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 July 1st

Canada Day

New Moon in Cancer 

Solar Eclipse


July 3rd

Midpoint of the ninth wave of the Mayan calendar
July 4th
Independence Day in the USA
July 10th
Cancer Workshop in Victoria

July 15th
Full Moon in Capricorn
July 16th
Victoria Sacred Site Cruise
July 30th
New Moon in Leo
George Kavassilas workshop in Victoria
August 1st
Civic holiday in Canada 
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Live Talk Show Schedule
   July 6th
 George Kavassilas 
 "Universal Truth is Found Within" 
George Kavassilas from Australia is about to embark upon his first North American tour and returns to the show to discuss the main topics of his upcoming workshops. George will share the extraordinary experiences that he has had, including traveling up through the dimensions of our Universe and rediscovering what life on this planet is all about. He will discuss the transformation of Mother Earth and her humanity during 2012 and 2013, the structure of the Universe, our journey, and why we are here. He will also discuss the suppressed and forgotten Divine Feminine and how her return to balance is so important to our human evolution and future happiness. .

July 13th
Claudia Raaen
 "The Art of Sacred Gardening"    
Claudia Raaen will discuss her experiences in creating a sacred garden through her book which is not only full of stunningly beautiful and magical photographs of Cortes Island, BC, it is an inspirational spiritual guidebook on how to create a Sacred Garden, within and without, straight from your heart. As we journey through the "Nine Gateways" which are chapters in the book, Claudia will give us insights and wisdom to ponder that connect us directly to the greater intelligence of Nature, the Divine Creator, and our own true set of values and desires. She will guide us through the process of how to create your own personal Sacred Garden. The effect of this is truly therapeutic and nurturing for the listener whether or not you are a gardener.
July 20th
Inelia Benz
"Affirming the Divine Plan"   
This will be one of the most remarkable interviews I have ever conducted. Inelia Benz is one of millions of beings who are here on Planet Earth to help with the upcoming shift. The shift is assured.  Whether it happens with a minimum of disruption or a great deal of it depends on the collective consciousness. Inelia has never before had a lifetime as a human being and she is here for one purpose only, which is to raise the vibrational frequency level of the planet, including the human collective, to a critical point that will allow a transitioning to the new paradigm, the new level of awareness for everything that is. 

July 27th

Kerry Cassidy


"Project Camelot"  

Kerry Cassidy co-founded Project Camelot with Bill Ryan and has been  conducting interviews and documenting the testimony of whistleblowers with above top secret clearances as well as researchers and experiencers covering all aspects of reality both on and off planet. Kerry speaks at conferences around the world on the subjects of ETs, the Illuminati agenda, mind control, the matrix, prophecies, 2012 and many other subjects. Kerry is an intuitive and spent years researching the occult and studying Eastern philosophy. She will also discuss the upcoming Awake and Aware conference. Previous conference videos can be accessed through


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At the summer solstice, the sun is at its highest position(zenith) in the sky creating the longest days in the northern hemisphere and then immediately after this still point, the moon begins to take over. It is the shift from the fire of the sun to the water of the moon-inner reflection. The shift from masculine to feminine. The moon represents our emotional body, intuition and feminine nature. The moon is associated with birth and motherhood, family, memory and our ancestors. Positive traits include; Patience, imagination, sensitivity, a good memory and maternal instincts. Challenges include; being clannish, changeable, unreliable, gullible, narrow minded and reluctant to forgive.


Gem Stone

Carnelian Agate is strongly connected with the summer solstice and the transition into Cancer.
It represents love and the sustaining of a healthy heart. This stone helps in the opening of the emotional centres and teaches us not to wallow in them. This stone is well suited to aiding in emergency healing in particular easing of bleeding.
It creates peace within us!

  Victoria, BC

  Mondays at 7:00 p.m.
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July 2011  �  Vol. 3  Issue 7
Welcome to inSIGHTS with Peter Tongue

I plan to give you updates on what is happening in the World of Spirit each month as well as brief introductions into articles that I have found useful with references to the full article for those who would like to pursue that topic further.
by Peter Tongue
When people move on to their awakening path in life, one of the most common questions that gets asked is, "How do I know I'm on target?" "What is real, imagination or illusion? The answer is tricky because as soon as you shift your attention from your left brain rational, reasoning centre to your right brain intuitive side, there is no longer any logic! The gifted people I know who have walked this challenging path, allow their intuition full reign and then back it up with research which verifies their intuition. I don't bother! Having spent 30 years of my life in the left brain world of chemistry and school administration, I have nothing left to prove to myself. I simply focus on what makes me feel good. If I get a massive impulse of energy around a particular insight, I know it's true. If I get the feeling of weakness or discomfort around an insight I put it on the back burner. I don't forget it, because it may be something I need to consider later. This way of being is so different to the way in which we were taught in school, no wonder the tuned in kids of today can't stand the old linear, sequential way of learning. It no longer fits and the new way is so much more fun!
How does the universe let us know when we are on track in this new illuminated world? Everything is conspiring to help you.

