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August 1st 

Civic Holiday in Canada 

First Day of Ramadan


August 3rd

Mercury turns retrograde  
August 7th
Victoria Leo Workshop  
August 12th
Perseid Meteor Shower

August 13th
Full Moon in Aquarius
August 17th
Anniversary of Harmonic Convergence  (Aug 17th, 1987)
August 26th
Mercury goes forward - hooray!  
August 28th
New moon in Virgo  

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   August 3rd
 Hugh Newman 
 "Earth Mysteries and the Indigo Children" 
Hugh Newman is an earth mysteries and esoteric science researcher. He organizes the Megalithomonia Conferences( and co-edits the Avalon Rising Magazine.
In this interview Hugh will discuss the Indigo Children phenomenon, health issues associated with it and the connection to the global shift in consciousness. Some of these children initiated Hugh into working with the earth's energy grid and he will explain his research into the global grids and how ancient megalithic sites around the world were carefully placed by an as yet unknown sophisticated maritime civilization with a plan.

August 10th
Brien Foerster
 "A Brief History of the Incas"   
Brien grew up on the west coast of Canada and became fascinated with the Native art of the Haida native people, and began carving totem poles, and other related art forms, learning from Native teachers. Peru became a major area of interest and the study of the Inca culture led to his writing a book, A Brief History of the Incas which is available on his website, He is associated with Lloyd Pye of the Starchild project, who is analyzing the DNA of the elongated human skulls of the Peruvian Paracas culture and he will be co-authoring a book on this subject with David Hatcher Childress in the near future. Brien actively guides visitors to ancient Inca sites in and around Cusco each month.
August 17th
Andrea Matthews
"Living the Authentic Life"   
Andrea Matthews hosts her show on Voice America on Wednesday at 1.00pm Pacific immediately after mine and this is her focus! "Your Authentic Self is wise, knows the highest path for your life and has never been wounded. That's right. You have a part of you that has never been wounded. In fact, that part is the truest essence of who you are. Would you like to access it? Do you know how to use your own internal guidance system? Would you like to have peace? How about a more meaningful life? Your authenticity can give you these seemingly miraculous gifts-but you have to know how to get there." Andrea will discuss her findings and help you raise your consciousness to the level of your own I AM. You'll learn how to see your true self in the midst of life's twists and turns and be challenged to think outside the box when it comes to the mysteries of life.


August 24th

Dr. Jayanath Abeywickrama (Abey)


"The Golden Oasis of Healing"  

Dr.Jayanath Abeywickrama born in 1971, belongs to the lineage of 31 generations of unbroken traditional Ayurveda, since Rishi Pulasti 2668-2616 B.C.He is the main Ayurvedic physician of Rankema Ayurveda Centre, home for traditional Ayurveda of Sri Lanka, and was trained under the ancient Gurukula (teacher-disciple) tradition of Ayurveda, inherent to his land. He possesses a wealth of very rare, valuable and profound knowledge of traditional Sri Lankan indigenous medicine, which is of international importance in today's context. Abey is a renowned Ayurvedic medical practitioner and healer, with a unique talent and he will share his deep knowing during this interview.


August 31st

Aleya Dao


"The Angels are Singing" 

Aleya Dao is a Sound healer, energy practitioner, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and spiritual guide. She has a unique ability to sing using tones and a language that sounds like angels singing. She uses her voice and the universal life force to clear and transform blocks that prevent people from moving into happiness, abundance, and higher states of consciousness. She has a unique ability to read the energy of individuals and groups, and produce the sounds and light language that shift the energy into higher frequencies. "Upon listening to Aleya Dao's other worldly voice the inner flame of your soul's calling will be ignited and rekindled. Aleya will discuss her gifts with Peter during the show. 







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sun sugust
Leo is ruled by the SUN and many of the qualities are the same. Sun people are sunny, sharing, warm, love to enjoy the good things of life and live in peace and harmony. Sun people love to lead and expect others to follow with due deference. They have to guard against excessive ambition, abuse of power and arrogance.
This month is a wonderful time for all of us to step out into the light and share our considerable gifts with the world. To use our creative expression to light up the world!

