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September 2nd

Victoria Temple of the Stars - Virgo Alchemical Journey


September 3rd

Labour Day
September 11th
Sacred Tour of France begins
September 16th
New Moon in Virgo 


September 17th 
 First Day of Rosh Hashanah
September 21st
Intenational Peace Day

September 22nd
Fall Equinox and France Tour concludes in Paris

September 26th
Yom Kippur

September 30th
Full Moon in Aries
Libra Workshop in Glastonbury, UK

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   September 5th
 Walter Cruttenden
 "The Great Year"

Walter returns to the show to expand on his previous discussion about the motion of the Solar System through the different ages of consciousness, collectively called The Great Year. He will discuss the work of a number of presenters at this year's CPAK Conference and help us piece together our return into a Golden Age. He will bring forward new evidence to support his belief that our solar system is actually a Binary System including our Sun and the Star Sirius and hence why Sirius has been so significant to ancient civilizations.


September 12th
Gary Evans
 "Earth Mysteries   


Gary will discuss his own researched explanation for the many megalithic structures he has experienced in Egypt, Peru, Bolivia and Stonehenge. He will explain how ancient sites could have harnessed natural subtle forces including sound. He will look at the effect on our consciousness when visiting these sites today and how these power centres can help our spiritual development. Gary will also give us an insight into how synchronicity, signs and symbols can assist us in reading the real unfolding path ahead. 


September 19th
Hugh Newman
"Megalithic Structures and Earth Energies" 
Hugh returns to the show to bring forward fascinating new information about megalithic structures and earth energy currents that he experienced while visiting Columbia and Peru. It would seem as though the earth energies are being activated and interconnecting across the planet and Hugh will use his vast knowledge of these natural energy grids and man made megalithic structures to show how everything is coming together. He will also discuss his latest research into the origins of the Mayan Calendar and the involvement of the Olmec civilization

September 26th
Lilou Mace


"Juicy Living Tour"     


Lilou Mac´┐Ż is a French-American author, webTV host and international Internet video blogger with over 12-million video views. Lilou is now travelling around the world interviewing people to offer online everyday inspiration on the Juicy Living Tour. Lilou believes that we can fulfill our life potential and manifest our dreams by focusing our thoughts on what we want; listening to our heart, loving ourselves, being courageous, playing big and applying juicy insights. Lilou will discuss her experiences with her video guests and also give us an update on how her World Tour is progessing. 




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Mercury, the messenger of the gods, symbolises our intellect and mental outlook, the way we think and communicate. Mercury, as Hermes, is the emblem for the magus, the wise counsellor, divine messenger-and prince of thieves!

Planetary lord of Gemini and Virgo, this fast-moving planet stands for ideas, methods and information, especially as expressed through communication and media.  Logic and analysis is his sphere, so he also governs scientific enquiries and research work.


It's interesting that Mercury is also the great healer. As consultant and doctor, he enables the transfer of healing energies between the therapist and the patient. Mercury's staff, the caduceus, symbolically represents the mighty occult forces indicated by two snakes entwining a rod or wand. These snakes have several layers of meaning, but they are principally active energy channels.

Mercury, god of the crossroads, also governs transportation: how we get where we're going, both physically and mentally. The god of travellers also has a role as a spiritual guide, in charge of transporting souls to the afterlife. The Egyptian masters credited Thoth with the creation of magic and the invention of writing and the calendar. He was the divine record-keeper and mediator. Thoth was the Egyptian Mercury.


 Gem Stone



Perhaps a surprising element to profile in our work because its importance has remained largely hidden. In the alchemical process it has long been known that Antimony is a key component in the conversion of regular Gold into Philosophical Gold where " The Grey Wolf(Antimony) devours the King(Gold)!" Antimony is the only individual element capable of dissolving Gold to begin this critical phase of the alchemical transformation. Bismuth's properties are very similar to Antimony as they reside together in the same period of the Periodic Table of Elements, and so it was long thought that Antimony was also the agent involved in the transformation of Mercury into Philosophical Mercury.

This is not the case and Bismuth is the key ingredient. Why is Bismuth so critical? It is the heaviest known element that is stable and does not radioactively decay. If you imagine the elements build up from the simplest Hydrogen atom becoming more and more complex and therefore requiring higher levels of consciousness to maintain the structure, then it works out that Bismuth has the highest stable consciousness of all of the elements. It is the PRIEST and marries together the Philosophical Gold and Philosophical Mercury to form the androgyneous child or Philosophers Stone! The metal often appears with these shimmering rainbow colours as a result of reflecting light off a thin surface covering of Bismuth Oxide. 



