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August 2nd
Full Moon in Aquarius


August 5th

Victoria Temple of the Stars Leo workshop
August 6th
Civic Holiday in Canada
August 9th
Ambassadors of Light Class  


August 17th 
 New Moon in Leo 
August 30th
Ambassadors of Light Class
August 31st
Full Moon (Blue Moon) in Pisces
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   August 1st
 Bets Danko
 "The Spirit Garden"
Having gone through the challenge of being an Indigo child and being different in a world that didn't understand her, Bets Danko now assists others to re-connect with spirit and live up to their full potential. She has an ability to work closely with the Indigo children, many of whom have lost their way in a world that is not functioning in a way that works for them. Bets is also bridging the gap for older people who have been wounded by their experiences through the church, bringing them safely and lovingly back to spirit. Bets will explain how "The Spirit Garden" helps people unlock the secrets of their soul, relax and find peace in their daily life.

August 8th
Patti Cota-Robles
 "The World Congress on Illumination"   


Patti Cota-Robles has been hosting the World Congress on Illumination in Tucson, Arizona, and other sacred sites across North America every year on the anniversary of Harmonic Convergence which happened on August 17th, 1987. It created a twenty-five year window of opportunity for us to prepare ourselves and the World for December 21st, 2012. Patti will be hosting the World Congress this year in Kaui, Hawaii from August 11th-August 16th in final preparation and she will explain to us how the twenty-five year period has unfolded and what we can expect in our future


August 15th
Jim Self
"Mastering Alchemy" 

Jim Self returns to the show to give us an update on how our journey into the fifth dimension is unfolding. We are evolving more rapidly now than at any point in history. As the shift accelerates, many are feeling confused by the inner and outer changes that are taking place. Jim will explain what is taking place and offer us new Energy Tools for our personal and spiritual growth.

August 22nd
Celest and David


"Blue Star Speaks"     

 Celest and David work with Walk-Ins and Starseeds to help them rekindle their Soul memories about why they are on Earth and how to deal with the current Earth changes. 2012 is a "pivotal point of change year" and many still do not understand their roles during these crucial times, which demand that people wake up. Celest and David will explain how we can all walk with one foot in each world and remember our true nature.



August 29th
Dr. Erwin Lueddecke
"Ancient Healing Wisdom Meets Modern Technology"

Dr Erwin will explain how using his bio-energetic body scan device based on modern quantum physics, it can be demonstrated that Dr. Jayaneth Abeywickrama's Ayurvedic techniques for energizing pure spring water can activate one's own self-healing power. Dr. Erwin will give specific examples of remarkable shifts in people's energy fields and their movement into a loving compassionate heart presence.


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The Sun rules Leo and is the most powerful masculine energy. Many civilizations have revered the Sun, realizing that we rely upon it for our very existence. Unfortunately there are in our present day society, fears abounding about the harmful effects of the Sun. Yes we do have to be sensible, but Gregory Sams wrote an outstanding book about the Consciousness of the Sun and was on my radio show a while ago to discuss it. The book is "Sun of gOd" and the show can be found HERE.

 Since then my understanding of the Sun has expanded considerably and I work in co-creation with it all the time.

Since consciously connecting, I have not put on one drop of sunscreen and I have had zero burn. I also do some sungazing at sunrise and sunset. Tuning into the consciousness of the sun is incredibly important. Beneficient energies arrive on the surface of the Earth every eight minutes through Portals which allow the sun's rays to arrive instantaneously. Greg talked about this on the show and now NASA scientists have proved it to be true.

This connection is important because the Sun is going through its own pole shift transformation right now which impacts the entire solar system including us-whether we like it or not. The massive solar flare ejections reaching the Earth regularly now are a consequence of these chnges in the Sun. We can't stop it and so the best thing we can do is to tune in with it and use the energies for our own transformational experience. Conscious Co-Creation with our Sun is the key to our successful shift into a World of Peace, Love and Joy in the fifth dimension! 


