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October 2nd   

Victoria Landscape Zodiac Libra Workshop


October 8th

Yom Kippur
October 10th
Thanksgiving in Canada
Columbus Day in U.S.  
October 11th
Beginning of the 7th Day of the Mayan Calendar

October 12th
Full Moon in Aries
October 21st
Victoria CCC Meeting
Orange Hall 7pm
October 26th
New Moon in Scorpio

October 28th
Completion of the Mayan Calendar

October 3oth
Victoria Landscape Zodiac Scorpio Workshop
October 31st

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   October 5th
 Scott Onstott 
 "Secrets in Plain Sight" 
Multi-dimensional secrets of the universe have been encoded in art, architecture, urban design, and in the relationships between sacred sites on the earth. In uncovering these secrets Scott Onstott unveils an unlikely intersection of geometry, numerology, music, astronomy, physics, the Kabbalah, ancient Egyptian gods, the global elite, and much more. Exploring key monuments and their positions in Giza, Stonehenge, Chartres, Jerusalem, Rome, Paris, London, Edinburgh, Washington DC, New York, Winnipeg, and San Francisco brings to light a secret obsession shared by pharaohs, philosophers and kings; templars and freemasons; great artists and architects; popes and presidents, spanning the whole of recorded history up to the present time. For more information visit


October 12th
Barbara Berger
 "The Awakening Human Being"   
Peter will discuss with Barbara Berger her new book which is a practical spiritual handbook that offers readers a complete guide to the awakening consciousness that is emerging on planet Earth. The Awakening Human Being shows readers how to find a way out of suffering by waking up to the nature of mind. With this discovery, we can find the peace and happiness we seek in the present moment. This information and the roadmap Barbara offers are vitally important to the world in this time of crisis.
October 19th
Bikbaye Inejnema and Naba Iritah Shenmira
"The Dogon Speak the the World"   
Bayuali: Dialogue of Energies in the Universe. In the Universe, knowledge that has remained in tact since the time of the Pharoahs is now being shared with humanity to assist in restoring balance to our world. Indigenous people around the planet are reading the signs that our world and humanity are out of balance. As a result many tribes are now coming forward to speak to the world and share their ancient knowledge. Together we have the potential to restore the world to balance, peace and harmony. Listen to what the Dogon have to say!


October 26th

Dr. Meg Blackburn


"Touching the Light"  

Dr.Meg returns to the show to discuss her new book, "Touching The Light-What Miracles are Made of". When we become out of balance with the field of creation, we begin to decay. We are no longer coordinated with the flow of creation and it begins to wall us off, compacting, even encapsulating energy around our weakest areas unril we become sick or dysfunctional and our illness continues to deteriorate as blossoming doom. It will consume us until nothing is left. Once we return to universal harmonization, there is a momentary bump in our energy system as it reboots. Then, we begin to pulse with the rhythm of timelessness and our healthfullness returns.  



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The Birth of Venus

 By Sandro Botticelli


Venus, as the Goddess, confers the ability to appreciate beauty, balance and proportion.  She inspires us artistically to find ways of expressing the different aspects of her nature through art, music, poetry and all other forms of creative expression, and she helps us magnetise that beauty in the world.  


Positive traits include the urge for harmonious relationship, a gentle and kindly manner, adept in love and the social arts. Things to work on include being lazy, indecisive, excessively romantic and dependent on others.


 Gem Stone



Wearing opal gives the effect of enhancing one's innate characteristics: leading to enhanced personal creativity and true spontaneous action. It aids the memory and provides faithfulness in relationships.  It is the perfect gemstone to wear in trying to become your best and to be true to yourself.  The "fire" in opal represents a soft inner glow.


It has been believed that an opal could make its wearer invisible if intention was particularly directed.   There is an ancient legend that the storm god was jealous of the colorful beauty of the rainbow god and threw a lightening bolt at him.  This caused parts of the rainbow god to dissipate down to earth where they were embodied in opal. Opal has been used traditionally by shamans of both North America and Australia in ceremonies to aid with "visions" and "dreams".