  Victoria, BC

  Mondays at 7:00 p.m.
Victoria Truth Centre
1201 Fort Street
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September 2012  �  Vol. 4  Issue 9
Welcome to inSIGHTS with Peter Tongue

I plan to give you updates on what is happening in the World of Spirit each month as well as brief introductions into articles that I have found useful with references to the full article for those who would like to pursue that topic further.
Its Heating Up!
by Peter Tongue


As each month goes by, there seems to be a more powerful energy generated. This month was no exception with the 8:8 Lionsgate, providing a wonderful opportunity to connect with the profound energies of Egypt and the star Sirius which the Egyptians so revered. The heliacal rising of Sirius takes place in late July, early Leo each year. At this time, Sirius rises with the Sun on the eastern horizon. It disappears below the horizon for seventy-two days when the Priests, Priestesses and Initiates in Egypt did all of their sacred ceremonies to ensure Sirius returned and under beneficient circumstances. Because Sirius and the Sun are closely conjunct, the glare of the Sun prevents us from seeing Sirius when it returns, until its inclination is above seven degrees. On the west coast this year it was on August 7th when this massive headlight could be seen in the sky before

sunrise. I had the opportunity to see it this year at about 4.00am that day and it was absolutely magnificent. No wonder the Egyptians got so excited when Sirius returned in the early morning hours. Sirius is considered to be a representation of the Egyptian Goddess, Isis.



Walter Cruttenden returns to the radio show on September 5th  and he has done significant research to show that the Precession of the Equinoxes is NOT due to the Earth wobbling on its own axis-the known mathematical equations just do not support this theory. He believes that the Precession occurs because our Solar System is a binary star system based upon the Sun and Sirius being the two nuclei. Scientific studies have shown that Sirius is the only star in the night sky that does not itself Precess and therefore must be part of the system. Some consider Sirius to be our Spiritual Sun.


Another great radio show was with Patti Cota-Robles on the 8:8 who gave us an inspiring overview of our spiritual evolution over the last twenty five years, leading up to the final anniversary of Harmonic Convergence in preparation for December 21st. 2012. It has been a twenty five year window of opportunity to be spiritually ready for what is to come at the culmination of this exciting year. This year her World Congress on Illumination was held the week after our show, in Kauai, Hawaii. to reconnect with the ancient energies of Lemuria and activate and anchor a "Renaissance of Divine Love" on the planet. I was really pleased that Ernie from our group in Victoria was in attendance to connect us all in energetically.



A word on Ernie von Boetticher! This wonderful man lost his cherished daughter and beloved wife in the same year to cancer and could have become an embittered, dejected shell of a man.  Instead he recommitted himself to his spiritual mission and found all sorts of ways to support humanity and our beloved planet. Last year, there were major concerns over the state of our food crops and the low productivity, particularly on the Prairies and other farming regions of Canada. Ernie took it upon himself to drive from Victoria, all across Canada and back, stopping every 100 km or so to stretch and transmute any and all blocked energies in the farming communities, working with the violet flames of transmutation. There was a recent news article indicating that although the American farmers had had another dismal year and the weather in Canada has been normal, the major food producing crops here have seen staggering yield increases, typically between five and twenty per cent increase. Amazing! We can't prove that Ernie's dedication created this shift but what a phenomenal outcome. It makes your heart glow!


Jim Self also returned to the radio show and gave wonderful insights into the challenges facing us as we move through the shift from third to fifth dimensional awareness and living, also giving us some valuable practical tools to navigate our way through this rapidly changing world.


I have just returned from the Fringe Festival in Edmonton with the Saints of British Rock who enjoyed a rockin' good time. I took the opportunity to tune in and do some checking into the energies, ley lines and building alignments within the city. Nowhere near as obvious or interactive as Winnipeg but still there. I also ventured out to Lac St.Anne which is considered to be a highly spiritual place by the indigenous people of the area who called it Manitou Lake. Like Manitou Api, just outside Winnipeg, where Creator comes to the Earth. It has become a site of pilgrimage for members of the Catholic Church where thousands of people gather in July for healing and baptism in the sacred healing waters of the Lake. I spent time in the Lake too!