 Gem Stone



Gold has been the most sought after precious metal throughout time. Its beautiful soft, lustrous appearance has stimulated life long passion to find it, extract it and possess it. The shadow side of Gold has also destroyed people's lives in the relentless pursuit of it.

There is a deeper reason why people become intoxicated by this magnificent substance. It contains the secret to life, immortality, if only one can fathom out the recipe for success. It has unique properties that defy modern chemical explanation. For example, monatomic white powder Gold does not respond to traditional chemical analysis-its not Gold! Many people think this is the elixir of life, but it is not. It is a useful starting place however.

The magnificent stained glass in Chartres Cathedral cannot be reproduced by any of our modern day technology techniques. Why? Because the stained glass has finely divided Alchemical Gold atoms within its structure creating magnificent and unique deep royal blue and bright red glass. Colloidal Gold provides beautiful solutions of various colour under different chemical treatments adding to the mystery of this magnificent substance. No wonder members of humanity have spent lifetimes pursuing this mystical substance.

It is the most potent and powerful element, capable of influencing people to the brightest light or to the darkest shadow.

A warning! Always work with Gold in service to the greater good and beware the glamour of material wealth it can tempt you with.

  Victoria, BC

  Mondays at 7:00 p.m.
Victoria Truth Centre
1201 Fort Street
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August 2012  �  Vol. 4  Issue 8
Welcome to inSIGHTS with Peter Tongue

I plan to give you updates on what is happening in the World of Spirit each month as well as brief introductions into articles that I have found useful with references to the full article for those who would like to pursue that topic further.
All Eyes on London, UK!
by Peter Tongue



The Olympic Games has just begun and the two weeks will provide some very interesting viewing. Believe it or not, the Games are being used by the higher realms of consciousness to make a positive impact on humanity-they always do! When there is a focus of millions if not billions of people on one event, it provides for this opportunity. Let me illustrate this particular occasion.


I am indebted to Anthony Thorley, the leading expert in landscape zodiacs in England, for this information. The traveling Romany Gypsies of England, traditionally went on an annual journey around twelve different sites in England, Ireland and Wales. They would stay in the same location for the same month each year before moving on in a clockwise direction. This was their own landscape zodiac pilgrimage with each site related to one of the sun signs. It was called the Gypsy Switch after the light whip they used to move their horses on in the wagon train. Anthony discovered which sun sign each location corresponded to and then endeavoured to locate the position of the Galactic Centre on the landscape which is to be found between the Scorpio and Sagittarius constellations. He was amazed to discover it was Clapham Common in London, the site of the Olympic Stadium-coincidence? So the Olympic Games is happening directly under the Galactic Centre which aligns precisely with the Sun and the Earth forming the Sacred Tree on December 21st, 2012!






To add to the mix, the dates of the games are also synchronistically significant. In addition to the most important solstice and equinox dates, there are four similarly important cross-quarter days midway between; November 1st, February 1st, May 1st and August 1st. The latter is called Lughnasadh after the Celtic God, Lugh, who was revered throughout western Europe as the most powerful pagan God.

His Festival was an early celebration of the coming harvest, under the summer sun, and was characterized by playful summer games! 


So here we have the Olympic Games happening during Lughnasadh under the Galactic Centre. Add your consciousness to the event!


To what end might this energy be directed? This is an amazing conclusion and I will leave you to discern for yourself, but one potential is a focused energetic consciousness for the conception and birth of the first child of Kate Middleton and Prince William. You might think this is way out there, but I have been tracking Prince William for some time. 


The arrival of a comet that appeared in the sky in the 1600's, signaled to the Rosicrucians the activation of a prophecy that the first person to become King from this particular bloodline lineage would herald in a Golden Era of Peace. That person is Prince William! The bloodline is the original Merovingian bloodline of Jesus transmitted through Elizabeth Vernon who was the Dark Lady in Shakespeare's Sonnets. She had a daughter Penelope who married into the SPENCER family-yes the ancestors of Princess Diana! Her son William is the first member of that bloodline who will become king! Its all there in the History books-look it up!