Leo Gem Stone

  (Pronounced Pear-a-doe!) 
Periodot is associated with the heart chakra, and can be used to balance and stimulate that chakra. It is a stone of compassion. It has a friendly energy and is excellent for healing. It assists in rebirth and renewal of all kinds. Peridot also brings abundance and prosperity. It enhances the healing and harmony of relationships of all kinds, but particularly marriage. Peridot can lessen stress in relationships, anger and jealousy, slow aging, and heal ulcers and digestive problems. It also assists in finding what is lost, and strengthens ESP abilities. It has been said to make a shield of protection around the body of any wearer of peridot.
Mercury turns retrograde three times every year. Relative to the Earth, Mercury appears to stand still and then move backwards. As Mercury is about communication in any form; travel, computers, contracts, one on one conversation, things can become chaotic around the turning point in these areas. So delayed flights, computers crashing, misunderstandings and having to RE-DO things. In fact the prefix RE- applies to this time. The disruption is particularly powerful around the transition and it is unwise to plan events that you wish to go smoothly on the still point. This particular Mercury retrograde is at its still point on August 2nd and in addition has a major opposition. Mercury is in its own sign at the first degree of Virgo and it is opposite Neptune also in its own sign of Pisces. Virgo is about order and structure which in retro falls apart and Neptune in Pisces is hard to pin down, nebulus, spiritual but also delusional. President Obama faces his debt crisis deadline on this very day! I wonder who chose this date? Whatever decision is made, it is likely to be RE-visited and Re-vised. So as far as we are concerned, be careful around travel plans and expect delays, back up all of your computer stuff. Make plans and new contracts at least a week before August 2nd or wait until the end of August when Mercury has gone forward again which occurs on the 26th. Be clear and concise in dealing with others and get clarification on what people really mean. If things still go wrong, then all you can do is laugh because Mercury is the trickster!
The best thing you can do is go into your own RE-FLECTION. Do your own inner work and just observe what happens in your local and global world. Enjoy the trickster energy!


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August 2011  �  Vol. 3  Issue 8
Welcome to inSIGHTS with Peter Tongue

I plan to give you updates on what is happening in the World of Spirit each month as well as brief introductions into articles that I have found useful with references to the full article for those who would like to pursue that topic further.
by Peter Tongue
As each month goes by, the energies are building and building and this one is no exception. I want to explain some of the important dates and opportunities for you to connect with, so you can see it all unfold in front of your very eyes. The month starts off with a very fortuitous planetary alignment on the New Moon in Leo on July 30th. This provides the opportunity for you to shine your light in the world and put on your Royal Command Performance! It also provides for connecting with others in the World who are on the same vibrational path. Its time for your consciously aligned soul family to show up! So pay attention to who comes into your life, particularly when you are focused on your spiritual path.

On the very next day, July 31st, we shift into the fifth day of the ninth level of consciousness of the Mayan Calendar. This is really significant because, historically, the fifth day is when the breakthrough in consciousness for this entire level takes place. For example, in previous fifth days, Christ walked the earth to bring in Christ Consciousness, the qualities of unconditional love and forgiveness. In the industrial revolution level of consciousness during the fifth day, Einstein brought E=MC squared into awareness. The knowing that energy and matter are inextricably linked and thus began the new science of quantum theory, so necessary in helping us to understand how spirit and matter interact in our world.


So the current and final level is Unity Consciousness-the recognition that we are all one, that we are all interconnected and therefore whatever we do to any other sentient being we actually do to ourselves and this includes Mother Earth! As a result of the speeding up process of each level of the Calendar, the days and nights in this level only last 18 days each. The end of the fifth day comes on August 17th, which is the anniversary of Harmonic Convergence.


Harmonic Convergence was a planetary alignment which took place on August 17th, 1987 and was the initial impulse of this 25-year period leading up to 2012. The first twelve years from 1987-1999, providing the opportunity for us to do our inner work, the year 2000-remember Y2K and all the fear around that? Then the 12 years from 2001-2012 bringing these energies out into manifestation in the World. There have been many celebrations of Harmonic Convergence over the years, but I want to mention a highly evolved Master, Patti Cota-Robles who has held the World Congress on Illumination annually since 1987 and will be hosting again this year in Tucson, Arizona from Saturday, August 13th-Thursday, August 18th. We have this enormous opportunity to BREAKTHROUGH into Unity Consciousness during this sacred 18 day period. Our Leo landscape transformational journey is at the exact midpoint of the fifth day, on August 7th, followed immediately the next day by the 8:8 always a powerful day. I don't typically get into conspiracy theory or fear-mongering but it is important to know that the fifth night, following the fifth day, is the shadow reflection and sees any consciousness that cannot adapt to the new level of awareness fall apart. Following Christ in the fifth night was the "Fall of the Roman Empire." Following E=MC squared in the fifth night was the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. So what awaits us in the fifth night from August 18th to September 4th? What is the shadow of Unity Consciousness? Selfishness, putting number one first above all else.