Opals are unique among gemstones because they are not crystals. Rather, they are a hardened silica gel and they always contain a small amount of water.  This means that its energetic properties are unusual and wearing one can feel different from the way other gemstones feel.


Experience the Mystery of Ancient Egypt

Feb 17th - 29th, 2012

Journey to Egypt on a spiritual adventure with Peter Tongue and Finbarr Ross, accompanied by Maha El Kadi, our Egyptologist guide. Finbarr is a ceremonialist, healer, and process facilitator of self discovery, unity consciousness and spiritual wisdom.


On this mystical journey we discover and experience the magnificent beauty and spirit of the ancient Egyptian people. We will allow this experience to open our heart. We fall in love with the sacred journey of life all over again as we quest this sacred land.


Our adventure begins in Cairo, we visit the Giza Plateau, the Great Sphinx enclosure, Cairo Museum, Coptic Cairo, Solar Boat Museum, Dashur and Medun Pyramids.


In Aswan, the "Jewel of the Nile", we visit the beautiful temple of Isis at Philae, the birthplace of the Goddess Mysteries. experiencing the beauty and tranquility of the Nile as we sail to Luxor.

In Luxor, we experience the feminine heart of ancient Egypt visiting the famous West Bank of Thebes, the Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, and the great mortuary Temple of Pharaoh Hatshepsut. We also visit Dendera, the temple dedicated to Hathor, Goddess of Love, and Abydos, the cult center of Osiris and the first kings of Egypt and much, much more.


See Full Details and tour itinerary for our Sacred Sites of Egypt Tour Here. 


  Victoria, BC

  Mondays at 7:00 p.m.
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October 2011  �  Vol. 3  Issue 10
Welcome to inSIGHTS with Peter Tongue

I plan to give you updates on what is happening in the World of Spirit each month as well as brief introductions into articles that I have found useful with references to the full article for those who would like to pursue that topic further.
by Peter Tongue
It seems remarkable that just last March 9th, we began the final and ninth level of the Mayan calendar and now at the end of this month on October 28th, it comes to completion-16 billion years later! I hope you realize how significant this is. It is also remarkable that it only takes nine levels of speeding up by a factor of twenty to move from a cycle of billions of years to under one year. This last cycle of 234 days has the equal seven days and six nights only lasting 18 days each.


On September 6th we moved into the sixth day of this last level of the calendar. And it is not a coincidence that one of the previous six days from 1952-1972 was the "Flower Power" generation. It was a wish for peace, goodwill and unity. The sixth night that followed, which is the wilting of the flower, saw the Vietnam War-a senseless conflict which undermined the wish for peace. The sixth day last month was more than a wish for peace. It was a commitment to unity consciousness.


Remarkably the move from the sixth day to the six night took place on September 23rd- the exact same date as the fall equinox. The equinox represents the perfect balance between day and night-when they are equal. Isn't it an amazing synchronicity that we move into the very last night of the whole Mayan calendar after 16 billion years on the exact same day, as night takes over from dark on the annual equinox event!


So what was the significance of this moment in time? According to Carl Calleman, it was a choice point. The most important decision that humanity has ever made. A free will choice for every man, woman and child on the planet. A commitment to a new way of being, Unity Consciousness, where we commit to acknowledging, accepting and living the knowing that we are all interconnected members of the great web of life on earth. The other choice is to stay with duality consciousness, the polarity of humanity into separate, discrete fragmented parts. Most people on a spiritual path would question why anyone would choose duality. I believe the reason is twofold. First, straight FEAR! The general population have been lulled into a life based upon fear and remaining trapped within their own comfort zone-stuck in their box-like world, terrified of the unknown. The second reason is that a significant number of people have had great success in the world of duality. They have all the toys, bells and whistles and are seen to be totally successful in their own world. Unfortunately, what this group doesn't know is that Mother Earth has already made her decision and she is going with the new, integrated, expanded world of oneness and unity.