I've noticed the birds in particular tuning into our intentional, conscious journeying through nature. So when you are out in the forest, hill top or following a stream, check who is alongside you and any unusual activity. Recently I was on a hike through the forest to the top of a viewpoint summit and the Hummingbird escorted me all the way. Sometimes behind , but on other occasions waiting in a tree ahead, seemingly impatient for us to get to the top. At the top, five turkey vultures cruised on the airwaves, enjoying the rise and fall of the wind currents. Then in an instant all five suddenly came to land on a particular spot. Now my old analytical self would think there must be a dead animal or nest nearby, while my new intuitive nature says, they're showing me something- I need to go to that spot- there must be an energy vortex over there. It's great fun when you start following the Guardian Angels of the land. And then to cap it all off two massive ravens came majestically gliding close by followed by a magnificent bald eagle and all three continued to dance together for at least twenty minutes. My heart sung as I watched this magnificent spectacle. Heaven really does exist on Earth, if only we choose to pay attention to what is real and authentic!

Another phenomenon to pay attention to are the light orbs and structures that are appearing on digital photographs. People fail to see them, until they are pointed out. Once you have seen them, they continue to appear on many pictures that are taken, particularly on emotionally charged occasions including family celebrations and beautiful outdoor adventures. I have included a couple of examples in the newsletter for you to enjoy.

I used to say that the synchronicities coming to me on a daily basis were unbelievable. I've stopped saying that now as these magical moments have become part of my daily routine. Whether it be number codes on digital clocks like 11:11, 4:44, 5:55, 6:46, 1:53 - we all have our own. License plates, songs that come on the radio, interconnections of people we know, coincidences that just cannot be coincidences. It goes on and on! All we have to do is allow the sense of awe, wonder and gratitude and more and more will come.

If your life is not like this yet, then you haven't fully surrendered and let go of the old paradigms and structures that have ruled our lives. It's time! Let go of the need to conform and become your real authentic self and enjoy the wild ride.

Amazingly, on July 3rd, we are already at the midpoint of the ninth and final wave of the Mayan calendar. We are in the home stretch to October 28, 2011 full unity consciousness.

The partial solar eclipse of the aligned Sun, Moon and Sirius in Cancer on Canada Day, July 1st, was a powerful Grand Cardinal Cross to assist us in finally releasing all of our ancestral tribal limitations, to  be set free and step through the portal of the cross into new infinite realms of possibility. It is a new game with new rules on a new level playing field. If you missed the day, it's not too late as the  energies will be with us for another two weeks. Take advantage of this brand new opportunity to be who you came here to be- to step into your true authentic self. Have fun!
Gemini Workshop!

