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Groundhog Day
Ambassadors of Light Class


February 5th

Victoria Landscape Zodiac Aquarius Workshop
February 7th
Full Moon in Leo
February 14th
Valentine's Day


February 16th
 Ambassadors of Light Class
February 20th
Family Day (Canada)
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February 21st
New Moon in Pisces 

February 22nd
Ash Wednesday

February 29th
LEAP Year!

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   February 1st
 Doug Noll 
 "Elusive Peace"

Douglas Noll will discuss his book Elusive Peace-How Modern Diplomatic Strategies Could Better Resolve World Conflicts. Practicing at the intersection of Law and Human Conflict, Doug will discuss some of the reasons why reaching Peace is such a challenging problem. He will explain how personal experiences of injustice, anger, fear and betrayal contribute to the emotions in conflicts, which prevent people from thinking in a rational and reasoned way. Our beliefs, biases and conditioning all add to the emotional charge often experienced in intense conflict. Doug will provide insights into how we can arrive at peace through peacemaking, restorative justice, conflict resolution and mediation.


February 8th
Simran Singh
 "Shedding the Skin and Rising Up!"

Simran Singh is one of the lead hosts on the 7th wave network of Voice America and Peter provides her with the opportunity to tell her story of transformation on the show. She is a visionary and publisher of the award winning 11:11 magazine. She is also the founder of BELIEVE...Choices for Conscious Living. Simran will bring her vast experience of interviewing experts in the field of developing consciousness and self-awareness as well as her own in depth understanding of the journey of the soul through the 11:11 Gateway!


February 15th
Raymond Wiley


"The Georgia Guidestones- America's Most Mysterious Monument"

The Georgia Guidestones are a collection of standing stones near Elberton, Georgia. Built in 1980, they are primarily composed of six slabs of granite: one central pillar, four "major" stones that fan out from the center, and a capstone. The capstone has engravings on all four of its sides in four different ancient languages, all of which read, "Let these be guidestones to an Age of Reason," Those guidelines have proven extremely controversial, causing speculation and rumors of conspiracy that go far beyond northeast Georgia. Raymond will discuss his findings and research on the show.



February 22nd
Christine Day


"Frequencies of Brilliance"

Christine will recount her first conscious connection with the Pleiadians and how this experience has transformed her life. Christine's role is to act as a Pleiadian Ambassador here on the Earth plane. She will explain the frequencies of brilliance and light initiations which enable us to birth ourselves into these energies. Then we can fully utilize and work with them for our awakening process, returning ourselves to our true spiritual natures. She will also discuss the truth and significance of the crop circle phenomenon. 

February 29th
Jennifer Hough


"The Vital You"

Jennifer Hough is a speaker, author, gifted intuitive, holistic nutritionist and teacher of the art of awakening. She truly walks her talk. She has transformed her own life from years of financial struggles and chronic migraines to one of abundance and limitless vitality. 

Jennifer will explain that life is about your unlimited health, natural state of joy and prosperity. She will discuss "Get Out of Your Own Way" using the Law of Awakening to cause spontaneous shifts in consciousness so that you can fly forward in ease, flow and joy! 



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The planet Uranus rules Aquarius and is considered to be responsible for sudden and disruptive change as well as ruling over our modern day science, space travel, technology and scientific discovery. It is associated with the circulatory system, physical changes, paralysis, cramp, and sudden nervous break down. Uranus is erratic in its motions and is powerful enough to break down any resistance. Its energies must be tamed and guided in the proper direction without dulling their impact. Positive qualities include being humane, independent, kind, friendly, inventive, versatile and forward thinking. Negative traits include being cranky, erratic, eccentric, perverse, rebellious, with a tendency towards idiosyncratic behaviour.


 Gem Stone

Boji Stones



Boji stones are amongst the most fascinating and oldest stones ever found. It is said that these stones are as old as the Earth. These Stones promote general health and well being and are often referred to as Stones of Humanity. The stones are primarily made up of palladium and pyrite. Boji Stones may also come in beautiful rainbow colors which is quite rare. These stones normally come in pairs consisting of a male and female stone. The smoother stone which has Yin or female energy and is referred to as the female and a rougher stone that has Yang or masculine energy is referred to as the male. These stones have strong healing and metaphysical properties and emit crystalline white rays. Boji Stones vibrate to the numbers 1 and 9 in numerology. The Zodiac Signs associated with these Stones are the fixed signs of Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo and Taurus.