I also spent time with a Meteorite in the Alberta Museum, also  considered to be a piece of God by the indigenous people. It came to Earth on their land and they honoured its sacredness believing it offered them Protection, Reverence and Peace. After it was removed from their land by the missionaries, they suffered through smallpox, starvation and inter-tribal fighting as predicted by their prophecies. The Meteorite certainly emanates a powerful vibration. There was a certain sadness in the land in Edmonton with a sense of neglect and lack of reverent connection with humans. I certainly hope we helped to shift that energy in co-creation with the elementals in harness with some of the alignments and ley line grids that we discovered running through the landscape.



 September promises to be another blockbuster month as a group of us from Victoria are going on a sacred site tour of the Mary Magdalene sites in southern France to connect with the sacred feminine energies. We will be tuning in and conducting ceremony wherever we go and reconnecting with some ancient aspects of ourselves. Some of us will also spend a week in England traveling to Stonehenge, Avebury, Tintagel and Glastonbury with a special treat of attending the Libra Alchemical Journey in Glastonbury with the Maltwood Moot on Sunday September 30th, before returning to Victoria for our own Libra "Temple of the Stars" journey on Sunday October 7th.


Its going to be an exciting month and I look forward to reporting back on all of the events in the next newsletter!










Leo Workshop
Crowning the Sun King!  



We began our Leo alchemical journey, perhaps somewhat surprisingly in our Aquarius effigy on Gyro Beach in Cadboro Bay. The reason for this was to complete the Grand Square Cross of the fixed stars in our Landscape Zodiac. During our Taurus journey on May 6th, we had inadvertently travelled the Taurus/Scorpio line to attend Ted's "Celebration of Life". We continued to follow Ted's lead now, by linking Aquarius to Leo anchoring the four fixed stars of Aldebaran, Alcyone, Fomalhaut and Regulus into the land itself.


We spent some time on the beach, dabbling our toes in the water while discussing the Mary/Maltwood ley line which runs out into the ocean here and was really where all this began with Mary Dowds. We were to trace the ley line on our own journey back into Leo.


We made a stop at the Holy Thorn Tree to reconnect through our hearts. It did feel as though the tree itself was feeling somewhat neglected so do take the opportunity to drop by and offer your heart-centred love into the heart of the tree. This synergistic relationship is a key in our sacred landscape work.


We then drove the ley line passing through the 8-pointed star intersecting grid lines at Mt.Douglas X-Road and continued on to Rithet's Bog. The ley line runs straight through the Bog and we opened space at one of the vortex intersection power spots. I believe the Bog is our "Mists of Avalon", and a major sourcing place of pure, pristine natural energies for us to benefit from.


It was an extremely hot day and we were grateful to find some shelter under a beautiful Arbutus tree where we enjoyed another wonderful shared pot luck picnic. Our discussion revolved around the powerful Golden energies of the Sun and the light revealing itself and shining forth from within each of us. Leo represents the masculine energy and the golden sunlight, shining our inner light, paying close attention to any tendency for arrogance or false pride.


We also prepared an alchemical elixir for our sacred burial ceremony in the afternoon. We began a three month process of alchemical transformation and fusion into quartz crystal to be enacted through the energies of Leo, Virgo and Libra. The Leo energy rules Gold and so it was the perfect opportunity to begin the process by converting regular Gold into Philosophical Gold which is the first critical phase in the production of the Philosopher's Stone. Rather than doing the process in a furnace, we decided to concoct the Philosophical Gold through vibrational frequencies embedded into quartz crystal. 


The secret recipe requires, quartz, scrap iron, stibnite((the Sulfide ore of Antimony-the Grey Wolf) and pure Gold(The King) so that the "Grey Wolf can devour the King" as required in the process to create the Philosophical Gold. We put the ingredients together and added our conscious intent for the sacred burial to come.



After our discussion and crystal  preparation it felt as though all of the Lionesses present fancied an afternoon nap under the shade of the trees. Nevertheless, we moved off on our trek through Layritz Park. En route, we came across an amazing ranch with two Lion statues guarding the entrance and a rampant stallion in the middle of the courtyard. There were also some giraffes on the front lawn just to complete this African scene.


The trail into Quick's Bottom goes alongside the ranch which has at the rear horse stables for three magnificent pure bred horses and on the fence at the bottom of their run is painted, "LEO, LEO, LEO!" As if we hadn't already got the message that we were in Lion country. Were these the names of the three horses?