Imagine, after the weekend of September 23rd-25th then, every human being on the planet cast their vote. This creates two new collectives. One collective consciousness of unity and one collective consciousness of duality taking us back into separation again. Some gifted spiritual commentators have indicated that the ease in the shift into unity consciousness, which is inevitable, depends upon the relative size of these collective groups. The bigger the vote for unity, the easier the transition will be. So how bumpy will the ride be? It depends on our collective choices. Do you find that a bit scary?


This sixth night is a time to go inside and reflect upon this information and make your own clear decision and commitment, one way or the other. The sixth night goes on until October 10th, by which time your choice must have been made and then we move into the seventh day for the last 18 days of the entire calendar. It is important to know that all nine levels are still operating and after October 10th all will be in their seventh day. The energy collectively opening the door to a whole new level of awareness and consciousness. I have no idea what is going to take place and frankly it doesn't matter! I have made my decision and have absolute trust in the Universal Consciousness and the unfolding Divine plan, whatever takes place next.


On September 26th, the comet Elenin past between the Earth and the Sun, an indication that what is taking place here on Earth is actually a Cosmic event not just a planetary event. As the comet moves around the Cosmos so it brings with it Galactic and Universal energies. This impending event is way bigger than planet Earth alone. A number of galaxies and their planets are involved. Why is Earth then such an important player? It is because planet Earth is the only planet of free choice and so what we decide to do as a collective has a huge impact on every other Galactic system. Let's see how it all unfolds!


Another interesting synchronicity is that the seventh day of the final 18 days of the whole calendar begins on the day Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving. It is the perfect day to give thanks. Thanks for being alive on the planet at this time. As everything comes to this magnificent conclusion, not only are we alive on the planet at this time, we are amongst a minute number of members of the human family who consciously know what is taking place.


I look forward to the end of the month and whatever is about to unfold, which I will report in the next newsletter.




Usually near the end of a cycle some major breakthrough takes place which takes us beyond previous limitation and it has just been announced! The greatest LIMIT placed on our belief in the laws of Physics up until now has been that,


 All of our Laws are based on this belief- ITS WRONG!


It has just been proven that neutrinos move FASTER than the speed of light and so all of the assumptions that we have made about LIGHT and its PROPERTIES are FALSE.
How long will it take to change all of the textbooks?


Many gifted spiritual scientists believe that in the equation E=MC squared 


C actually stands for consciousness, not the speed of light! And so as we move through the limitations of consciousness and expand, so we can increase our frequency and hence the energy available to us. Ultimately an infinite supply! We are on our way!

Virgo Workshop
The Return of the Sacred Feminine
As we delve deeper into the mystery of the alchemical journey each month, so our experiences become more profound and, without doubt, Virgo was our most sacred journey yet.


 It was inspired by the superb hand out that Mary Dowds offered up, taking us even further into our understanding of the human condition, our frailties and our opportunities to learn and grow. Unconditional acceptance and integrating all aspects of ourselves into one complete whole. This is the ultimate lesson of Virgo. To become a self-contained human being relying on no other person or outside influence to complete us. A fully realized stand alone being.


It was at our potluck picnic lunch in Esquimalt Gorge Park where Mary filled us in on our Virgo feature while Melanie explained the astrological aspects of Virgo and the influences of the day which included the full Moon in Pisces. An opportunity to strip off another layer of self, letting go of all that no longer serves us and stepping into our true authentic self.



Beautiful things emerge as we open ourselves to vulnerability and members of our group shared their personal stories, woven around their artistic creations. Another element of Virgo. As we create through artistic expression and experience the details, so deep and profound healing can take place.