Boji stones are very strong spiritual grounding stones. If you are forgetful, clumsy, day-dreaming most of the time, losing track of conversation or generally unwell, these stones can help. These Stones are widely used in Crystal Healing Therapy for clearing, balancing and aligning ones energy field. For this, feel the pulling sensation between the two stones by holding them in your fingers and move them back and forth from each other. Now lie down and place the male stone above the head and the female one below the feet. Relax and meditate allowing the healing energy of the stones to work. Balancing the right and left brain, to increase brain function, hold a male stone in the left hand and a female in the right hand for five minutes. These stones can assist in increasing memory and past life remembrance. These stones improve the body's electrical structure by creating an electromagnetic field around it. They also facilitate the balancing of the male and female energies in the body and promote the removal of blockages to allow healing to take place. Boji stones assist in aligning all of the chakras from the crown chakra to the root chakra.

Boji Stones are very effective for all sorts of pain, be it  headache, toothache or even a severe burn. They draw out all of the pain when held above the area of pain and promote fast healing. They are used to promote the regeneration of cellular tissue that has been damaged. This is a good stone to treat depression, arthritis, muscle pain and back pain. It can also be used in general healing and cell regeneration.



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February 2012  �  Vol. 4  Issue 2
Welcome to inSIGHTS with Peter Tongue

I plan to give you updates on what is happening in the World of Spirit each month as well as brief introductions into articles that I have found useful with references to the full article for those who would like to pursue that topic further.
Living in the Fifth Dimension!
by Peter Tongue


I have been amazed at how the sequence of radio shows recently has mirrored exactly what we need to know on our wonderful unfolding journey. I would urge you to listen to the show with Jim Self

followed by the show with Matt Kahn


Between them, they provided us with the vital information we need to know for navigating through the changing world around us. Jim discussed the third, fourth and fifth dimensions from the perspective of consciousness. The third dimensional consciousness is filled with limitation, judgment and unconscious reaction to circumstances. It is focused on the past and the future. As we reflect upon the mistakes and traumas of the past, we plan never to repeat them, but by focusing on them, we create fear and anxiety which projects the same circumstances into the future. We repeat the same patterns over and over again, through this lifetime and many previous lifetimes. This is the wheel of karma, or incarnation on which we have been held trapped by our third dimensional reality. 


To transition into fifth dimensional consciousness, we need to move through the fourth dimension. This consciousness places us in the present moment and feelings of joy, peace, love and happiness. We pay attention to what is happening in this moment now and we are mindful of not allowing our thoughts to slip into the past or future. This is living in present moment  awareness.


Fifth dimensional consciousness takes us even further on the journey. In this vibration, we bring all time and space into this now moment. This is instant manifestation as you create exactly what is required now from all realms.  It is crucial to be very aware of your thoughts, feelings and intentions because they will manifest. Just imagine sucking into this now moment all of the requirements from all time and space for lasting peace on the planet! 


 One of the biggest problems facing people is that all the old paradigm rules and values are falling apart and dissolving away. What you once thought was solid ground is slipping away. The new paradigm of the fifth dimension is paradoxical.  What was true five minutes ago may no longer be true and was not true a few minutes ago may well now be true. We are living in exciting and rapidly shifting times so it is really helpful to know what is going on. All of our unresolved issues are popping up to the surface for recognition and healing. It doesn't feel great at the time, but its actually a critical step in our unfolding.


Matt Kahn is I believe an enlightened being and he says that there is only one fundamental BIG question that we have to ask ourselves. "What will you do if all of your needs, wants and anticipation simply lead to more wants, needs and anticipation?What this means is to reach the enlightened state, it is necessary to LET GO of all of these needs, wants and anticipation. Surrender and complete detachment are necessary. As the Buddha said, "All desire leads to suffering!" 


So how do we achieve this state? Matt says we practice "Effortless Freedom", the title of his upcoming book. Take yourself to the place of absolute freedom and work backwards. It is a really simple concept but incredibly hard to achieve in reality.Why is this? We have been trained from the beginning of our lives to achieve, to go out there and do things to be successful, to accumulate riches. And now you are being asked to let go of everything-another paradox-we are on track!


The great Cosmic joke is that when we do finally let go completely and move into this state of Samadhi (The Holy Grail) all of our needs are automatically met by the Universe. We no longer have any concerns at all in our life. Try it out and see what happens. This is not an intellectual exercise but a deeply spiritual one and those closest to you will provide the challenge quite willingly as they feel you detach!  