If he is to herald in a Golden Era of Peace, perhaps his first born child will have an even more important role to play. Just before the Olympic Games started, I received this stunning information, suggesting that the ley line activations during the Games lead directly to Kensington Gardens where William, Kate and Prince Harry have recently taken up residence. Are they going to be influenced at the deepest part of their being by these powerful energies for the greater good of humankind? I certainly hope so!



To add to the mix, I have just had a remarkable interview with Frank Albo on the revelation that the Manitoba Legislature in Winnipeg is actually designed precisely using Hermetic Principles as a perfectly aligned King Solomon's Temple! It is really important to connect to this knowing, as Winnipeg is the actual Geographic Centre of North America and its activation just completed is going to impact all of us in a powerful way. It is the HUB of the entire North America Landscape Zodiac! Standing in the centre of the power vortex on an eight-pointed star, toning, enabled us to, "ENACT THE LAW!" The real original Law of "As Above, So Below". The manifestation of Heaven on Earth.





That frequency of vibration is now being made available to all of us as it pulses from Winnipeg out into the entire North American star grid system and beyond. I can't believe how blest we are! 





Cancer Workshop
Passing Through the Eye of the Needle!  



Now that we are consciously attuned to the cyclical nature of everything, it is humbling to recognize the true nature of life unfolding. The weekend of our Cancer workshop was no exception. It coincided with several powerful astrological alignments, including the first of seven Pluto/Uranus squares taking place over the next three years. Some believe these aspects correspond to the breaking of the seven seals referred to in John's Revelations in the Bible. Synchronicity is telling me that this is true and the day also coincided with St. Jean Baptiste Day!


How were these energies going to play out in respect to our Cancer connection? Cancer rules the home and is the most maternal of the sun signs. In the old days, the safety and security provided for the individual by the success of the tribe. Within the Cancer vibration, this has lead to a reliance on the tribe or family for our personal security. The shadow side of this vibration is an expected commitment from the individual to the way the tribe operates including its limiting beliefs and values. For a free, creative spirit this can cause all sorts of challenges, often leading to conflict with the more traditional members of the family.


Remarkably, on this weekend alone, I had the opportunity to experience four separate occasions when several groups or tribes, not knowing each other, came together to celebrate one individual common to all the tribes! It was fascinating to see this play out in a most beautiful, harmonious and collaborative way, which has not always been the case in past history.



Right at the beginning of our alchemical journey on the west side of Mt. Doug at the parking lot at the end of Glendenning, it became clear that another "Tribe" were gathering to perform ceremony. In the old days this might have led to territorial conflict, but on this occasion, we decided to join together in a sacred blessing to wish each other well for the day. We then set off on our separate journeys and we headed up to the cave of the ancestors where we were going to open sacred space for the day. As we were about to start, the other group came walking up the trail and so we invited them to join us.


Our Zia, opened space in the Incan tradition, in the four  directions, as above and so below. After we had finished the other group offered to open space in the traditional native North American way by drumming, so we opened space a second time. This was really significant, because here were the tribal representatives of South and North America working in peace, harmony and collaboration together, fulfilling the prophecy that when the Eagle and Condor fly together, peace will reign on Earth. Later in the day, we saw the Turkey Vulture (North American equivalent of the Condor) and the Bald Eagle soaring together over Mt.Doug- confirmation of this moment.


We made our way to Mt. Doug Picnic area for our potluck picnic lunch and discussed the energies of the day, Cancer qualities, and our need to let go of any attachments to anything that is preventing us from moving forward on our sacred quest.


 Zia had a personal challenge. She had received a message from her Incan Elders requesting that all Medicine Bundle Carriers, open their bundles and, "Lay their Stones to Rest!" This bundle is the MOST precious possession of the Medicine Woman. The reason given was that the Summer Solstice on June 21st was the end of the Old World and the New World was to begin. This required the release of everything connected to the old way, all old paradigms, beliefs and structures-Phew!