Most pundits see it as the final breakdown of our already cracking financial system. In fact we are already seeing the shadowy side of the power elite emerging into our awareness during the current fourth night. What has happened in the past is that these limiting consciousness beliefs have disappeared, leaving the planet free to evolve into its inevitable higher consciousness state. We all have choices to make, because this is the planet of free choice. Be sure the planet itself is going through this shift within the next 18 months, the only unknown is how much destruction and chaos will be necessary to bring it about. How much can the collective consciousness of humanity shift to embrace and welcome a smooth transition. We shall see!


We do have a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to support this breakthrough in consciousness in the first half of August by being consciously aware, doing sacred meditation and ceremony with the Earth, as well as connecting with like-minded souls across the planet.


My own journey during this time is going to be fascinating, as I am going to be working alongside to human beings that I consider to be Masters. George Kavassilas is conducting a full day workshop on the new Moon in Leo, and he is a Leo, on July 30th in Victoria. Then we are going over to Vancouver for his workshop on August 6th, one day before our Leo workshop back in Victoria. Following this we are traveling to the ECETI ranch to meet up with James Gilliland where George will give his third workshop there on the full moon in Aquarius on August 13th. Regular UFO sightings occur at the ECETI ranch and so next month's report could be quite interesting!


Enjoy the month! Stay calm, centred and lighthearted!


Cancer Workshop
Righting the Careening Boat!
roys hollow
In the landscape feature Cancer is a boat rather than a crab and the feature in Victoria is one of the city's best known natural landmarks, Mount Douglas. It is the highest peak within the city with a 360� view from an eight-pointed star viewing deck at the summit. This was to be the site for our final ceremony of the day. We began at Community Living Victoria for the second time, with a slight difference in that Melanie Lichtinger(Astrology) and Mary Dowds (Landscape features) teamed up to inform us of all of the relevant information for the day. Melanie talked about the qualities of Cancer which revolve around sensitivity; nurturing, caring, intuitive on one side and being over sensitive and defensive on the other. Cancer is ruled by the moon and our sacred feminine intuition. It also connects to the ancestors and our ancestral lineage, in particular, which was to be a significant part of our day. The recognition that we all have a longing to belong to our tribe for safety and security, while at the same time recognizing that our tribe has its own limiting belief systems which we need to transcend and set ourselves free from. On this note, Mary referenced a book "John Livingston Seagull" which is my book review this month. She had faced a puzzle all month, of the direction in which our cancer boat was facing. Eventually she realized that it was bowless and rudderless- careening out of control as the collective unconscious of humanity was taking us into a chaotic and unsustainable future. One of the intentions for the day was to stop the out-of-control careening ship, bring it into stillness while placing the rudder back in place so that we as a collective can move forward safely on our awakening and expanding journey. The other very significant unfolding story in Cancer is the fourth labor of Hercules. His mission this time is to capture the doe- the Golden Hinde. There are three Gods who stake a claim to the doe- Artemis, representing the basic animalistic instinct of the doe. Diana representing the intelligence or intellect of the doe and finally Apollo who represents the highest expression of consciousness we can reach through our intuition. Using his own intelligence and hunting skills, Hercules has no problem catching the first two does, but it takes him a full year to capture the third doe. Why is this? The third doe is working on intuition and knows exactly where Hercules is and therefore does not show up there. Hercules has to go around the full journey of the twelve signs of the zodiac to realize that he can only capture the third doe if he becomes one with it. When he and the doe are at the same level of consciousness, as ONE, then they will appear together in the same place. This eventually happens and Hercules wraps the doe around his shoulders with all four feet next to his heart because they have become one and the same thing-ONE HEART!


Having completed the first four sun signs successfully our job now is to incorporate these insights into our daily lives. We know that we have been successful because we have already had two incidents of the doe- Golden Hinde(young antlered buck)- making direct eye to eye conscious contact with two members of our group.

Out in the field, Ted Speirs organized a brilliant day, starting off at Lochside Elementary School right on our North-South axis Ley Line overseeing the Blenkinsop Valley and also opening up to a magnificent vista to our final destination of the day atop Mt. Doug. We even had time to stop and play on the swings, slides and climbing apparatus- the idea was to take us back to our childhood- to approach the day with childlike innocence. We then went on a silent meditation walk through beautiful Outerbridge Park- formerly called Shangri-La! We walked a figure of eight of abundance and infinite potential. The first loop was used to shed all of our excess baggage- all the accumulated dross, negativity and limiting beliefs. We returned to the center to a choice point. Do we stay in that loop in the safety and limitation of home, OR do we step through the eye of the needle into a new expanded world of not knowing, excitement and expansion.