 One such piece lead beautifully into our final ceremony of the day as her delightful flowing sacred feminine peace morphed into a beanstalk reaching high above a hill- unbeknown to her- the scene of our final ceremony of the day and the story of Jack and the beanstalk.


The day began in the back leg of Leo the Lion, as we linked the previous sign of Leo with our mission of the day-Virgo. This location called Hyacinth Park reminded me of an African watering hole; imagining the big game and lions coming down from the arid planes to refresh themselves. Beautiful willow trees line Colquitz Creek as it meanders along. We set our intention for the day in meditation listening to Ancient Mother by Robert Gass. A family of river otters emerged during this process, reminding us that on this day we were working with the sacred medicine of woman as the day progressed.


Somehow Ted had found a spot in the park which lined up with the "Center of the Universe" our Victoria Astronomical Observatory. This spot was the only place in the area from which you could see the shiny white dome of the "Center of the Universe". It was on a five pointed star- the diamond of home plate, in a bullpen pitching warm up area, of a softball field. Standing on this diamond point and lined up EXACTLY with the shiny white dome was the metal pole junction of the chain-linked fence. Standing on this spot and looking at the "Center of the Universe" took you beyond the limitations of the metal fence-the veil-and it just dissolved away.


Next we traveled to Craigflower Manor which used to be part of Craigflower Farm, the source of much of the food for the downtown core in the old days. Our Virgo effigy holds a wheatsheaf in her hand, a symbol of fertility, abundance and the harvest. Not surprisingly in this area in the old days, the wheat was separated from the chaff, as bread was baked in the lime kiln ovens. On this land, in the heart of Virgo, is a sacred oak tree which is a sister tree to the one in the heart of Leo the Lion at the fireside grill. We intentionally connected the two hearts of the masculine Leo with the feminine Virgo in a simple yet powerful ceremony.


The front of our Lady in the landscape follows the beautiful flowing curves of the Gorge Waterway, where we discovered a magnificent pair of trees. A common trunk in the ground, separating into a perfectly straight tree growing up to the heavens, with a flowing feminine Arbutus(Madrona) draping herself around him. Both growing strong and independent in their own way while deeply connected at the root.


Historically and amazingly this place was called the "Center of the World" so we were called to do an internal alignment to connect vertically the As above, So below through our personal Earth Star in the ground to our Soul Star above our heads aligning along our spine, not only aligning within, but also aligning with the "Center of the World" and the "Center of the Universe" along a common Axis Mundi.


This place is a sacred site to the indigenous peoples of the area-an almost unique spot in Canada which contains a reversing Falls. When the tide is coming in, there is a waterfall into the Gorge and when the tide is going out, there is a waterfall going out to the ocean. Local legend involves a grandfather and granddaughter, Camossung, throwing themselves in the Gorge and turning themselves into stone to create two large rocks to trap fish and shellfish in the Gorge as the tide flows in providing much needed food for their village.


 As we watched the water gushing into the Gorge, offering us a beautiful healing opportunity through the sacred waters, standing by a 4,000 year old First Nations midden, we were reminded of how fortunate we were to be part of this sacred journey on this day. The waters reflect our gushing emotions in and out and we can only connect to the heavens when we bring ourselves to stillness-the point when the tide is neither flowing in or out-when it reaches it's still point.


We used the powerful voice of the sacred feminine through Whitney Houston to anchor this awareness in through her magnificent song, "One Moment in Time", atop Cairn Hill, a local landmark in the feet of our kneeling Virgo lady from where we can see aspects of all twelve of our landscape features.


Our final destination was Knockan Hill, the Wheatsheaf in our Lady's hand. Another native legend informs us of our lost connection to the stars and the heavens. Two sisters dream of marrying the stars in the heavens and are provided with this opportunity in the dreamtime. After some time, living in the stars, they long for their home on Earth and create a rope to transport them back to Earth. They part the heavens and drop the rope down which brings them back to earth and then it coils up to form Knockan Hill. This coiled rope represents many things, including our Kundalini Energy, our DNA, the Caduceus and Jacob's Ladder. All representations of the same sacred connection between heaven and earth. Healing, unraveling  and activating our DNA opens up the flow of our kundalini energy and we can climb Jacob's Ladder, providing us with free access to the heaven worlds as well as the Earth.