Zia chose to go down to the water's edge on the beach at Mt.Doug, where the fresh water from Douglas Creek meets the ocean and cast her Stones free. What an example for all of us to follow! Shedding our old skin and allowing the new to emerge. As Cancer is a water sign, this was the perfect site and now we climbed part way up the mountain to the source of a sacred spring amongst a grove of old growth trees.


There we sat in quiet reflection receiving sustenance from the source of all that is. Zia made her appearance here in a stunningly beautiful silver and blue mask representing the energies of Cancer. She led us to two trees joined at the

base, separating as they ascended, leaving a gap between the two trunks, just big enough to step through. This was the site of our symbolic stepping through the "Eye of the Needle". Letting go of all of our baggage, issues and attachments to the material World. Once through we stepped into a beautiful fairy land of an elegant, elemental Arbutus forest, with a magnificent view, overlooking the Ocean and mountains beyond-our Garden of Eden.


The Temple of the Stars pilgrimage always involves some sort of physical challenge as part of the journey and now we were to hike to the top of Mt.Doug, scaling the mountain from bottom to top through our own chakra system as well as the mountains-as within, so without-the inner and outer alchemical journey of transformation. We paused at different spots taking in the vistas and tuning in to the changing energies, as we moved through different frequencies associated with each chakra.


Our final ceremony at the peak was at the same site where we anchored the energies last year with the Lemurian Seed Crystal. This year we were working with the vibration of alchemical Silver which is the precious metal associated with Cancer and the Moon. We completed our Silver ceremony and took some time to take in the magnificent mountain top scenes at what is one of the most significant vortex sites in the "Temple of the Stars", Victoria Landscape Zodiac.


We are now perfectly poised for a three month journey of the Trinity through Leo (Aug.5th), Virgo (Sept.2nd) and Libra (Oct 7th) to co-create our Philosopher's Stone!


Monthly Constellation 
The Summer Triangle




For months now, the giant Summer Triangle of Vega, Altair and Deneb has been ascending the evening sky in the east. All that time Vega, the brightest of the three, has been the highest and is now nearly at the zenith (highest point) of our sky map. And running across the Summer Triangle is the biggest deep-sky
object of all, the Milky Way. Inside the Triangle is an extra-rich Milky Way section, the Cygnus Star Cloud which runs from Deneb to the south.

Watch out for the Perseid Meteor shower with approximately 90 meteors/hour on August 12th with little light interference from the Moon.


Mars and Saturn dance with Spica in Virgo in a close encounter in mid-August. The conjunction of the trinity will be easily visible with the naked eye in the evening twilight sky, low above the western horizon.

Book Review
The Elixir of Immortality - A Modern Day Alchemist's Discovery of the Philosopher's Stone
by Robert E. Cox



For anyone interested in Alchemy and the search for the truth hidden in the actual production of the physical substance which is the Philosopher's Stone, this is a must read. Robert Cox reviews the alchemical lore of the ancient traditions of China, India, Egypt and medieval Europe, and then reveals secrets that have been kept hidden for millenia enabling the reader to rediscover the much sought after elixir of life.

Astrological Signs  

Leo personalities tend to be larger than life, outgoing and fiery. Like
their symbol, the Lion, they have a deep love of their offspring and engage in
lots of playful activities defending them to the hilt.


They are natural leaders and have a tendency to expect others to naturally
follow them. Normally reasonable and long suffering they can become verbally violent, demanding explanation, if they feel hurt through betrayal or
insincerity. They love grand gestures, acting flamboyantly, and anything to do
with the stage and dressing up as well as athletic pursuits. They need to guard
against excessive pride, snobbery and bullying others.
Monthly Animal Totem  





This is a very powerful, but very difficult totem. 
Cougar medicine is the lesson of the use of power,
how to be an effective, fair leader and not abuse power.
This totem's gift is how to balance power, intention, strength and grace. 
It is the balance of body, mind and spirit.  
The first responsibility of leadership is truth.  
  Responsibility is no more than the ability to respond to any situation. 
Cougar can teach you how to bring out your power
and fill your heart with it that will enable you to take charge of your life. 
You can use Cougar power to defend yourself or to attack.