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April 17th
Palm Sunday
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Ambassadors of Light
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   April 6th  
 Walter Cruttenden
 "Lost Star of Myth and Time" 
Walter Cruttenden will discuss ideas proposed in his book, "Lost Star of Myth and Time", that provides an alternative view of history based on the solar systems motion through space. He believes that the myth and folklore depicting a repeating cycle of Golden ages and Dark Ages may have a basis in fact, due to the alternating stellar forces that effect Earth as our solar system moves in a 24,000 year binary (dual star) orbit. The discussion will include his interpretation of the precession of the equinox as well as the possibility that we are living in a binary star system with cyclical rise and fall of civilization and consciousness as a result. For more information visit: 
 April 13th
Lynn Serafinn

"The Garden of the Soul"
Lynn Serafinn is a transformation coach, radio host and best selling author of the book, The Garden of the Soul-lessons from four flowers that unearth the self. In this interview, Lynn will cover some critical questions including; Are you living your life for your parents' approval? What impact are you making in the World? Rocking the boat and upsetting the status quo can be a scary thing, social media is helping people to find their tribe, we all have a call-do we answer it NOW! You can't not change. It will be an interesting show! 
April 20th
Peter McCoppin

"Five Secrets to Unleashing the Giant in You" 

Former conductor of the Victoria Symphony Orchestra, Peter McCoppin, is now following his true passion of revealing the hidden truth, awe and wonder that resides in all of us, once we can set ourselves free from the constraints of our cultural, religious and family upbringing. He assists people to realize their full Leadership potential by bringing out the best in each person he touches. The discussion will revolve around how everyone can step up into their full leadership capability with a focus on telempathy-the inherent ability to communicate with each other through our feelings and emotions.



April 27th
 Rita Hraiz
"Soul Centred Astrology"
Peter and Rita will discuss her insights into the Age of Aquarius and the incoming 7th ray of Cosmic Divine Order and how this supports the building of the new earth and provides keys on understanding the laws of manifestation. She will also explain the difference between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius. Rita will discuss the role that Pluto in Capricorn is playing in the inevitable fall of all structures built on greed and selfishness, the laws of initiation and Humanities awakening from the understanding of Kundalini energy


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April 2011  �  Vol. 3  Issue 4
Welcome to inSIGHTS with Peter Tongue

I plan to give you updates on what is happening in the World of Spirit each month as well as brief introductions into articles that I have found useful with references to the full article for those who would like to pursue that topic further.
Landscape Features and Heavenly Realms!
by Peter Tongue
Following my recent trip to southern England, further really significant information has been revealed to me which I believe holds keys to the secret of the co-creation of a new Golden Era of Peace on Planet Earth. An extraordinary opportunity was provided to research and experience a variety of ways in which the ancients and not so ancients created landscape features in the land under our very noses. Let me give you an overview of the concept and then I will provide you with some examples to illustrate.
At different times in history, humanity has had higher conscious awareness, and in those times those aware people have attempted to connect the celestial realms with Mother Earth through various structures created on the surface of the Earth. The idea that the sun, moon, stars and planets were consciously linked to the Earth through deliberate human intention. The purpose of this was to construct a heaven on the earth, something that has been achieved at different times in history, only to be subsequently destroyed. We seem to have been able to move so far along the path of enlightenment, only to sabotage ourselves time and time again. As consciousness raises and advanced spiritual technologies become available, it seems that members of that society choose to use the advanced knowledge to gain control over other members of the community, ego kicks in, and savagery follows. Many would see this taking place in the World today as some leaders appear to be attempting to create a total dependance in their people, with a complete lack of freedom, living in fear. 
Fortunately there is a way to peace and the ancients of our World have left many clues behind for us to follow. There are structural imprints that we can work with through the Landscape Temples that have been constructed for our use. It will require the writing of a book to explain all of this, but let me give you a glimpse into how this works through some examples from my recent trip.
Each of the megalithic stones at Stonehenge emits sound frequencies from seven bands, rather like the seven chakras along their length. These sounds are outside our audible range but have been measured accurately by sensitive sound instruments. The stones communicate this sound energy to one another around the circle and focus the energy on one stone-the heal stone. Most people believe that the heal stone marks the sun rise on the summer solstice which it does, but it also is an energy capacitor. There is a reciprocal flow of energy between the sun and the earth through the stones. This energy can be collected and utilized. It is free light and sound energy! In fact the stones have been heard under special conditions just before a lightning storm when they emit a low hum.
The stone circle is also linked through powerful ley lines(energy currents) to other stone circles and stone structures. These leys travel around the Globe through the Great Circles across the planet. Why do you think the ancients went to so much trouble to build structures like the Pyramids, Adam's Calendar, Chaco Canyon, Macchu Picchu and so on. They are not separate independent sites. They are all linked together in one magnificent Global Matrix. Can you imagine the energy that will be generated across the Planet when all are activated, connected and singing the Symphony of Heaven!!!!!!!!
Another amazing piece in the puzzle was given to me through the brilliant experts on the Glastonbury Landscape Zodiac. There is a full astrological zodiac made up of giant effigies imprinted in the land around Glastonbury Tor through natural hills, valleys, mounds, streams and ancient tracks. This zodiac is a representation of King Arthur's Round Table and the Quest for The Holy Grail. It is remarkable! The belief is that when we can understand and transform our human frailties connected to each of the twelve archetypes, whether it be astrological symbols, knights, apostles, priestesses, then we can be free of the lower human ego and become enlightened. The landscape features are powerful tools to assist us in our transformation.
Once we start consciously working with the constellations and the landscape zodiac together, remarkable events and synchronicities begin to take place. It is almost as if the land is rising up in consciousness with us to assist us on this most sacred of journeys.
A most exciting aspect of this is that we are in Aries, the first month of the astrological calendar, right now and those of us based in Victoria will have the opportunity to begin this sacred journey of enlightenment immediately, as we will be gathering on Sunday April 17th to begin our quest. It will be unbelievably transforming both personally and collectively. Stay tuned for further information through e-mail and at the CCC meeting at the Orange Hall at 7.00pm on Friday April 15th. If you are not on our regular e-mail list, and wish to be a part of this, please send an e-mail to us at [email protected]
Monthly Constellation 
Big Dipper Season!