Our Earth-keeper, Lisa, led us in a meditation atop Knockan Hill taking us back to the Jack and the Beanstalk story. When Jack heads off to market with the family cow, he meets a man on the road who offers him some magic beans in exchange for the cow. The magic beans represent your opportunity to activate and awaken your kundalini energy and return to the sacred. What is stopping you from doing so? Your sacred cow!


What is it that you have to let go of or master before you can ascend? This is a big moment of reflection and realization. What is your SACRED COW?


Take some time to reflect on this. This is your final barrier to fully embracing your awakening self.


Our final ceremony on the top of Knockan Hill involved burying a Lemurian seed crystal to anchor in the energies of the day and link in all of the previous landscape journeys as, incredibly, we find ourselves at the midpoint of our journey having completed the first six signs of the zodiac.


I am so grateful to all of the people who have engaged in this sacred project. The collective energy is building beautifully, as we engage in deeper and more profound awareness and experiences each month.   


Our Libra workshop will take place on Sunday October 2nd as we seek our inner balance and harmony, reflected in and by those around us.          


Monthly Constellation 
Colourful Leaves, Colourful Doubles


Cygnus the Swan remains nearly overhead after dark in October. The beak of the bird, Albireo is one of the most beautiful double stars in the heavens. The main pattern of Cygnus is called the Northern Cross and from the Cross`s centre star to Albireo stretches the Cygnus Star Cloud of the Milky Way. The great square of Pegasus, the Winged Horse, which is the landmark of the Autumn sky, flies upside down with his orange nose of Enif, and following south from the square you will find the bright and lonely Fomalhaut, the Autumn Star! For the planets this month, Venus is visible in the west shortly after sunset, but its very low in bright twilight. Mars crossing from Cancer into Leo is rising in the early hours and is high to the south-east by dawn. Jupiter in Aries shines low in the east during twilight and by late evening is the brightest star like object in the sky.
October Book Review
The Voice of Knowledge
by Don Miguel Ruiz
Best selling author of the Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz, in this follow up book, The Voice of Knowledge, reminds us of a profound and simple truth: The only way to end our emotional suffering and restore our joy in living is to stop believing in lies-mainly about ourselves. Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, this breakthrough book shows us how to recover our faith in the truth and return to our own common sense. Ruiz changes the way we perceive ourselves, and the way we perceive other people. Then he opens the door to a reality that we once perceived when we were one and two years old- a reality of truth, love and joy!

Astrological Signs 

Libra is an air sign and ruled by Venus as Taurus is also. The symbol of the scales emphasizes the need for balance and harmony in the life of Libra personalities. Weighing alternatives can go very far in Libra, sometimes resulting in well considered opinion, at other times in indecision and uncertainty. Libra aims at fair treatment for all, but can at times be overly judgemental. The Venusian aspects of Libra are usually well appreciated by others, including sensuousness, charm, grace and good humour.
Monthly Animal Totem


oct 11 dove
The skies will never see a more peaceful and graceful creature than the Dove. The Dove represents the feminine power of giving, prophecy, and the hope of a new beginning. The Dove shows and reveals the veils between the spiritual and physical worlds. Doves, breed and nest in pairs, mate for life, protect their territory and raise their young with their partners. The males as well as the females produce a milk like substance, called "crop milk" to feed their newborns. The Magnificent Dove Totem possesses the following virtues; Love, gentleness, new ideas, purity, intimate relationships, creativity, peace, family values, centered calmness, and a peaceful transition from difficulty. Dove's sweet song is a direct communication from the Holy Spirit reminding us that we are protected by powerful spiritual forces.