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Victoria Temple of the Stars Libra Workshop
October 8th
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October 15th
New Moon in Libra 


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 Ambassadors of Light Class
October 28th
Victoria Temple of the Stars Scorpio Workshop

October 29th
Full Moon in Taurus

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   October 3rd
 Kevin McMahon
 "The 9/11 Great Circle, Sacred Geometry Ley Line Grids, and the Masonic Garden that Encodes Them"

Working with Google Earth, Kevin McMahon has found a number of remarkable synchronicties that show incredible interconnectedness, sacred geometry and number across the natural landscape of the planet as well as some strategically placed man made structures. One of the most remarkable is the International Peace Garden placed in the middle of nowhere on the Manitoba/North Dakota border which reflects a Washington Mall like encodement on a critical power spot in the landscape. Kevin will discuss many of his fascinating findings.

October 10th
Devra Jacobs
 "Life Really is a Game"   

Devra Jacobs works closely with ArchAngel Michael, providing a multidimensional view of what is happening in your life. Devra will discuss her work, how she reads energies with the assistance of your guides, spirits, and occasionally your loved ones who have passed over.  She has studied and worked with "Dragon Energy" for the last eighteen years and has discovered that it is a major part of the spiritual world that time has forgotten or ignored as simple folk lore. They are strong, powerful, and present in our lives if you just tap into the Dragon energy. The ancient Celtic and Druid traditions understood that the god/goddess spirit created dragons to provide multidimensional views of what is happening in your life.


October 17th


Gaiam TV have kindly sponsored this series of thirteen, Awakening to Conscious Co-Creation shows, and on this show, they will be discussing some of the wonderful information provided by spiritual experts in their live streaming interviews and explain how we can all benefit greatly from this new service that they are providing. They have a series of interviews with inspiring minds, leading experts and revolutionary leaders. Hear how you can benefit from the cutting edge topics covered and the tools made available to help you on your own sacred journey.


October 25th
Georgina Cannon


"Return Again"        

Georgina Cannon will discuss her latest book Return Again in which she discusses how we can find meaning in our past lives and our interlives to help us discover our true purpose in this life. She will show how we can consciously influence our future by better understanding our past. She offers a practical and accessible approach to discover your soul agreements, planes of existence, levels of understanding, karma and soul contracts. Georgina is an Award-winning hypnotherapist.

October 31st
Hazel Courteney


"Countdown to Coherence"

Coherence denotes 'everything coming together as one and scientists have demonstrated that if we all want to become more enlightened in every sense of the word, then it is crucial that we learn to become more coherent at every level of our being.

Courteney will discuss her numerous encounters with distinguished yet controversial thinkers and scientists who have shared their cutting edge verified research and theories on a vast range of subjects, in a language that anyone can understand.  Not only can you discover what happens after physical death, but also hear science based evidence as to the possible 'forms' that consciousness takes after death. She will also discuss the G spot for enlightenment! 




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Venus, as the Goddess, confers the ability to appreciate beauty, balance and proportion. She inspires us artistically to find ways of expressing the different aspects of her nature through art, music, poetry and all other forms of creative expression, and she helps us magnetise that beauty in the world.

Positive traits include the urge for harmonious relationship, a gentle and kindly manner, adept in love and the social arts. Things to work on include being lazy, indecisive, excessively romantic and dependent on others.


 Gem Stone



Emerald is known as the "stone of successful love". It brings loyalty and provides for domestic bliss. It enhances unconditional love, unity and promotes friendship. Emerald keeps partnerships in balance and can signal unfaithfulness if it changes colour. Emerald stimulates the heart chakra, having a healing effect on the emotions as well as the physical heart. It ensures physical, emotional and mental equilibrium, bringing harmony to all areas of ones life. Focusing intention and raising consciousness, it brings in positive actions, eliminating negativity and enhancing the ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

Emerald enhances psychic abilities, opens clairvoyance, and stimulates the use of greater mental capacity. It helps bring awareness of the unknown to conscious recognition, imparting reason and wisdom. Emerald assists in inciting activity and focus in ones actions. It strengthens memory and imparts clarity of thought. It inspires a deep inner knowing, promoting truth and discernment.