At some point Zia slipped away to don her Leo mask and surprised us by creeping up on us as we stood up high on the bird-spotting look out in Quick's bottom. She emerged out of the long dry grass which looked just like the Serengeti as if she had been stalking us for some time. Eerie realism!


It was extremely hot but I was delighted when most of the group wanted to continue our journey around the head of the Lion connecting with the red rock tongue/throat that Ted first discovered a year ago and then moving around the head overlooking Royal Oak Cemetery. This beautiful spot has deep significance for a number of us and we all enjoyed our own personal reflection as we listened to "Born Free" a really appropriate melody for this sweltering Leonine day.


Our final ceremony was at the sacred Oak Tree in the Heart of the Lion where Katharine Maltwood used to live at what is now the Fireside Grill. We buried our fiery alchemical concoction and look forward to bearing the fruits of our endeavours in this co-creative force with our magnificent landscape.


We retired to the Fireside Grill to enjoy a wonderful dinner and celebration to cap off a truly inspiring day.


And now we move into the sacred feminine aspect of our journey in VIRGO on September 2nd!


Monthly Constellation 
Venus and Jupiter




For early risers, September showcases two bright planets, Venus and Jupiter, in the southeast. On the morning of September 8th the Moon is just about two degrees from Jupiter. The Moon moves close to Venus on September 12th. On this morning, the Beehive Cluster will be on the opposite side of Venus from the Moon. In the evening sky, On September 17th, a slim crescent Moon lies below Spica and Saturn and on September 18th is between Saturn and Mars. The Moon pairs closely with Mars on September 19th, about two degrees to the left of the Red Planet. The equinox occurs on September 22nd at 7.49 a.m. PDT. The Sun is crossing the equator as seen from Earth and appears to travel southward, meaning longer nights are soon in store. The Full Moon closest to the equinox is the Harvest Moon, and this year that honor goes to the Full Moon in Aries, a week following the equinox on September 29th at 8.19 p.m. PDT.

Book Review
Lost Star of Myth and Time
by Walter Cruttenden

The myth and folklore of ancestral peoples around the world hints at a vast cycle of time, with alternating Dark and Golden Ages. Plato called it the Great Year. Long believed to be a fairytale, there is now new astronomical evidence to show it has a basis in fact. Moreover, because it is caused by the acceleration of our Sun around another star, we learn that the Earth should soon be carried into a region of space that will have a beneficial affect on our atmosphere, nudging mankind into a higher age of consciousness.

Lost Star of Myth and Time weaves together some of the latest archaeological evidence with cutting-edge astronomy to reveal a history of the world that finally fits with myth, folklore and the archaeological record. While this book explores some of the most interesting aspects of a once advanced civilization that covered the Earth, it is really about what happens to the Earth and consciousness as our solar system moves through space in the mysterious motion known as the "precession of the equinox". This astronomical phenomenon has since Newton been attributed to local gravitational forces wobbling the Earth's axis. Lost Star now shows us in no uncertain terms that the Earth's axis does not change orientation relative to objects inside the solar system at the same rate that it changes orientation to objects outside the solar system, meaning precession must be due to our Sun's binary motion around another star.


Astrological Signs  
 Virgo - I Serve


Interestingly the mythology around Virgo is that when the last GOLDEN age ended and MAN defied VIRGO's rule, she returned to the heavens in disgust!

Now is the time for us to welcome her back with open arms! She represents the three levels of womanhood; the young naive and innocent virgin, the mother in her full abundant blossoming and the ugly old hag who most people pull away from, but is actually the wise one who has all the knowledge that we seek!

Virgo is a mutable Earth sign ruled by Mercury and the key words are critical and analytical. The inner world of Virgo is analyzing, solving and assessing, planning and working towards future goals. They use their talents in service to others. Virgos have a tendency to place impossible demands on themselves while at the same time being eager and careful to help and support those around them.

There is a quest for perfection in minutiae which can lead them to lose sight of the overall bigger picture. Very hard working and extremely practical they make great team players but rarely enjoy being in the limelight!



Monthly Animal Totem  


Magic, Omens and Wisdom



Owls know when to move silently and when to be still, which makes them the keepers of secrets. They are a symbol of the feminine, the moon and the night. Owls are birds of magic and darkness, prophecy and wisdom, associated with Athena, covering her unseen shadow side. People with Owl medicine cannot be deceived as they can see into the darkness of other souls and what is hidden and not being said. Learn to trust your instincts about people and their motives. Owl is often used as a symbol in grottos to signify an entrance into the Underworld.