dip ursa 

As twilight falls in April, the most famous star pattern emerges into view high in the north-east. The Big Dipper is now approaching its highest point in the early evening sky. The Dipper is just a part of the large, mostly dimmer constellation Ursa Major, the Great Bear. The Big Dipper forms its back section and tail. The Great Bear is closely connected to King Arthur and the Arthurian legends reflected by a Bear effigy in the landscape facing Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, the birth place of King Arthur. Extending the arc of the Big Dipper's handle around for a bit more than a Dipper length and you come to Arcturus, the brightest star of the springtime constellations in the east. Not many visible planets at this time, with Venus very low in the dawn just above the eastern horizon, and Saturn glowing low in the east at nightfall, climbing high in the south-east as the evening progresses. The star shining to its lower left is Spica.


April Book Review
Sun of gOd  by Gregory Sams
 Sun of gOd
Does it really make sense that our 13.7 billion year-old universe waited 13.698 billion years before anything in it developed what we call 'consciousness'? And that the experience was restricted to humans? Sun of gOd is a radical re-think of our Sun, our universe and what it means to be alive. Using scientific ideas and bringing them to their logical philosophical conclusions, Gregory Sams proposes that our Sun itself is conscious, living and fully aware of its place in the universe. Furthermore, our Sun communicates with other stars, and with us, in ways which mirror our own communities and even the way in which our own brains function. According to Gregory, 'Creative intelligence is a 'bottom-up' system in which everything, from molecules of water, to neurons in our brain to the Sun itself is working together to gently steer and organize our universe. For humans, the Sun is the centre of our lives, a fact that the Ancients all realized, but we do not understand today. The Sun is our God.  

Astrological Signs 

aries w wheel

Aries is the first of the twelve signs of the zodiac representing the beginning of all things. It represents the ego and will in their purest form. Ruled by Mars, the Ram is fiery, prodigious and dynamic.


The Aries personality tends to be spontaneous, open and frank but also self-centred and willful. Still innocent, they view the world with awe and wonder. They have an urge to be the star and also explore their environment. Aries need to explore their physical limits in order to develop properly. They prefer action to contemplation.
Monthly Animal Totem
lambs 2
As Lambs are born in the early spring this totem is seen as a time of new beginnings.
Lambs love to play, run and jump and climb on things. Curiosity and an active imagination are also traits. This is a moving totem and therefore opportunities must be taken quickly with no hesitation.
Sheep invites us to maintain balance and to have confidence. There is a sense of protection and alertness in this totem with peace of mind and heart.