Emerald treats disorders of the heart, lungs, spine and muscular system. It aids in recovery after infectious illness, helps sinuses and soothes the eyes, improving vision. It has a detoxifying effect on the liver and alleviates diabetes and rheumatism.



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October 2012  �  Vol. 4  Issue 10
Welcome to inSIGHTS with Peter Tongue

I plan to give you updates on what is happening in the World of Spirit each month as well as brief introductions into articles that I have found useful with references to the full article for those who would like to pursue that topic further.
The Pilgrimage!
by Peter Tongue



It will be impossible to capture all aspects of our recent journey across France and southern England. It would require an e-book. There are some really important general points that can be made as well as specific examples. It was a real pilgrimage, with all of the elements present at different times. We started off in Nice in the south of France with Finbarr Ross as our fearless leader. He had done this same trip several times before and we were looking forward  to experiencing his insights. My role as co-leader was to assist in all ways, add my expertise and keep the ship steady. Numerologically it was based around THREE. Twenty-seven participants in three vans with three rows of three passengers in each van. 3x3x3=27. The Holy Trinity and the Alchemy! With this number of people involved there was lots of room for chaos, confusion and distraction-the most comon barriers to spiritual connection- and I was immediately aware of this potential problem on the trip.


Our first stop after leaving Nice was the cave of St. Baume where Mary Magdalene did much of her healing work. She worked with the Emerald Fire of healing, hence her often depiction with Green Sleeves in ancient paintings. The walk up to the cave took about 40minutes and was quite steep. I was surprised and delighted to see every single one of our participants arrive at the top-an indication of their commitment to the sacred journey. Finbarr showed us the most powerful spots in the cave that he had become aware of over the years including going into some forbidden zones saved just for the priests! The energy was sublime.


On this type of journey one cannot begin the strong connection to spirit without first clearing out any dross or unresolved issues. Working with the Mary Magdalene energies immediately amplifies what we have left unresolved within. Every other particpant becomes a reflective mirror of your unresolved inner conflict. No point blaming anyone else or circumstances- its ours to own and take responsibility for. Our group were gentle souls, committed to their spiritual journey, and it was wonderful to witness transformation take place.



I knew that Carcasonne was going to be a challenge. On the surface a beautiful fairy tale castle of a city in appearance and yet a major site of the Inquisition againt the Cathars in the Albigensian Crusade and I knew a number of our group had been there in previous lifetimes. We prepared ourselves to do a major clearing here, spending some time in the Church first. To my surprise in meditation I was shown a scene where most of the clearing work required was on behalf of the perpetrators of the Crusade rather than the victims! Then amazingly I found the tombstone of Simon de Montfort in the church. He lead the Crusade and was considered to be a vicious and evil man. I sat with him in meditation and made a strong connection. The indication was that it was not as it seemed. He was chosen for this position by the French King and Pope for this role as he was a courageous Knight who got the job done. He was following orders and doing that really well. It was also clear that he and many of his Crusaders were stuck in purgatory for what they had done. We needed to get out of judgement and assist them. Wow! I took the step of offering him the opportunity to lead EVERYONE involved in the Crusade back to the light- victim, perpetrator and observer. It has become clear in recent months that many survivors of these shocking events are also stuck in suffering and need assistance. I believe a wonderful clearing took place in the city of Carcasonne that day.



This took us to Montsegur, the site of the last stand of the Cathars and a wonderful opportunity to clear this energy for all time. It is a magnificent hill top castle where the Cathars lived as close to God as anyone can. The energy there is exquisite and again a steep climb to the top saw many of our pilgrims push themselves to the physical limit, to be rewarded with wonderful vistas and powerful healing energies. We worked with the red rose as our symbol of healing in this powerful spot.