We have just moved into the Chinese New Year of the DRAGON and I wish you Gung Hey Fat Choy! This promises to be a huge year of transformation and let me give you a few insights.


The combination of the Year of the Dragon followed by the Year of the Snake gives a wonderful two year opportunity for powerful transformation. The Dragon leads the New Year celebration procession because the Dragon oversees the entire zodiac. We have the powerful lucky dragon followed by the wise snake. This year then has the potential for powerful transformation and great awakening. New things will definitely happen this year. It will literally be a LEAP year into the future!


The Red Dragon represents the red root chakra kundalini energy, new life and growth in the spring, as we immerse ourselves in the depths of our new world within us and within the planet itself.


It is also the final playing out of those wanting to control us. This energy is connected with,


         "Everything being REVEALED to be HEALED"


We will see more and more secrets emerging of corruption, perversion and black scenes of the underworld being exposed for healing. Our role is to "Shine the light!" on these revelations as they appear out of the swamp. Each dramatic, horrific act of oppression that gets exposed weakens them. We need to stay out of judgement and be in a state of Grace and Love. This weakens the energies of the corrupted forces until they fully dissolve and we can all shift into higher vibrational frequencies, awareness and consciousness.


This is an emotional Water Dragon focusing on clearing the root chakra of FEAR through LOVE!


The arrogant and aggressive tendencies of the shadow side of the Dragon will be healed, overcome with LOVE! 


There will be no stopping a solid and swift move towards BENEVOLENCE in CONSCIOUSNESS! A GREAT YEAR!



Capricorn Workshop
The Return of Lilith!

Our Capricorn journey began at a beautiful wooded ocean overlook, Anderson Hill Park, where we opened space with a connection to all that is "Good". The view from this spot is spectacular, overlooking the south and east coastal vistas.



This is the area in the south-east corner of our entire landscape zodiac, where the sun begins its illumination from sea to land every morning, very appropriate as our Capricorn effigy is a Goat-Serpent with a goat's head with single horn, goat's body and serpent like tail, wrapping around on itself like an oroborous. This half-sea, half-land creature weaves along the shoreline from the Royal Victoria golf club at Newport and Beach, all the way along Willows Beach and Cattle Point, culminating at the tip of the horn at Loon Park, just south of the Royal Victoria Yacht Club, the most affluent part of town.


Capricorn is an earth sign which encourages us through ambition to climb the mountain of materialism . Capricorns are commonly found in the corporate world, moving up from position to position, salary increase to salary increase, until they reach the top of the mountain. Once there, the ambitious goat exclaims, "Now what?" This mountain now dissolves away as the initiate Capricorn begins a second climb on the spiritual mountain, bringing all of the learning and experience from their pragmatic mountain. Turning to service is the way of the enlightened Capricorn.


So we had two metaphorical mountains to climb on this day. The first at Anderson Hill where we acknowledge the "Temptation of Christ" with a magnificent view in front of us. "All this could be yours if you kneel down and worship me!" Worship of the material world. Fortunately our group of pilgrims agreed to continue on their alchemical journey and climb the spiritual peak in Uplands Park later in the day.


Our first act of service was to assist in the return of Lilith.  According to ancient Jewish tradition, Lilith, a wild woman of the forest, a fully realized, self-sustained woman came out of the Woodland to meet Adam.  He tried to control her and so she returned to the forest. Eve was then fashioned out of a rib of Adam and so began our fall from grace. On this day, our job was to return Lilith, a symbol of the sacred feminine, to her full independent sovereign-self free to make her own choices!




Distortions in human relationship are often related to the second chakra and sexual activity, where intimidation and coercion are met with manipulation and trickery. Sexual abuse has been routinely used to pervert and control the victim, disconnecting them from their free spirit. As we walked through the void in the tail of the Goat-Serpent and through the sacral chakra in the landscape of  Linkleas Avenue, we set the intention to transmute all elements of distorted male/female relationships throughout history, reflecting upon our own experiences as well as our knowledge of these ancient distortions. This was a peaceful, gentle walking meditation, releasing into Mother Earth all perversions, miscreations and dark energy patterns. It was an essential process, for later in the day, we were to be rebirthed into a new level of awareness through a perfect, beloved  union between our Celestial Mother and Celestial Father .


We enjoyed our inside discussion with Zia, Melanie and Peter, along with our potluck lunch at Windsor Park Pavilion. We returned to the outdoors on a January afternoon, which was more like a spring day, the children, dogs and their families enjoying playtime frolics along Willows Beach.