After a picnic lunch along the ocean in Mt. Doug Park, we were joined by Glenn Wainman who led us in drumming, chanting and the singing of a healing/gratitude song for the Elders of this sacred land, right on the beach along the shoreline where the ancients used to come ashore after their fishing expeditions. A beautiful man and a beautiful ceremony.

Next we journeyed into a still grove of 24 sacred trees standing alongside a sacred spring emerging out of the ground. This was an important Cancer site as Cancer is a water sign connected to the nurturing energies of spring water and by the nourishment through the roots of these magnificent trees of the Elders. We then had the opportunity to symbolically step through the eye of the needle-a narrow portal created by two trees-one Cedar and one Pine, conjoined at the base with trunks separating as they rose into the air. Stepping through the narrow space was both invigorating and freeing.


Our Earth Keeper, Lisa Cole, led us in our final ceremony at the top of the mountain, using her medicine bundle to balance our careening ship, with all gathered committing to right action, right relationship and right living on our sacred Earth Mother. One of the most important totems of the day was the Heron who looks deep into the water into its own emotional body in reflection. As we joined in final celebration, dancing and singing to Iz's upbeat version of "Over the Rainbow", a magnificent Blue Heron flew directly overhead and we knew we had completed a magnificent and successful day.

We have now moved into the larger-than-life fiery energies of Leo- Heart, Sovereignty, Gold, Playfulness, the Sun and most important-Humility. Katharine Maltwood's home in Victoria was in the "Heart of the Lion" in the landscape and we look forward to our next adventure on August 7th!

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Monthly Constellation 
The Mother's Milk of the Milky Way!


For months now, the giant Summer Triangle of Vega, Altair and Deneb has been ascending the evening sky in the east. All that time Vega, the brightest of the three, has been the highest and is now nearly at the zenith(highest point) of our sky map. And running across the Summer Triangle is the biggest deep-sky object of all, the Milky Way. Inside the Triangle is an extra-rich Milky Way section, the Cygnus Star Cloud which runs from Deneb to the south.

Amongst the planet's this month, Jupiter rises around 11 PM shining brightly in the East after midnight, and stands very high in the South by the beginning of dawn. Saturn is visible in the evening twilight, but is sinking lower in the south-west every week. Look for it far below Arcturus with Spica twinkling to its left. Mercury may be visible very low in the east shortly before sunrise at the end of August. Mars is well up in the East just before dawn, while Venus is hidden in the glare of the Sun.

August Book Review
Jonathan Livingston Seagull  by Richard Bach jls2

In Mary Dowds Cancer handout she recommended reading  Jonathan Livingston Seagull.  "This book was written

by Richard Bach in the 1970s and is a short and delightful read! It's all about following your true path, breaking free of limiting beliefs imposed by "the tribe", or in the seagull's case "the flock". It's about understanding that we are a manifestation of our thoughts and beliefs, and through our thoughts we have limitless potential to shape our future. The book is available to be read online at no cost - enjoy!" I agree wholeheartedly with Mary and suggest we should all refresh ourselves with this important message.

Read online "Jonathan Livingston seagull" by Richard Bach. Instant free e-book download at
Astrological Signs 

Leo personalities tend to be larger than life, outgoing and fiery. Like their symbol, the Lion, they have a deep love of their offspring and engage in lots of playful activities defending them to the hilt.
They are natural leaders and have a tendency to expect others to naturally follow them. Normally reasonable and long suffering they can become verbally violent, demanding explanation, if they feel hurt through betrayal or insincerity. They love grand gestures, acting flamboyantly, and anything to do with the stage and dressing up as well as athletic pursuits. They need to guard against excessive pride, snobbery and bullying others.
Monthly Animal Totem
Mountain Lion


mt lion
Mountain lion can be a difficult totem to work with because it places you in a position of leadership which can also make you the target for being blamed for things going wrong by less secure members of the group.  Mountain Lion medicine involves lessons on the use of power in leadership. It is the ability to lead without insisting that others follow. It is important to learn how to balance power, intention, strength and grace. Stand on your convictions and lead yourself where your heart takes you. In assuming the place of power that Mountain Lion affords you must be constantly aware of keeping peace. However you can never make everyone happy, and so it is essential to be in your truth: know it, speak it and live it! Your example will spread out into your family and community. Remember responsibility is the ABILITY to RESPOND to any situation without panic!