have seen a draft of the Governor's proposed bill and approve of it.
Many of us were outraged just a few weeks ago when Governor Manchin vetoed both pro-gun bills passed during the recent regular session of the Legislature during the Good Friday Massacre. Because those vetoes were case after the session adjourned, the only legislative recourse is to begin the legislative process anew, which Governor Manchin is now proposing.
Governor Manchin's decision to revive the Anti-Bloomberg bill should be applauded.  Additionally, the language of his call of the special session opens the door for us to pursue other pro-gun reforms, which we are working to get introduced.
Over the next few days, please stand by for important information on gun bills that may be acted upon during this special session.
Gazette Once Again Calls for Eliminating Nonexistent "Gun Show Loophole"
May 2, 2010
Pistols: Gun show sales
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Any criminal, drunk, psycho, addict, teenager or other unsuitable American can attend a gun show and buy deadly pistols from amateur dealers -- no questions asked. Such informal sales don't require background checks of the sort performed by licensed dealers.
Since America is saturated with about 70 million handguns, it's easy for these weapons to flow through makeshift booths and tables of gun galas, then join the flood of illicit pistols on U.S. streets, where they cause a bloodbath.

The Gun Show Loophole Closing Act, pending several years in Congress, would force amateur dealers to perform background checks before making sales. But timid senators and representatives, terrified by the gun lobby, hesitate to support it.

However, the bipartisan Mayors Against Illegal Guns is waging a crusade for passage. On April 20, city leaders staged a rally for the proposed law. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said:

"Today marks the 11th anniversary of the tragic shootings at Columbine High School. Last Friday was the three-year anniversary of the nation's deadliest shooting, at Virginia Tech. Each day, 35 people in America are murdered with guns -- the equivalent of a Virginia Tech massacre every single day. Yet, while criminals are busy evading critical background checks at gun shows, Congress continues to turn a blind eye to this glaring gap in our nation's gun laws."

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino added: "Right now, anyone, including felons and people with serious mental-health histories, can buy a gun from a private seller at a gun show without a background check. In turn, guns purchased at gun shows flood the streets of our cities and are recovered in murders, assaults and other violent crimes."

America's pistol murder rate is vastly higher than the toll in other advanced democracies. The reason isn't because Americans are more criminal -- it's because the other nations sensibly keep dangerous weapons out of dangerous hands.

Since America is infested with millions of murder instruments, we don't know whether control laws ever can reduce the death toll. But conscientious leaders should keep trying. Closing the gun show loophole would be a plausible step.
Who Needs a Gun in Downtown Charleston on a Sunday Afternoon?
Sunday May 2, 2010
City man says he was beaten, robbed
by From staff reports
A Charleston man was taken to the hospital after he was brutally beaten and robbed early Sunday afternoon in downtown Charleston.

It happened in the 200-block of Capitol Street across from Taylor Books, Charleston police said.

Lt. Chuck Sisson said officers found Kenneth Napier, 63, beaten and bloody lying on the sidewalk with a female friend standing next to him Sunday afternoon. Officers found Napier with blood coming from his face and head. He also had several large knots.

Three witnesses told police that they'd seen the incident from Taylor Books.

The victim's friend, identified as Ms. Thomas, told officers that she and Napier had been walking down the sidewalk when a group of three black men walked by with a white woman. Thomas told police that the woman in the group said something to her and Napier and then the three men threw Napier to the ground and started beating him, police said.

Sisson said Napier told officers that the three men repeatedly kicked him in the head, face and stomach during the assault. One of the men then reached into Napier's pants and took his wallet.

Napier told police that he is homeless and that he sometimes sleeps at Davis Park and recognized two of the men. He told police their names were George Hatcher and Todd. Thomas identified the woman as Renee.
He was transported to St. Francis Hospital for treatment.

The group was last seen running east toward Quarrier Street.
Who Needs a Gun in a Park in Huntington?
Man arrested for Harris Riverfront stabbing
May 01, 2010
The Herald-Dispatch
HUNTINGTON -- A Huntington man was charged with attempted murder in connection with a Thursday evening stabbing at Harris Riverfront Park.
Cabell County 911 received word of the incident at 6:05 p.m. Thursday.
A criminal complaint charges Joseph Adam Rakes with attempt to commit murder. It states Rakes became involved in an argument with another man.
The victim and eyewitness told police Rakes pulled a knife from his pocket and stabbed the victim multiple times in the left side and back, the complaint states.
The victim was transported to an area hospital.
Gun Control at Work in New Jersey
May 1, 2010
Trenton Man Attacks Neighbor With Bow & Arrow
TRENTON (CBS 3) -- Trenton Police have arrested a man who attacked his neighbor with a bow and arrow Thursday evening.
Just after 11 p.m., police received a report that a man, identified as Anthony Giovannini, 35, was struck with what he believed was a rock as he was walking inside of his house on the 400 block of Franklin Street.
Giovannini told police that after being struck, he looked and observed his neighbor, later identified as Robert Wood, 41, entering his home. The victim then noticed an arrow protruding from his back and yelled for his girlfriend to call police and an ambulance arrived immediately.
Giovannini was treated at the Capital Health Regional Medical Center for a four inch puncture wound to the back.
An investigation revealed that there had been an ongoing problem between Wood and Giovannini over parking and several criminal mischief incidents were previously reported to police.
Wood was apprehended by police and two bows were confiscated from his home. Wood was charged with aggravated assault and a weapons offense.
Trenton Police consider this investigation ongoing and anyone with information is urged to contact the Tip Line at 609-989-3663.
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James M. "Jim" Mullins, Jr., Esq.
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West Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.
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Special Alert: Gun Issues on Agenda for Special Legislative Session!
Gazette Once Again Calls for Eliminating Nonexistent "Gun Show Loophole"
Who Needs a Gun in Downtown Charleston on a Sunday Afternoon?
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