As our alchemical journey through the landscape zodiac progresses, I am awestruck by the events that are taking place. It is a living, breathing exchange of energy between the people and the land, connected to the stars. This was our first venture into supporting our community as part of our day. Following a very wet and cold winter, our local Blenkinsop farming Valley was about six weeks behind its growing season, causing tremendous concern over food supplies and financial sustainability. This is not just a local problem, but Canada and North America wide.
We spent part of our day on beautiful Madrona Organic Farm, run by a couple with pure and pristine intention for the greater good. On the farm is a magnificent and ancient red Maple tree which is of course the red Maple leaf symbol of Canada. Our 36 participants joined hands around the tree, blessed the land and anchored the intention of peace and abundance to spread throughout the Valley, across Canada and throughout the World. We have every right to live a fully abundant life on our sweet Earth once we become fully aligned to the energies available to us.
Amazingly, but not surprisingly, the red Maple tree had a twin on the other side of the valley where we connected with similar blessings, linking the two twins together through a rainbow bridge. The Gemini twin effigies in the landscape create a messianic head (Christ profile) and a seated Quan Yin, one on either side of the valley. The balanced sacred feminine and masculine energies of Christ/Mary with Buddha/Quan Yin on either side with the backbone or spinal column the popular walking and biking Lochside Trail, which has a wooden trestle crossing over Blenkinsop Lake-the heart chakra of the Valley- yes you can even walk on water on this sacred journey. The significance of this backbone is the awakening of the Dragon energy Ley lines that have been dormant for so long. This re-activation perfectly timed for the summer solstice as the Draco constellation shone directly overhead Stonehenge. As the energies amp up, we need to adjust our own internal meridian Ley Lines to align with these powerful energies and we are fortunate to have our own local Incan trained Earth-Keeper, Lisa Cole, to connect us into these energies during our sacred ceremonies in the landscape.
Melanie Lichtinger explained the astrological implications of Gemini for us to work with, understand and transcend. Gemini is about communication in all forms. It is an air sign and very intellectual. Many of you will have experienced the busy bees of the mind during the month of Gemini - too many thoughts - unable to focus on one. The lunar eclipse full moon in Sagittarius provided the opportunity for you to aim your sights on your highest true purpose, empty the mind and receive deep, profound, meaningful communication.
A real treat of the day was a trip around the space bus. Stephen Courtin has transformed his 70's VW van into a space vehicle, painting the constellations in a 360 journey around the outside of the van with removable sticky planets which can be placed in their respective places for the day. Almost unique, Stephen is both an astronomer and astrologer with no internal conflict, and he brought his genius to the party, explaining patiently the different star systems, constellations and planetary alignments to those gathered.
Mary Dowds described her insights into the Gemini landscape features and some of the old characters who had farmed the valley as well as given us an insight into the energies present in the land. She also explained the meaning of the third labour of Hercules which reflects the Gemini qualities. Hercules is faced with bringing together the two poles of his being, his soul and body, so that duality gives way to unity and the pairs of opposites are merged.
Our potluck picnic lunch took place at another of the farms where we also blessed the food and land. This farm has on it both a Sphinx and an Egyptian corn maze, appropriately honouring Tutankhamun, and wonderfully is sited in the mouth of the bull of Taurus!
Our final ceremony was a steep hike to the top of little Mt.Doug and so the group split in two, with the seven maidens (seven sisters of the Pleaides!) going to the tressle to scatter our blessings through a beautiful bright yellow wreath on the Lake which, became heart shaped once floating on the water, while the rest of us climbed to the pineal gland of the Christ Head to connect and activate all of the energy currents of the day. It felt really good!
Our Cancer worshop is rapidly approaching and will take place on July 10th, beginning at Community Living Victoria on Cedar Hill X-Road at 10.00am with most of the day being spent in our Cancer landscape feature which is the boat of Argo Navis in Mt.Doug Park.
Join our Victoria Landscape Zodiac Group on facebook you will need to sign in to your facebook account.
Monthly Constellation 
The Scorpion, Serpent and Dragon Twine Among Two Huge Men


The beautiful summer Milky Way pours down from the huge summer triangle of Vega, Deneb and Altair onto eastern Scorpius and western Sagittarius. Scan straight above Scorpius to pick out the pattern of Ophiuchus, the Serpent-Bearer. Hercules does a headstand just above the head of Ophiucus. Just north of Hercules' foot is the four-star head of Draco, the Dragon.
For the planet's this month, Mars glows low in the east in early dawn, well to the lower left of brighter Jupiter which is rising in the early morning hours and shines brightly high in the southeast. Saturn glows in the southwest during and after twilight, far below Arcturus. Spica remains to its left.
June Book Review
The Art of Sacred Gardening  by Claudia Raaen sacredgardening

This book is not only full of stunningly beautiful and magical photographs of Cortes Island, it is an inspirational spiritual guidebook on how to create a Sacred Garden, within and without, straight from your heart. As you journey through the "Nine Gateways" which are chapters in the book, you are given activities to do and wisdom to ponder that connect you directly to the greater intelligence of Nature, the Divine Creator, and your own true set of values and desires. It guides you gate by gate on how to create your own personal Sacred Garden. The effect of this book is truly therapeutic and nurturing for the reader whether or not you are a gardener.
Astrological Signs 

Cancer is a water sign and represents deep feeling, protectiveness and the home. Ruled by the moon, Cancer is associated with highly personal emotions and the life of the subconscious. Dreams are integral to the life of Cancer. The armour of the Cancer Crab hides its extremely sensitive interior world from view. Positive traits are; kind, sensitive, sympathetic, powerful imagination, strong maternal instinct, excellent home-maker and protective. Challenges tend to be; over-emotional, hyper-sensitive, touchy, snappy temper, moody, hard exterior and unforgiving.  
Monthly Animal Totem
(Golden Winged Woodpecker)
In the native North American tradition, Flicker is a bird connected to the heartbeat of the Earth. The drumming or tapping of the beak on trees has many mystical connections from new life rhythms to accessing other dimensions by riding the drumbeats. The red found in the head reflects a stimulation and wakening of new mental faculties. It also has a black crescent on its chest which represents the new moon. Flicker is associated with the summer solstice and the mythical Thunderbird. When flicker comes into your life, it will reflect new bounding leaps of spiritual growth.