We were really looking forward to our visit to Rennes le Chateau and the entire area of mystery and magic. We were not to be disappointed. The priest Sauniere discovered something of great importance in the area and built a Chapel full of encoded messages for us to uncover. He also built the Tour de Magdala,  right on the precipice of the Landscape Zodiac of the area. Standing on top surveying the magnificent landscape certainly bought up all sorts of questions.

The first thing you see when you enter the Chapel is a frightening Asmodeus Devil holding up the font for the rest of time. What was Sauniere trying to tell us?



From there you can see the imposing Mt.Bugarach which was sacred to the Essene Community who settled here having left the Holy Land after the Crucifixion. The closer you get to it the more you can feel its presence and the magnetism it holds. Like Mt.Adams and Mt.Shasta all sorts of rumours of UFO activity abound and so we took a late night sojourn to check it out. It is a mountain of high radioactivity content, perfect for healing, clearing and spiritual awakening.


Lourdes is another challenging place with incredible commercialism and people clinging to the hope of healing. The saving Grace is the Grotto itself which has sublime energy. Mary appeared here several times to St.Bernadette and the flowing waters certainly carry a charge. Another opportunity to get beyond judgement to gain the greatest benefit.


Chartres Cathedral is one of my favourite sacred sites in the World and I was delighted that we were to have a full day in the Cathedral, walking the Labyrinth, visiting the Crypt and spending time in the most powerful vortex spots.


As we entered, I was surprised by the energies-things were not quite right. Major renovations were going on and there was major disruption. They had even moved the Black  Madonna from above the well in the crypt! It took some time, healing, toning and members of the group walking the Labyrinth to restore the normal beautiful beneficient flowing energy.



So now it was off to Paris, St. Sulpice, Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower for further healing and clearing work.


I will report on the continuing journey to the sacred sites of England next month including London, Stonehenge, Avebury, Tintagel and Glastonbury.


Overall the experience has been absolutely fabulous and as we are still on the move, no time has been available for processing or digesting but I am certain there is more to come in terms of understanding, awareness and spiritual development.








Virgo Workshop
Empowering the Sacred Feminine!  



We began this Temple of the Stars journey in the rear leg of Leo the Lion. Hyacinth Park is an important power spot in the entire landscape zodiac and we began our day by opening space on Colquitz Creek. This particular spot has a beautiful visual connection with the "Centre of the Universe"  Astronomical Observatory and we used this connection to link ourselves with the Galactic Centre coming into alignment precisely over the next few short months. We are in serious preparation phase for the events of December now!


Virgo energy is of the sacred feminine and is the abundance of the harvest bought into useful form, sorting the wheat from the chaff, in service to the greater good. The raw materials of the summer sun in Leo made into something useful for our benefit.

We continued our journey down the Gorge from Admirals Rd and Craigflower Bridge towards Tillicum pausing at the Canoe Club to view the gentle soft curves of the feminine body as the Gorge waterway snaked its way down to the city.


 We spent time connecting with the beautiful twin flame trees on the bank, the strong and vertical male Douglas Fir, entwined and embraced by the curvacious Arbutus-a beautiful site. A short stroll lead us to the statue of Camosung comemorating the native legend about her and her Grandfather. We have discovered that native legends indicate power vortexes in the landscape and this spot is no exception. The reversing falls under Tillicum Bridge where the tide changes bringing a rapid flow of water into the Gorge and then out again as the Tide changes. We were reminded that the key time is the still point, when there is no flow, "One moment in time!" With all of the distractions, chaos and scatteredness in our lives, we need these still points to relax, clear our minds, focus, be still and tune in. 