At the north end of the beach, we paused for a while to enter into our cave formed by overhanging trees and bushes. This was our journey inside the womb space, preparing us for our rebirth later in the afternoon. We all selected a pine cone from the cave floor and carried it to the head of the goat for our ceremony later in the day. A walk around cattle point in the head of the goat lead us across the road to the Oak Bay War Memorial. This beautiful memorial has a caped woman at the center, "Mother Peace". She was our portal through to the afterlife. Capricorn is the location of the Golden Gate or gate through to the afterlife, often symbolized by St. Peter with the keys.  We all made our commitment to die to our old way of being and let go of those aspects of ourselves that do not serve us on our new enlightened journey. We passed through the Portal of Mother Peace into the afterlife, where we placed our pine cones in a magnificent Arbutus tree, activating our higher functioning brain structures. We then buried our Lemurian Seed Crystal at the pineal gland of the goat in Uplands Park. Now we were ready to be reborn into the world, with a clearer view and insight into our new expanded awareness as initiates on the spiritual path.


Miraculously, as we returned through Mother Peace, the full silvery moon in Cancer shone down upon us. Cancer is the  Silver Gate of incarnation where we enter into this world and now we had arrived-reborn. The single goat horn is symbolic of the Unicorn's horn, taking the practical knowledge of the material world and merging it with our new journey on the spiritual path which is the path of the Unicorn in service. Our "Horn of plenty" in the landscape leads us through the most expensive homes in Victoria to abundance, harmony and balance on this most sacred journey.  


We had a magnificent day in the Capricorn landscape, feeling fully satisfied with our alchemical transformation, and looking forward to full freedom in Aquarius on Sunday, February 5th! 

Monthly Constellation 
Venus Dazzles at Sunset



During this month look out for the Great Bear constellation high in the north-east sky. The big dipper is contained within The Great Bear which derives from Arktos meaning bear which also connects the constellation with King Arthur whose name comes from the same root.


In the first few months of 2012, Venus reigns as the brightest point of light in the evening sky. One of many highlights comes on February 25th when a waxing crescent Moon passes very close by. Venus also passes very close to Uranus on Feb 8th while the Moon and Mars come close on the 10th quickly followed by the Moon and Saturn on the 12th. The moon will also come close to Jupiter on the 27th.





February Book Review
Dancing with your Dragon: The Art of Loving Your Unlovable Self  by Shaeri Richards

This outstanding book teaches you how to reclaim your personal power through the practice of unconditional love. Often, life's emotional challenges have to do with the unconscious needs and fears, which belong to the realm that author Shaeri Richards calls "the dragon." Shaeri's new book Dancing with your Dragon: The Art of Loving your Unlovable Self is about opening the darkest regions of our inner being to the healing power of Divine unconditional love. This magical, transformative power is always accessible deep inside no matter what might

be happening in the world around us. This book is designed to help people begin to access the disowned, denied and repressed energy of "the dragon" and to transform it into useable, productive life force or power. Dancing with your Dragon offers a spiritual practice designed to help us reclaim and reintegrate this denied power so that we can actually use it in our daily lives.

Astrological Signs
Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac, is
 Universal in orientation and the last air sign. it is ruled by explosive Uranus, advanced thought,  acceptance of all points of view and being able to view the infinite in all things. The water carrier brings clear truth and eternal wisdom of which we may all partake.  Aquarius teaches the values of science and extra sensory perception and signifies the new millennium that we are poised to enter, in which our world will be transformed. Aquarians need to be given as much lattitude as possible to exercise their imaginative powers and placed under as few restrictions as possible. Joy is essential and they like things to go easily, wishing for happiness and understanding . if confronted with conflict or stressful demands, they are likely to fly off the handle, go on the attack or disappear. Aquarians are promoters of high ideals and they value scientific and universal truth. 
Monthly Animal Totem


"Phoenix, hear my heart's desire.
Fill me with renewing fire.
Renew my body, mind and soul.
Loving Phoenix, make me whole."

Keeper of the Fire of Creation

Represents death and rebirth.
Transformation and Regeneration.
Protector of all fire.

This totem gives hope in the midst of despair.
Helps you transform your life into something purer
and brings you closer to spiritual awareness.
Call upon the Phoenix for strength and renewed energy when

facing trials of life.

Symbolizes the Sun, dying every night to be reborn with the dawn.
The Chinese believe that the Phoenix has been sent to Earth
to help the development of mankind.