Our lunch time discussion enabled sharing to take place about the qualities of Virgo, the current powerful astronomical alignments and more information about our alchemical concoction. Having prepared our Philosophical Gold in Leo, it was now time to prepare our Philosophical Mercury in Virgo. The necessary ingredients were mixed together and blessed in preparation for our ceremonial burial into Mother Earth later in the day. The Mercury in the form of Cinnabar quartz has to be imbibed with Bismuth, an element rare to people's awareness. Its significance is that it is the largest stable atom and therefore requires the highest consciousness to hold it together. It is called the High Priest and is the ONLY element that can turn Mercury into the required activated feminine principle. We look forward to the alchemical marriage next month in Libra!


We had a walk down to the reversing falls, tuned in and then returned to the Japanese Gardens in Tillicum Gorge Park where we joined together in a powerful group reflective meditation. We then drove off to Limekiln Cove where remarkably a new set of stairs and a viewing platform have been built right in the back of the head of our Virgo's effigy. In the middle of the platform is an eight-pointed star pointing out the directions. This was an important place for the old ships to collect fresh driniking water as it flowed abundantly down the fertile green slopes out into the ocean. Another reminder of the beneficient flow of Mother Earth's bounteous supply.


Our final stop of the day was Knockan Hill, another power vortex revealed through a native legend. A rope fell from the heavens and coiled up to create the hill. We climbed to the top and held our sacred ceremony, burying the now perculating Mercuric concoction deep in the Earth. It becomes clearer and clearer that this work is of profound importance as the synchronicities, co-creations and wonderful miracles happen on what seems to be a daily basis. We are so blessed!


We look forward to our Libra Temple of the Stars journey on Sunday October 7th, just one week after we attend the Libra Workshop with the Maltwood Moot group in Glastonbury, England.   


Monthly Constellation 
Orionids Meteor Shower




Orionids Meteor Shower. The Orionids is an average shower producing about twenty meteors per hour at their peak. This shower usually peaks on the 21st, but it is highly irregular. A good show could be experienced on any morning from October 20th - 24th, and some meteors may be seen any time from October 17th - 25th. The first quarter moon will set by midnight, leaving a dark sky for what should be a good show. Best viewing will be to the east after midnight. Be sure to find a dark location far from city lights. October 29th sees the full moon directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated.

Book Review

Countdown to Coherence
by Hazel Courtney



Discover who YOU really are,
What you are capable of,
Where we need to go,
Why and How to get there.


Coherence denotes 'everything coming together as one' and scientists have demonstrated that if we all want to become more enlightened in every sense of the word, then it's crucial that we learn to become more coherent at every level of being. This book explains how to start your unique Countdown to Coherence.


Professor Gary Schwartz from the University of Arizona says of the book:
"A serious attempt at offering good scientific ideas toward a Spiritual Theory of Everything. Even the sceptics will be riveted by the possibilities"


Uri Geller says of this book
"THE transformational book of our time" (


Astrological Signs  


Libra is an air sign and ruled by Venus as Taurus is also. The symbol of the scales emphasizes the need for balance and harmony in the life of Libra personalities. Weighing alternatives can go very far in Libra, sometimes resulting in well considered opinion, at other times in indecision and uncertainty. Libra aims at fair treatment for all, but can at times be overly judgemental. The Venusian aspects of Libra are usually well appreciated by others, including sensuousness, charm, grace and good humour.
Monthly Animal Totem  




The skies will never see a more peaceful and graceful creature than the Dove. The Dove represents the feminine power of giving, prophecy, and the hope of a new beginning. The Dove shows and reveals the veils between the spiritual and physical worlds. Doves, breed and nest in pairs, mate for life, protect their territory and raise their young with their partners. The males as well as the females produce a milk like substance, called "crop milk" to feed their newborns. The Magnificent Dove Totem possesses the following virtues; Love, gentleness, new ideas, purity, intimate relationships, creativity, peace, family values, centered calmness, and a peaceful transition from difficulty. Dove's sweet song is a direct communication from the Holy Spirit reminding us that we are protected by powerful spiritual forces.